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America: Death by Republican

The GOP has brought America, a once proud nation, to its knees and so many millions of Republican supporters don't understand how, for the last thirty years or so they have been voting against their own best interests and the interests of the nation they claim to love.

President George W. Bush, surrounded by leaders of the House and Senate, announces the Iraq war resolution on October 2, 2002.
President George W. Bush, surrounded by leaders of the House and Senate, announces the Iraq war resolution on October 2, 2002. (Wikipedia)

(CALGARY, Alberta) - Congressman Louie Gohmert from northeast Texas told a House hearing that the trans-Alaska oil pipeline improved the sex lives of some wild animals. “When the caribou want to go on a date,” he said, “they invite each other to head over to the pipeline.”

Last year Gohmert blamed a breakdown of Judeo-Christian values for the gun slaughter at the Colorado cinema. He has claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood had deep influence in the Obama administration, and that the attorney general—the nation’s highest law enforcer—sympathized with terrorists.

Despite these and other wacko statements Gohmert runs virtually unopposed in elections, explaining why we have an insular, aggressively ignorant House of Representatives that is not at all representative of the public will, let alone the makeup of the country.

As a result of a $30 million Republican action plan at the state level, there is now a clot of retrograde politicians, comically/tragically out of step with a majority of Americans. It’s not just that they oppose things like immigration reform and simple gun background checks for violent felons, while huge majorities support them, but

In the aggregate, Democrats got 1.4 million more votes for all House positions in 2012 but Republicans still won control with a cushion of 33 seats. They won despite having the lowest approval rating in modern polling, around 10 percent in some surveys. Richard Nixon during Watergate and B.P.’s initial handling of a catastrophic oil spill had higher approval ratings.

As a whole, Congress has never been more diverse, except the House majority.

There are 41 black members of the House, but all of them are Democrats. There are 10 Asian-Americans, but all of them are Democrats. There are 34 Latinos, a record — and all but 7 are Democrats. There are 7 openly gay, lesbian or bisexual members, all of them Democrats. 3 percent of the United States population is white. But in the House Republican majority, it’s 96 percent white. Women are 51 percent of the nation, but among the ruling members of the House, they make up just 8 percent. (It’s 30 percent on the Democratic side.)

In the final analysis you can't blame the GOP. The responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the American people who are among the most politically stupid in the world (part of their Exceptionalism?) who keep electing them.

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Anonymous May 10, 2013 8:58 am (Pacific time)

Reading what Anon. @6:13 pm is correct in regards to after the 9/11 attacks. Obama who has never gotten out of campaign mode has created a very dangerous atmosphere for us, he should leave office and take Biden with him asap. We will see in my estimation severe attacks on the homeland, probably riots because of incredibly high unemployment. Bush and Cheney, Rumsfield, the entire Bush Administration kept America and all of North America safe, we are not safe now. Obama and his Zionist bosses need to!

Anonymous May 9, 2013 6:13 pm (Pacific time)

W and Cheney are out of office, it's Obama's misdeeds and he got Americans killed in Libya, and is involved in a criminal cover up. You even know what yesterday's hearings were about? By the way no Americans were attacked much less killed here in the states on Bush's watch. Obama has had 5 terrorists hit their targets so far. He got our Libya Ambassador killed, and you have no problem with that?

"By the way no Americans were attacked much less killed here in the states on Bush's watch." You must have been out of town on 9/11 and missed the newspaper coverage.

Anonymous May 9, 2013 9:36 am (Pacific time)

After watching the Libya hearings yesterday it's proof positive that we need to demand Obama leave, and/or impeach, indict and prosecute. This is an outrage as are the democrats. My God! Look at how they have opened us up to more and more terrorist attacks around the world. Just go look at some of the more responsible news sites that post primary sourced stories...pull your heads out of your collective asses people, the enemy is here and they are determined to wipe you out.

W and Cheney, of course, were innocent bystanders. 

Anonymous May 7, 2013 1:00 pm (Pacific time)

I remember when in Kindergarten, two kids in the sandbox fighting over who gets the bucket, and who gets the shovel. At the end of the day, the sand in the sandbox ended up in the bucket. Its the same with democrats/republicans, at the end of the day, all our money, liberties, and freedoms are in the bankers bucket. Thinking there is a difference between republicans and democrats is simply elementary and extremely outdated. They used the democrats to build a nation dependent on government, they used the republicans to start wars to build their world empire. Now both parties have merged into one, and their fighting is nothing more than watching world wide wrestling..They fight to entertain and distract, then go and have dinner and beers together afterwards while laughing at us and counting their money..

Anonymous May 7, 2013 12:51 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel Johnson thanks for pointing out some data that really drives home the failed policies of liberals. As far as income in these states you refer to, it is the "public unions" that drive up the average per capita income, which includes the PERS retirement system. Subsequently taxes and fees are constantly going up, then we have more and more people losing their jobs. Wisconsin provides an excellent example of what happens when unions are shown the door. It is the only state that has 100% funding for their PERS, and we have a Republican governor and a conservative legislature. You may remember how this governor, the legislature and a state supreme court judge were targeted for extinction by national unions. The people won, and now we are seeing more of the same around the country. Yes indeedy the blue states have lower gun ownership and higher gun crimes. For example, California, with 37 million people, they have some of the strictest gun laws as a state, but have the highest per capita gun homicide rate out of the50 states. Professor Lott, has been peer reviewed on this matter over 50 times, and yet no one has disproven his stats. Funny you hear from the left how he has been discredited, but it is a liberal myth, they say he has been, but then, show the peer reviewed data where he has. I appreciate your liberal cheerleading, but you simply have not been able to show any validity to your primary thesis. Sorry. P.S. What's someone's religious affiliation have to do with this matter? Should we point out that there are more Jews in these crime ridden blue areas? What does concern me is not the debate between liberal and conservatives, but the growing and balkanizing underclass that is developing. Not the Whitehouse nor the current senate leadership is providing any plans/policies in dealing with these human beings, and maybe they do want to have mass rioting and martial law. It will backfire on them.

El Nory May 7, 2013 12:17 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel, So much of what you say is true, however shining a light on Republican misdeeds only illuminated half of the governmental corruption. The Democratic Party is controlled, now, by the same banking interests that run the Replublican Party. Continued focus on the Rep or Dem issue prepetuates the myth that there is a meaningful difference between the two parties. NOW I KNOW THERE ARE DIFFERENCES, but no important ones. Neither side will discuss 9/11 Truth, UFOs, Chemtrails, MK-Ultra abuses, etc. The drawing of battle lines around minor internal issues while continuing to roll out more drones and more civil rights erosions belie the true nature of the Democratic Party. The Republican party has very nefarious goals, admitted, but the Democrats are just as infiltrated, and at this point just as tyrannical, as well.

Anonymous May 7, 2013 8:21 am (Pacific time)

I noticed the stats that the writer did not mention, i.e. :30 out of 50 states are run by Republican governors and completely controlled by conservative legislatures. Another 7 states have majority Republican control in at least 1/2 of those state legislatures that have a democrat as governor. In those states with conservatives in control you have statistically lower crime rates, lower unemployment rates and better economics.
In regards to how many democrats voted, remember the saying "All politics are local." Of course we have a well documented database showing literally hundreds of majority democratic precincts that had over 100% turn-out rate for votes, with many over 100%, and one in the Philly area with 150% of registered votes cast in 2012. Many had 0% of votes cast for Republican candidates...good trick, not even the candidates and their families voted republican. Also, currently, the republicans are ahead of the democrats in the generic vote allot. If you want to isolate statements by republicans for review, you have a far more target friendly area within the democratic party. VP Biden provides ample ammo for late night talk show hosts. I dare say, show me one "blue" political urban area that is doing well. Thank you.


STRONG correlation between Red States and LOW income!
Average income = $41,183 - $34.202 = $6,981 Lower!

Red States have a significantly LOWER college graduate rate by 5.6% (29.6% - 24.0%)

There are FAR FEWER Evangelicals in the Blue States - 19.5 vs. 29.9 in the Red States.

Gun ownership is FAR LOWER among Blue States - only 4 states over 40%. Average = 27.3 %

(As Obama put it in 2008: Republicans tend to cling to their guns and religion)

When you compare the 50 laboratories of democracy after sorting them based on how their citizens voted in November 2008, only 10 Democratic-voting states are net recipients of federal subsidies, as opposed to 22 Republican states. Only one red state (Texas) is a net payer of federal taxes, as opposed to 16 blue states. One blue state (Rhode Island) pays as much as it gets.

 You're welcome 


Anonymous May 6, 2013 10:12 pm (Pacific time)

NO one cares about hearing the uninformed opinions of interlopers except other uninformed low IQ individuals. The Senate will go Republican in 2014. Watch the Libya hearings live to see the felonies by the democrats starting 5/8/13.

An opinion from the Republican cheap seats. 

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