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Career Politicians: It's Time to Show Them the Door!

I think the voters of Utah deserve a huge “Attaboy” for getting the ball rolling.

Senator Bob Bennett Courtesy
Senator Bob Bennett Courtesy

(HARRISVILLE, N.H.) - Three-term Republican Senator Bob Bennett was tossed out on his ear at the Utah GOP state convention on Saturday, May 8.

What happened in Utah is exactly what is needed! The army of career politicians (both Democrat and Republican) that supposedly represent us in Washington, D.C., have financially raped and pillaged the legal American citizen for too long. When FDR created Social Security, he placed it in a lock-box type trust and specified that the funds it contained were to be used to help defray the cost of retirement for American workers who contributed to it, when they were no longer able to work, either because of age or because of infirmity.

Then, in 1967, to help pay for the cost of escalating the Viet Nam war, LBJ enacted legislation which allowed the Social Security monies to be moved from the lock-box type trust FDR put them in, to the general fund. The career politicians in Washington started drooling at the thought of being able to tap the immense funds that made up Social Security, and tap it they did. Every career politician who could garner a vote used these funds to sponsor special pork-barrel projects as a means to pay back the special interest groups who funded their election and re-election campaigns.

The rate at which they drained these funds was akin to the speed of light. In 43 short years, they have bankrupted Social Security and Medicare. Once the healthcare monies begin pouring in, this will buy them a bit more time but only a bit more. You see, the two things these career politicians are good at is

  1. courting big money to invest in their re-election campaigns and
  2. spending our money to repay those investments via pork-barrel projects.

In my opinion, we need to turn the polling booth into an exit door for career politicians of both parties in order to send a loud and clear message that they work for us ... not the other way around. I think the voters of Utah deserve a huge “Attaboy” for getting the ball rolling. Let us just hope that every other state shows the same level of superior intelligence and follows suit.

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