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Is the ACLU Aware?
Sibelius and HHS: Censoring Vaccine Safety Concerns While Producing a 'Fertility Impairing Vaccine'

Is the ACLU aware that major media attacking those questioning vaccine safety are heavily invested in the vaccines themselves?


(WASHINGTON DC) - The ACLU produced a paper on the pandemic laws pointing out that they lack public health measures. They are solely about "security" (martial law). The laws can be invoked with proof of even an infectious disease in the area and yet include the forcing of unknown, untested vaccines on the country, with no exceptions. People could be taken away (imprisoned) for refusing, where they would likely be vaccinated in any case.

HHS Secretary Sebelius

To put it mildly, these are vaccine safety issues.

The ACLU is focused on the First Amendment. Is it aware that Sibelius at HHS censored media from reporting on vaccine safety issues?

Is the ACLU aware that large range of "concerns" about vaccines are breaking out around the world.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI's polio vaccines are causing mass paralysis in India and Pakistan and with a more deadly strain than natural polio; the pertussus vaccines are spreading pertussis via vaccinated populations and creating a more virulent strain; the measles vaccines aren't working to protect against measles; the pentavalent vaccine is causing a high number of adverse events and deaths; Andrew Wakefield's work on the MMR vaccine has been substantiated; and these are only the most recent stories showing up primarily in foreign media.

If the ACLU is not aware, is it because HHS has suppressed just such news of vaccine failures in the US? Is the ACLU aware that major media attacking those questioning vaccine safety are heavily invested in the vaccines themselves?

The outbreak of measles among children vaccinated (often more than once) against measles brings vaccination for prevention of disease into question. With pertussis, the questions deepen as the vaccines are spreading the disease it is meant to prevent and even generating a more virulent strain.

The pentavalent vaccine is killing healthy children.

    Puliyel likened the situation to penicillin sensitivity and said it bordered on criminality to be administering pentavalents without first testing a child for hypersensitivity. "Every child that is being given a dose of pentavalent vaccine is a potential victim of the adverse reaction," he said.

    Puliyel was among the many eminent physicians and public health activists in India who wrote to World Health Organisation (WHO) director-general Margaret Chan on Apr. 3 asking the health body to "re-evaluate" its recommendation of pentavalent vaccines on the grounds of safety.

    "Unlike conventional drug treatments meant for the management of existing diseases, in prophylaxis with vaccines, safety is of paramount importance. Vaccines that frequently and unpredictably cause the death of healthy children cannot be recommended," the letter to Chan said.

And when it comes to polio, the vaccines are not a failure but a health calamity.

And these failing vaccines, these vaccines that are not preventing diseases, that are spreading disease and crippling and killing, are the TESTED vaccines.

The pandemic laws allow for power over the entire population based on an (unproven) emergency in which the vaccines do not have to be tested - or even known.

And the FDA has given the go ahead to manufacturers to add or change any ingredient with the approval of only one employee - a means to insert squalene which is not approved in the US, and yet HHS (with Sibelius at the helm) and Novartis share a contract to build a giant facility in NC to produce squalene under money from the stimulus bill.

    Even though its use has not been approved by U.S. regulators, the plant will be producing MF59 as early as December 2009.(2) MF59 is Novartis' proprietary and controversial adjuvant composed of squalene and a surfactant called Tween80, also known as polysorbate 80. Back in July, 2009, the department of HHS purchased over $343.8M of "oil-in-water" adjuvant from Norvartis.(3) It looks like the government may want to take delivery on its purchase some time soon.

Is the ACLU aware that not only is HHS censoring vaccines concerns but has purchased the two key ingredients in a pharmaceutical industry patent to impair fertility? That is, to sterilize? http://organichealthadviser.com/archives/polysorbate-80-in-swine-flu-vaccines-infertility-in-humans

    #5) On the World Intellectual Property Organization, a patent application for a "fertility impairing vaccine". The University of Georgia Research Foundation is listed as the patent applicant.

In the description section of the patent application, Tween 80 (Polysorbate 80) is listed as a preferred ingredient:

    "In a preferred embodiment the vaccine comprises oil, preferably a biodegradable oil such as squalene oil, in an amount of about 2.5% to about 15%, preferably about 8% to about 12%. In preparing the vaccine it is advantageous to combine a concentrated oily adjuvant composition with an aqueous solution of the antigen, pZP glycoprotein. Typically, the vaccine is prepared using an adjuvant concentrate which contains lecithin (about 5% to about 15 % wt/vol, preferably about 12% wt/vol) and STDCM (preferably about 25 mg/mL to about 50 mg/mL) in squalene oil. The term % wt/vol means grams per 100 mL of liquid. The aqueous solution containing the isolated pZP glycoprotein is typically a phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) solution, and additionally preferably contains Tween 80 (about 0.2% vol/vol to about 0.8% vol/vol, preferably about 0.4% vol/vol)."

Is the ACLU aware that damaging the ability of a group to reproduce is listed by the UN as one of the definitions of genocide?

    ".... a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide(CPPCG). Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national,ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." [3]."

    All flu shots used in the U.S. are made from eggs, a time- and labor-intensive process. But the new plant will provide something different. Vaccines will be brewed from animal cells mixed with viruses in six 1,320 gallon fermenters which are owned by the U.S. government and the Department of HHS, as identified by a bright yellow, plastic plaque on the sides of the giant vats. (4)

    Is the ACLU aware that as HHS is censoring vaccines concerns, it is working with Novartis to produce the full recipe for a "Fertility Impairing Vaccine" - with polysorbate the "preferred ingredient" and squalene the driver, vaccines that can be delivered using military under the Bush pandemic laws?

    Is the ACLU aware the there has never been a pandemic? The "avian flu" and the "1918 Spanish flu" were used by Bush to introduce a new terror - pandemics - which came with pandemic laws as unconstitutional as the Patriot, and were based on nonsense as unreal as WMDs in Iraq.

    ".... the Bush administration['s] concoction of “avian flu” [was] a bonanza for the biotech industry and to Rumsfeld and other members of Bush’s administration with ties to it. Industrial ag (Big Pharm) used the hoax of avian flu to slaughter the birds of poor farmers across Asia, removing the competition and wiping out indigenous biodiversity in poultry. Just as they used the threat of swine flu to come in and slaughter the Haitian pigs which were the mainstay of poor Haitians. Just as hoax of swine flu itself was used to sell billions in untested and deadly H1N1 vaccines.

    The Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases put out a press release saying unequivocally that it was not flu but common upper respiratory bacteria which "somehow" went into infections and pneumonias. The agent that killed now appears to have been aspirin.

    The 1918-19 "flu" was, in fact, a pharmaceutical industry catastrophe caused by the massive immunosuppressive effects of aspirin.

    Does the ACLU know that vaccines are equally if not more immunosuppressive? This is true whether they are loaded with an HHS purchased sterilizing agent or not.

    The CDC is the agency that would declare a pandemic. This is major problem since the CDC promoted the avian flu hoax, is still promoting the Bush myth of a 1918 flu, and concocted an H1N1 "pandemic" using wildly exaggerated false data.

    “Academic medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the democratically legitimized social contract.” ~ Virologist Dr. Stephan Lanka – Interview 10.27.2005

    Should Sibelius' suppression of freedom of speech around vaccine safety be the cue for the entire country to speak out now about the Bush's pandemic laws - especially since Sibelius extended the H1N1 flu to 2012, and since those laws include forced vaccination with unknown contents, and since Sibelius and HHS and Novartis are actively producing squalene with polysorbate 80, the key ingredients in a patent for a sterilizing vaccine?

    Dr. Jacob Puliyel, a pediatrician and a member of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) of the Government of India who exposed the 47,500 cases of paralysis following Bill Gates mass vaccination campaign to "eradicate polio" in India, says:

    "The world depends on 35% of those who are defiers--those who clearly see what is right and what is wrong. But they need to speak up, to protest, and to stand up for their ethical values. The future depends on you."

    Will the ACLU speak out against HHS censorship of vaccine issues? Will the ACLU speak out against HHS's purchase of ingredients for vaccines that would fulfill the legal definition of genocide? Will the ACLU encourage its members and the whole country to speak out as well?

    Defective product injury lawsuits caused by prescription drugs are handled by law firms like Parker Waichman. Drug manufacturers must be held accountable by litigation brought by Parker Waichman on behalf of injured individuals.

    Sources include: Salem-News.com Special Features Dept.


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