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Aurora Borealis & Magnetic Storms in an Accelerating, Expanding Universe

Scientists have considered magnetic fields as a dirty word and have almost completely ignored it until lat summer, while I have been trying to apprise them of its importance for over three decades.

aurora borealis
'Polarlicht' by Joshua Strang, USAF - Courtesy: Wikipedia (This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Czech Wikipedia for 15th week, 2007)

(SAN DIEGO ) - In a May 2006 “Science” program, the narrator, John Ralston, said: “Although the aurora is nearer to giving up its last few secrets, for now it defies complete comprehension.

The first big mystery is how the particles coming from the Sun are accelerated so quickly into the upper atmosphere to form the aurora. What is firing them downward? The second question is: What causes the complex, beautiful cuts, vortices and filaments inside the aurora? Answering these questions will unlock the secrets of the aurora and at the same time, help us to understand the working of the cosmos. If you guys can figure this out, there is a Nobel Prize.”

I can demonstrate how to assimilate these bizarre features and explain how everyone can assimilate them in their own home with a concept I copyrighted in 1978.

For over 30 years scientists kept telling me that comparing electricity and magnetism is like comparing apples and oranges and that the magnetic fields of planets are so weak they are totally irrelevant.

So on the Aug. 12, 2010 “History” television program titled “Magnetic Storm”, it was encouraging to hear these statements:

  • First, the scientist stated; “Electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing.”
  • Second, “All solar activity is basically magnetic activity”.
  • Third, “Magnetic storms are some of the most powerful forces in our solar
    system and they have been nearly completely overlooked by scientists.”
  • And fourth, “Solar magnetism; Why is it so deadly and so misunderstood?”

These statements add credence to the explanations of phenomena I have been advocating for over 30 years – especially my concept of the aurora borealis.

Comparing the Earth with the magnetic field currents of an ordinary magnet, you can see how the magnetic field current lines of force from the entire 24,000 mile circumference of the Earth funneling into the North and South poles would create a “halo” effect in the upper atmosphere where the near vacuum is comparable to the near vacuum of a fluorescent tube.

Only the added intensity of the millions of magnetic field current lines of force as they funnel into the poles can explain the consistent halo configuration.

Note that when a fluorescent tube loses its vacuum, it ceases to create a light. This is why the aurora glow occurs only in the upper atmosphere where there is a lack of air pressure and particles and does not extend down to the surface where there would be more “particles” to “slam into” if particles were involved.

This is the method of assimilating the glow of an aurora: If you rub an ordinary plastic store bag briskly with your bare hand for ten seconds, you will generate a charge of static electricity in both the bag and your hand. Then by moving your hand or the plastic bag about 6 inches away from an unplugged fluorescent tube, the magnetic field current surrounding the static electricity charge will stimulate the invisible atoms of gases within the tube to a glowing, visible state of excitement.

You can see that the gases within the tube remain stationary while the glow moves with the flow of the magnetic field current. You will also see that if you just hold the magnetic field stationary near the fluorescent tube, it will not create a glow. And, you will notice that the higher the intensity of the magnetic field current and the higher the speed you move the magnetic field through the gases, the brighter the glow. Similarly, the atmospheric gases of the aurora remain stationary.

While the magnetic field of the Earth is fairly constant, it is the added intensity and speed of the magnetic field current flowing from the solar flare that creates the aurora. Only the magnetic field current flowing from a solar flare like gusts of wind meeting the intensified magnetic field current lines of force of the Earth funneling into the poles stimulates the normally invisible and stationary gases in its path to a glowing, visible state of excitement. This creates the illusion of a flow of particles.

There are more questions that defy the scientists to answer than just what John Ralston asked in the May 12, 2006 ‘Science” program. For instance, particles travel through a magnetic field with little resistance.

  • Why do the particles heading toward the entire 8,000 mile diameter
    of the Earth end up in only the small section of the polar areas?
  • Why do they always form a “halo” configuration?
  • Why do the particles traveling at 300 miles per second suddenly make
    a 90 degree turn to slam into the poles at the time when there is nothing but clear and open space ahead of them?

A multi-colored aurora over Finland.

Particles travel through a magnetic field current with very little resistance. But, it is common knowledge that a magnetic field current will firmly resist another magnetic field of like polarity while attracting a magnetic field of opposite polarity. While the Earth’s magnetic field will not deflect the trajectory of a solid particle, it will certainly deflect the like magnetic field toward the opposite magnetic field of the poles. This eliminates the problem the scientists have of explaining the high velocity and the bizarre movement of particles that has defied explanation for many decades.

The variable flow of magnetic field current like gusts of wind coming from the electromagnetic explosion of a solar flare stimulates the gases in its path in direct response to the intensity of the energy and the gases cease to glow when the energy intensity is reduced or ceases. This creates the illusion of a flow of particles.

My concept conforms to the known, laboratory proven characteristics of electromagnetic energy. If you think my concept makes more sense than that of particles slamming into particles, would you please send an e-mail to Dave Scott at stating that you think my concept is more sensible.

It may encourage him to at least discuss my concept with more of an open mind. If he would put this on his “World of Wonder” program on television in San Diego, it could lead to a more comprehensive and open discussion, a very clear demonstration, and a better explanation of the auroras.

My copyright included an illustration depicting A magnetic arch with a magnetic field swirling counterclockwise at the upward, negative end of the arch and a magnetic field swirling clockwise around the positive end of the downward flow of the arch.

This was in response to my concept that it was the upward flow that created the low pressure on Earth by partially negating the pull of gravity on molecules of air and the downward flow of the arch that added to the pull of gravity on molecules of air creating the high pressure area. I stated, “The high and low pressure areas demand the presence of the magnetic arch.”

Over 2 years after the date of my copyrighted article, the scientists reported “A surprising discovery on the Sun.”

They reported: “Sunspots tend to appear in east-west pairs with a high arching magnetic loop between them. In the Northern Hemisphere leading spots in the Sun’s rotation are now positive and trailing ones are negative. In the Southern Hemisphere, the pattern is reversed.”

I based my concept of the arch on what I recognized occurring in the Earth’s weather pattern while the discovery by the scientists occurred on the Sun.

The meteorologists still do not recognize the magnetic arch on the Earth because it is not visible and not detectable with instruments. The meteorologists attribute the circular patterns to the Coriolis effect. However, the Coriolis effect does not explain the consistency of the counterclockwise flow around low pressures and the clockwise flow around high pressures.

In the early 1900’s a laboratory experiment proved that when a high voltage current is forced through a wire, it creates a swirling magnetic field current around the wire- always clockwise when viewed with the direction of flow. And, if you use an ordinary compass above or under the wire, it will indicate the direction of flow of the swirling magnetic field.

Then, if you wrapped the fingers of your right hand around the wire in the direction indicated by the compass, your thumb will always point in the direction of flow of the primary current through the wire. Using this proven principle, if you wrapped your fingers of your right hand in the direction of flow of the circular winds around a low pressure area, your thumb will point upward from the ground with the low pressure.

Then, wrapping the fingers of your right hand in the direction of the circular wind around a high pressure area, your thumb will point downward to the Earth with the high pressure. Also, the intensity of the energy flow through the magnetic arch determines the velocity of the wind swirling around it. By contrast, the Earth always rotates at a consistent speed and will not explain the awesome wind velocity of a tornado.

A high and intense magnetic arch explains the size of the hailstones, the awesome lightning and the high velocity of the winds common with tornadoes that the consistent Earth’s rotation can never explain.

My electromagnetic copyright included many aspects of the Sun that are just recently being revealed by the SOHO, POLAR, IMAGE and TRACE satellites.

Nobel Prize winner Arno Penzias

For instance, it was only a few years ago that NASA reported “they have solved a 55 year old
puzzle: Why is it hundreds of times hotter outside the Sun than inside. The Sun is surrounded by
the equivalent of an electric blanket. The blanket is heated by magnetism, however, not by electricity.

In a letter I received from Nobel Prize winner Arno Penzias (Written in long hand) dated Sept. 14, 1982 regarding the heat of the Sun, he wrote:

“There’s no need to invoke ‘magnetic fields’. Sorry, but I think you should open your mind to the ideas of thermodynamics to learn more about it”.

Now, the scientists are invoking magnetic fields in their explanation of the heat of the corona. Also,
in a letter from JPL dated May 13, 1986, their scientist, Stephen J. Edberg, wrote: “The invention of a
new and unmeasurable phenomenon – ‘magnetic fields currents – is not necessary. Until you can provide
predictions of new phenomena that cannot be explained by physics as presently understood, your ideas
will not be incorporated into the body of physical knowledge.”

The scientists admit that the auroras defy explanation, as well as the rings of Saturn, comets, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, pulsars, quasars, what triggers tornadoes, etc. In a Dec. 17, 1997 NASA news conference titled “Final Blaze of Glory”, a series of Hubble photos were shown.

Dr. Balik said: “We knew that stars ejected mass and did it in fairly interesting patterns 10 years ago but the process is the big prize. Why do stars eject this waistband? And up to now the ideas have just been glib suggestions. The big prize is some good physical model for how the process takes place that we don’t yet have. It may be something like a magnetic field.”

In a Jan. 13, 1999 newspaper article regarding the expansion of the universe, the NASA scientists reported that “They have been thrown into a tizzy by developments in recent months that threaten much of what they thought they knew. Some previously unaccounted force must be fueling the acceleration. Physicists are faced with the bewildering mystery of determining just what particle or energy form may be working that magic. The problem now is not only do we not have the right answer, we’re not even sure we have the right question. This is all potential disarray. This has led to other confusions. The discovery is hailed by some as possibly setting the stage for some kind of major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe. These very strange findings shake things up.”

In a June 22, 2004 KPBS broadcast titled “The Dark Side of the Universe”, narrated by Alan Alda, Dr. Michael Turner of the University of Chicago, said: “I think what you are starting to see is that we don’t know very much about it at all. We need help. We just don’t know what it is; A mysterious force out there in space that literally comes out of nowhere. It’s pushing the universe apart faster and faster.”

There is a very simple explanation for this acceleration of the expansion of the universe. As the planets, stars and moons increase in size, their magnetic fields increase in size, also. In the natural resistance of one magnetic field to the encroachment of another magnetic field into its sphere of influence, the magnetic fields force other magnetic field currents away from each other. This causes the expansion of the universe faster as more magnetic fields compound the expansions.

The trouble is that the scientists have considered magnetic fields as a dirty word and have almost completely ignored it until Aug. 4, 2010 while I have been trying to apprise them of its importance for over 30 years. I invite questions and comments pro and con.


Edsel Chromie was born in Detroit Mich. He moved to San Diego in 1965. A World War Two Navy veteran; Edsel served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of our training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage. This led to his unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also have 4 approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems.

You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:

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JDA April 11, 2011 12:11 pm (Pacific time)

With your expansion of the universe / magnetic field theory, wouldn't the N and S poles of the magnetospheres result in a net repulsion of zero?

There is current flow in space, and it is driven by magnetic fields, but as in conventional electric circuits it is particulate (electrons) in nature:

From Wikipedia / magnetosphere
"Electric currents in space
Magnetic fields in the magnetosphere arise from the Earth's internal magnetic field as well as from electric currents that flow in the magnetospheric plasma: the plasma acts as an electromagnet. Magnetic fields from currents that circulate in the magnetospheric plasma extend the Earth's magnetism much further in space than would be predicted from the Earth's internal field alone. Such currents also determine the field's structure far from Earth, creating the regions described in the introduction above.
Unlike in a conventional resistive electric circuit, where currents are best thought of as arising as a response to an applied voltage, currents in the magnetosphere are better seen as caused by the structure and motion of the plasma in its associated magnetic field. For instance, electrons and positive ions trapped in the dipole-like field near the Earth tend to circulate around the magnetic axis of the dipole (the line connecting the magnetic poles) in a ring around the Earth, without gaining or losing energy (this is known as Guiding center motion). Viewed from above the magnetic north pole (geographic south), ions circulate clockwise, electrons counterclockwise, producing a net circulating clockwise current, known (from its shape) as the ring current. No voltage is needed—the current arises naturally from the motion of the ions and electrons in the magnetic field.
Any such current will modify the magnetic field. The ring current, for instance, strengthens the field on its outside, helping expand the size of the magnetosphere. At the same time, it weakens the magnetic field in its interior. In a magnetic storm, plasma is added to the ring current, making it temporarily stronger, and the field at Earth is observed to weaken by up to 1-2%.
The deformation of the magnetic field, and the flow of electric currents in it, are intimately linked, making it often hard to label one as cause and the other as effect. Frequently (as in the magnetopause and the magnetotail) it is intuitively more useful to regard the distribution and flow of plasma as the primary effect, producing the observed magnetic structure, with the associated electric currents just one feature of those structures, more of a consistency requirement of the magnetic structure.
As noted, one exception (at least) exists, a case where voltages do drive currents. That happens with Birkeland currents, which flow from distant space into the near-polar ionosphere, continue at least some distance in the ionosphere, and then return to space. (Part of the current then detours and leaves Earth again along field lines on the morning side, flows across midnight as part of the ring current, then comes back to the ionosphere along field lines on the evening side and rejoins the pattern.) The full circuit of those currents, under various conditions, is still under debate."

From this explanation alone it can be seen that in space the complexities of energy do require considerable imagination to unravel, as you have noted.

pete April 8, 2011 10:10 am (Pacific time)

Consider the hollow earth theory.

JDA April 7, 2011 9:01 pm (Pacific time)

The workings of a dynamo are a common part of industrial electronics taught at community colleges and universities, and nowhere is it explained that electricity is intensified magnetic field current. Electricity is the flow of electrons, or the acquisition of a charge, as in static electricity. Magnetic fields consist of flux, not electrons. In a typical isolation transformer, electric current flows through the primary winding, generating magnetic flux that couples the secondary winding, generating current flow of electrons. Strictly speaking, flux and electrons are different entities, each with their own unique properties. Semantics aside, I'm glad you're keeping those pompous "experts" on their toes.

Edsel Chromie April 1, 2011 11:28 am (Pacific time)

JDA. In a dynamo, a small electrical current is applied to the windings of the rotor and the stator. As the rotor spins at high speed it forces the magnetic field of the rotor through the magnetic field of the stator. Nothing else touches. As the magnetic field passes alternately through the positive then the negative magnetic field currents of the stator, it creates the alternating current of electricity. So, electricity is still simply the intensified magnetic field current.

JDA March 30, 2011 6:27 pm (Pacific time)

The expansion of the universe is attributed to the "big bang" phenomenon. I would clarify the statement that electricity and magnetism "are the same thing" by saying that they are distinct but interrelated forces, hence the term electromagnetism. The aurora is explained by the excitation of the ionosphere by solar flares, not simply magnetism but a host of high-energy particles. I agree that there is so much to learn about the universe that the aire of academic confidence in our knowledge is unfounded.

Interested March 30, 2011 3:04 pm (Pacific time)

Sounds like an interesting and reasonable explanation. It is sad that such a serious matter is still so heavily being debated. I guess we don't know as much as we might sometimes think.

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