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Al-Bashir Executes Martial Law to Silence El Fasher Unity: US and UN Unspoken

"I know there are many good, compassionate people in this world, who will listen to us and help us" -Mohammed Yahya

The only photos in existence of the uprising in El Fashe
These are the only photos in existence of the uprising in El Fasher; it stemmed from dissatisfaction with the US sponsored sham elections, which predictably saw the country's genocidal dictator, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, remain in office. photos

(EL FASHER / PORTLAND) - “Martial Law has been declared inside El Fasher, Darfur. We have to stay in our homes; the Police and Government Army are searching house to house looking for people, cell phones, cameras and pictures,“ a source on the ground there tells

All communications have been severed, “They are going to cut the network, no email or cell phones. We will not be able to communicate with anyone. We don’t know how long this will last.”

The International Superpowers – US Government and China, have all given their silent approval in support of the Genocidal President of Sudan. Omar Al-Bashir is a wanted war criminal who ran, and won the recent, rigged and fraudulent elections. By standing silent the US Government has allowed a continued reign of terror to besiege the people of Sudan. The US government has chosen its path, to stand with the Sudanese President while he targets the people and strips them from their land, families and often their lives.

The last several days have seen the tensions and terror increase inside the state of Darfur; bombings, clashes and protests have left many dead, injured or displaced. *

According to sources on the ground, this was to be expected, with information beginning to leak its way out of Darfur and their voices coming together in unity. The government (GoS) is trouncing hard on the people of El Fasher. Those inside report that the government is not only stopping all communication they are confiscating cell phones, cameras and computers in an effort to ebb the flow of information leaving the state.

Sources say to brace for more to happen, there have been too many to count, arrested and beaten. Many of those being taken are the same that stood in strength and protested against the government’s horror and deception.

2 May 2010 in El Fasher, also known as Al Fashir

The GoS Ponzi scam that was earlier reported not only stole money from the hard working Darfuri’s but also allowed the GoS to compile a list of names and addresses. This list is not being used not to repay those that the government owes money, but to target with violence and harassment. Many on this list have already been taken away or arrested; reports indicate they are being sent to Shalla prison.

“Shalla is a very bad, terrible place”.

We previously reported over 300 people were arrested in the two days following the protest.

Our source says, "Over 100 arrested today and still arresting more based on the governor's order this evening."

Sources indicate this may be a very long lockdown; they cannot leave their homes and the market has been shut down. A majority of people inside El Fasher do not have running water and rely on every day trips to the market to feed their families.

“How are we going to survive if we can’t get food and water, we can’t last a week? If we leave our homes we are arrested or killed.”

Omar Al-Bashir has been known in the past to use starvation as a weapon of war. The goal and ideology has been consistent within this government; to clear Darfur of its people.

“They can do anything that they want and get away with it, anything beyond your imagination, that is what they can do,” Reporter Mohammed Yahya said.

OIL, GOLD, COPPER AND URANIUM are all found in ground of Darfur. Omar Al-Bashir’s actions suggest that the Sudanese people are dispensable; wipe out the people and the land is his, this equals money. He has successfully managed to wipe out over 80% of the villages. El Fasher is one of the largest towns in Darfur with a population of over 250,000, how many will survive?

The citizens of El Fasher no longer having anything to lose; with no other direction and with many facing death or imprisonment, the U.S. and UN still stand silent. Their hope is for world to hear them and not allow another hundred people to disappear into Shalla prison today and thousands to starve while Al-Bashir smiles for the camera during his re-election photos.

Mohammed Yahya said, "I know there are many good, compassionate people in this world, who will listen to us and help us."

* will give an update map and timeline in detail of the recent event within Darfur

*All quote are from sources who for safety reasons are anonymous

Alysha Atma spends many hours working on projects that support and benefit the beleaguered people of African nations who spend way too much time off the western media's radar. This writer explains that she is a culmination of all her experiences, most importantly knowledge she says, and all that she still needs to learn; lessons of love, laughter and the extraordinary giving of both young and old. She says she has the enormous fortune of learning from the best; every person around her, and the amazing strength and fortitude of those she has never met but will always strive to listen to. "I continue to work and write because I believe in the power of community and the power of one, both contradictory to each other and yet can move together in a very powerful way. I feel a responsibility to use my place, freedoms and connections here in the US to stand up and yell for those who need my voice and actions. I have seen such strength in my fellow humans that I cannot even begin to comprehend, they have traveled distances, have gone without food, water, shelter and safety for days and weeks at a time. I have a responsibility as a fellow human to put our common humanity before anything else. Everyone deserves to look towards tomorrow, to dream of a safe future and to have a peaceful present." You can write to Alysha Atma at:

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Sam May 4, 2010 7:43 pm (Pacific time)

Ponzi scam has nothing to do with the GOS. Simple question wheres your proof and get me one person who stated that. The protesters are angry because they were ripped off - just like protesters in greece now. Did you accuse Greece of the same - no instead your throwing billions of dollars at it.

Editor: Sam, every time an article about Al Bashir pops up, here you are.  I would like to know who you are before accepting any more of your comments, I think you are al Bashir's PR team and I don't appreciate your presence if that is the case.  If you know anything about this situation, you know why we are not using names, that is not rocket scuence.  Our sources are rock solid and absolutely will not have their names disclosed.  Write to me at so I know who you are, it does not need to be revealed here.

Tim King

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