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Reexamining Key Facts in Jewish Holocaust Illusions

A Film Unfinished features a totally different perspective on the Warsaw Ghetto films.

Scene from A Film Unfinished
Scene from A Film Unfinished

(ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) - As a writer today, I have no problem taking a hard look at the claim of six million Jewish people having perished during the Holocaust. It seems distinctly possible that the figure has been inflated to further underscore the tragedy of the Jewish people. Maybe it has.

But at the end of the day, this numeric question remains, at best, exactly that. My point is that minimizing other aspects of this tragedy; questioning whether or not there were gas chambers, or whether the Jewish people were singled out, is moving into an area that discounts the tragedy.

My suggestion to anyone with real questions, is to visit a public library and spend time with books that explore the highly detailed history of this time period. A lot of material was published immediately after the war.

Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, PBS just played a special program that originated from Channel 10 in Israel, about the Warsaw, Poland Ghetto films that the Nazi's engineered to appear 'not so bad' to the Red Cross and others. A Film Unfinished defies the senses.

The tragic stories of what the Nazi's did, how they made Jewish people parade by fly-covered corpses and act as if they were not phased. One woman featured on the PBS program was a small child during the horrors of 1942, but she says that her tender age did not spare her from becoming extremely indifferent to the suffering around her; it was the only way she could possibly survive.

This epic human tragedy stole the lives of Roma, academics, scientists, authors, journalists, homosexuals, political activists, and of course many others.

There was a particular type of approach used by Nazi Germany; a certain level of sophistication, that removes any hint of humanity.

After the movies were done, many of the people used in them died. These are young children, without a hint of youth on their faces. Old people, who wished they were already gone. The Nazi's recorded scenes of gaunt men stepping into a pool, naked, and then younger women were made to enter the same pool. It was utterly humiliating, and that was the point.

The documentary came to life when a reel of film was discovered in 1998, that allowed researchers to suddenly see the Warsaw Ghetto films in an entirely different light. One film was discovered shortly after WWII ended, labeled as "Das Ghetto" and for years, this became the accepted evidence of what we knew, since there were few if any survivors.

However the reel discovered in 1998, "radically complicated the scholarly interpretation of 'Das Ghetto,' PBS explains.

The footage which includes scenes of the original Nazi film crews, greatly supplements what the earlier film had shown, and in many cases there are multiple 'takes' in which the Jewish people are directed.

From PBS

A Film Unfinished presents the raw footage of the latter reel in its entirety, carefully noting fictionalized sequences (including a staged dinner party) falsely showing "the good life" enjoyed by Jewish urbanites. We also glimpse the filmmakers forcing some of the more prosperous Jewish inhabitants to ignore the corpses lying in the streets.

Without forcing any conclusions about what the object of the propaganda film, director Yael Hersonski offers insight into how what we believe to be definitive and historical is not always what it appears to be.

Yael Hersonski was content editor of the documentary program on Channel 10 in Israel, which won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary Television Program in 2004. She now directs documentary and fictional drama programs for Israeli television. A Film Unfinished is her first feature documentary film, and was made with Senior Producer Noemi Schory and Producer Itay Ken-Tor.Yael Hersonski was content editor of the documentary program on Channel 10 in Israel, which won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary Television Program in 2004. She now directs documentary and fictional drama programs for Israeli television. A Film Unfinished is her first feature documentary film, and was made with Senior Producer Noemi Schory and Producer Itay Ken-Tor.

When they weren't being humiliated, Jews were beaten and murdered. The Nazi's fell into the worst genocidal patterns ever known to man.

Many who survived were sent to Treblinka, which was one step shy of checking out for good.

Regardless of the fact that Israel today regards life of Palestinians at a marginally higher level than the Nazi's did for the Jews, there is no point in short selling the Holocaust. Yes, it is true that the Jewish people, even if the number is six million, were a small percentage of the overall number of civilians killed in the war, but what if it was five million, or four or three, what difference does it make?

I can review the documents, watch the films, read the history, but much of what I know in my heart comes from discussions of the war in Europe and the concentration camps with Americans who were there.

It is true that YouTube videos exist, that feature U.S. and British commanders talking about the concentration camps at length and never mentioning Jewish people. But there were many people killed who were not Jewish, and exactly how it played out could involve a lifetime of study. I just know after watching A Film Unfinished, that none of us should ever minimize the suffering of human beings, particularly those who lost millions of people, regardless of exactly how many million.

As a youngster, I saw original photos of piles of human bodies in at least one of the camps that my father's friend Basil Dell liberated.

Instead of questioning the numbers of the Holocaust, we should today ask real questions about why Israel lets Holocaust survivors live poor and needy. Most Americans wouldn't guess that thousands of people who survived the concentration camps of Europe, today live in Israel in abject poverty, but they do.

According to the NY Times in Jerusalem in 2007, "Nearly one-third of the estimated 260,000 Holocaust survivors here are now living in poverty. According to a report by the Holocaust Survivors' Welfare Fund timed to be released around the official day of remembrance, thousands of people who escaped death camps are struggling to get services like medical care or sufficient pensions."[1]

It turns out that if Jewish people didn't move to Israel in the first few years after WWII, they were not entitled to the same benefits. Many came in the 1950's and later, and because of that timeframe, they are the poverty stricken survivors of today, who are still used as an excuse to justify Israel's military violence against its Arab and Christian neighbors.

The real truth about the Holocaust, is that Jewish people suffered in ways that even some of the most depraved individuals could not comprehend. Of course that is exactly what happened in Gaza at Israel's hand in 2008 and 2009, and continues today.

Anybody who would hurt a child voids their own ticket in humanity, and to go after entire families, and people who are not just Jewish, but friends of Jews? People whose blood is partly Jewish? I give the reader credit to already know that Hitler himself was part Jewish. He had it out for this religion and that is the inescapable truth.

Others suffered also, and it was terrible, as life is for the Palestinians today. Perhaps people in Israel will see this film and form a different picture in their own minds about the oppression they represent for Palestinians, and what they have themselves become today. Many never would have imagined David becoming Goliath; separate laws and roads for Jews and non-Jews, but it happened and it is apartheid.

STAY HUMAN - Vittorio Arrigoni

[1] Support for Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel

April-16-2007: Many Holocaust survivors living in poverty, report says - By Jennifer Medina NY Times


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Colli May 9, 2011 5:17 pm (Pacific time)

Good article Tim . . . honest, factual, and totally fair. Facts always stand tall and honesty eventually convinces those with a truly open mind. Those with a closed mind ultimately suffer constipation of the brain and become babbling fools.

Rabbi May 9, 2011 1:31 pm (Pacific time)

Read the book by the Jewish American author Michael Neumann, "The Case Against Israel." The book should be called "The Case Against Zionism" because the documents referenced go back way before Israel was created. Back over 100 years. One hundred years ago the Zionists had exactly the same attitude toward the Palestinians. Kill them, drive them out or enslave them. The fact that so many Jews opposed Zionism historically and are brave enough to stand up to its false promise today guarnatees the failure of hated-based movement we call Zionism.

agnesruth May 9, 2011 1:29 am (Pacific time)

Israel provides medical and technological treatment all around the world INCLUDING palestinians. They built their cities, gave them all of their materials and the palestinians blew up cafes and buses.
project home builders

Editor: Israeli policy leads to children being shot and killed by 'brave' snipers in towers.  Israel drops illegal bombs on families and tortures Palestinian men in front of their children.  Israel steals land every day.  The Palestinians are denied building materials, medical supplies, by Israel's illegal blockade.  You guys have gotten away with too much for too long.  

xexon May 8, 2011 6:13 pm (Pacific time)

Actually, the six million figure has been revised downward considerably the past few years in light of better research.


anon May 8, 2011 6:09 pm (Pacific time)

The jews backed the communists and tried to overthrow the german state. They lost and it sucked. The germans fought the russians, the americans, etc, and they lost. It sucked for them too. That is just war. It sucks too loose. More Germans died in WWII than "jews" (an imaginary race defined by their collective religious superstitions). How is it that people make mockery of Christianity but dont mock jews? One being a product of the other? Who created racism? Chosen people? God sanctioning genocide? The "jews" got palestine by genocide in the first place (according to the old testament) now they just repeat their history. The germans and russians lost more in WWII than anyone. Some people just have a propensity to whine and complain.

Jane May 8, 2011 8:05 am (Pacific time)

I believe the number killed is higher than 6 million, however, the Israelis have forgotten and now do to others what atrocities were done to them.

Tim King: Honestly, for all we know it could be higher.  I personally can't comprehend how or why anything so terrible ever happened, though I actually do have a somewhat decent grasp on the brass tacks of it.  First, WWI had no 'evil' players, the countries were all good and bad and racism was a minor problem in Germany at that time.  The Treaty of Versailles; the starvation that ravaged Germany; these problems were harnessed by Hitler, and by the way Hitler barely emerged into power, it wasn't like all of Germany just fell for the guy.  Hindenburg is one who tried hard to prevent Hitler's rise to power, but then he sold out, and those are the saddest parts of this story; the pieces of the puzzle that explain how the Holocaust could easily have been prevented with the correct amount of political will.  As for these characters like the one above, I sum up my evaluation by recalling the popular t-shirt in Tel Aviv that simply reads: F*ck you, I'm from Israel.  It says a lot and it is a disgrace to the Holocaust survivors who would never seek to oppress an entire culture simply over their inconvenient, sought after location. 

AGRON BELICA May 8, 2011 10:59 am (Pacific time)


Anonymous May 8, 2011 10:37 am (Pacific time)

lol chad..when u get your israeli check in the mail for spreading their propaganda, lets go get a beer. Seems as tho you could really use one. I, same as Tim, have many years research on this subject. So, let me ask you, how long have YOU researched this subject? Or, are you just spreading the crud you have been told? I think the latter. Do some research my friend, you will be a better person for it.

TheJew May 8, 2011 5:09 am (Pacific time)

When are you going to lobby the city of Salem to change the spelling of its name to Sa'alem?

Chad May 8, 2011 4:26 am (Pacific time)

It is NOT a "fact" that Israel regards palestinians slightly better than Nazis. That is absurd with absolutely NO proof.

from 2008 to 2010 gaza alone received 7.7 billion in aid. Jews in ghettos did not receive international aid. It is offensive and ignorant to compare the two events.

The roads were separated because palestinians constantly attacked cars with Jews so they had to make it more safe. They also refused to use roads that Jews used.

palestinian children are not even taught the Holocaust happened because the arabs feel it will make them sympathetic to Jews. They are, however, brainwashed from early on to HATE Jews and Christians.

Israel provides medical and technological treatment all around the world INCLUDING palestinians. They built their cities, gave them all of their materials and the palestinians blew up cafes and buses.

also to your note that harming a child removes your right to humanity - palestinians murdered an entire family including 3 children and then danced in the streets and gave out candy to their own children to celebrate.

Your point of view is not only offensive it is blantantly incorrect. You have no proof to justify ANYTHING you say and you should be ashamed.

Israel has been attacked, civilians have been killed, for decades by bloodthirsty palestinians and they responded to protect themselves.

You do not deserve respect or even acknowledgement for ANYTHING you write or say as you purposefully distor truth to lies in a perverted attempt to attack Israel.

Tim King: You're so full of shit Chad, that is not true about the candy; the family at Itamar was murdered in the same time frame as the gathering in the square at Gaza.  The candy had nothing to do with it, though I can show you pictures of little Israeli children painting messages on bombs that will  be used to kill Palestinian children, nice kids, yeah.  The truth is I am as qualified to talk about the Holocaust as you are because neither of us were there, however we are descended (presumably) from the people who suffered and brought the war to a close.  Israel stole the land it has, but no worries, it will be giving back a lot of it over the next couple of years.  i hope the Israelis don't suffer the way that they make the Palestinians suffer.  I write about genocide, too bad the players often are offended, that's the breaks when you are associated with war crimes and a criminal government like Israel's.  Read the history books, and pull your head out of Israel's brainwash program.

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