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All Assets Engaged to Find U.S. Soldiers Missing in Iraq

"We have an ongoing effort, obviously, to find our three soldiers that have a duty status of whereabouts unknown," - Army Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV

U.S. soldier in Iraq
Photo courtesy: DoD

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - All available assets are being engaged to find three missing U.S. soldiers who apparently were captured by enemy forces during a May 12th ambush near Mahmoudiya, Iraq, a senior U.S. military officer told reporters yesterday at a Baghdad news conference.

Aircraft, intelligence units and thousands of U.S. troops have been scouring an area about 20 miles south of Baghdad where the attack occurred, Army Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, Multinational Force Iraq spokesman, told reporters.

"We have an ongoing effort, obviously, to find our three soldiers that have a duty status of whereabouts unknown," Caldwell said. About 4,000 U.S. forces, he said, are "directly associated" with search efforts.

"Everybody is fully engaged" in the search for the soldiers, Caldwell pointed out, noting "every asset we have, from national (other U.S. government) assets to tactical assets" are being employed.

A convoy-conveyed squad of eight soldiers, seven Americans and one Iraqi army interpreter was attacked by insurgent forces about 12 miles west of Mahmoudiya on May 12, according to U.S. military officials.

An al Qaeda-affiliated terror group that operates in Iraq has since claimed responsibility for the attack and says it is holding the missing U.S. soldiers.

Five soldiers were reported killed in the engagement, Caldwell said, adding the U.S. military sends its thoughts and prayers to the families of the soldiers who were killed or are missing.

Officials have identified four of the five soldiers killed in the attack as being three American and an Iraqi army interpreter, Caldwell said. Efforts continue to identify the remaining deceased U.S. soldier, Caldwell said.

"We have not released even the unit identification to which those soldiers are assigned, because we don't know who the fifth soldier is yet," Caldwell said, noting identification of the fifth deceased soldier should be completed soon.

Caldwell pointed to the "Soldier's Creed," which says soldiers are not to leave fallen comrades on the field of battle.

"To every man and woman out there serving in uniform here in Iraq from the United States, we believe in this deeply," Caldwell said. "And, therefore, we will make every effort available to find our three missing soldiers."
Special thanks to Gerry J. Gilmore American Forces Press Service

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Albert Marnell May 15, 2007 8:25 am (Pacific time)

I waited throughout my childhood and teen years until I was 20 years old for Vietnam to be over. I never thought that in my life, I would have to see this kind of stupidity again. The Global Elite starts wars and then blames it on someone else. I do not watch television. I believe 100% that 9/11 was a Reichstag fraud except more sophisticated with various elements of domestic and foreign intelligence (including Pakistan) a few Central Bankers, a few Billonaires, a few Government Officials and a few Members of the Military, Industrial Complex (Pentagon etc. plus Aerospace, Defense, Big Oil) create the pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Osama bin Laden was admitted to a Pakistani hospital on 9/10 for kidney problems. We are not looking for him and do not care where he is and never did. His large extented family was one of the few elite that were allowed to leave the country when everyone else was grounded. Because Americans depend on the totally controlled media (T.V.) to decide how to run their lives, they bought it hook, line and sinker. If people had kept up with the credible information being released on the one free information channel of endless credible documentaries and free information on the internet instead of clicking the remote on their T.V. we would not be involved in this crap or the Patriot Act or anything else. Document after document shows that this was planned years in advance. Just because something is called a Google Video does not mean that it is not the most credible of documentaries. (Besides it is often banned from MSM because it is true). What I find especially annoying is that for whatever reason; women seem to believe the standard lies but men are more receptive to new or old information. Not all women but most, believe T.V. more than men and I can not explain this. Maybe because men play deceptive games more then women and know that the world is full of lies, deception and filthy money games and mind manipulation. How many people even know who Larry Silverstein is? I was near Manhattan and some of my friends were working there in a total disoriented panic. Why is it that the people closest to this 9/11 fraud question it the most? You really had to be there to feel the impact and start to ask some simple questions like "Why did Norad stand down?" If these service men really are missing and not dead, I hope they find them because they are innocent pawns. There is a huge slave trade of women throughout the world and over 10,000 children living in sewers in Romania just to try to survive. The women in Afghanistan are important but we are not there to remove Birkas. That is a minor side benefit of the global picture and are really there for base building and base building in the surrounding regions and for profit. Afghanistan is important but a drop in the bucket of the global picture of human suffering. It is also a push over for base building and Iraq is a strategic area for everything including resource confiscation by the U.S. multinationals and those of other western nations. This whole Occupation and Genocide has ruined the reputation of the U.S. and the lives of people around the world.

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