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Turkish Slaughters Hit My Greek Family as Well as the Armenians

Unfortunately, many resist recognition of the Armenian holocaust, and support Israel's effort to reserve that tragic identity exclusively for Jews.

Images of the Armenian genocide.
Images of the Armenian genocide.

(EUGENE, Ore.) - Turkey is under fire around the world today for genocide it committed a century ago, and which it has tried to deny for almost as long.

As an American of Greek ancestry, I get satisfaction from the prospect Turkey finally could be held accountable for its violence against those of its people who were not Muslims-- Greeks, as well as Armenians.

One of the victims was my father. I would not be here today if he had not pulled himself out of a pile of dead bodies and escaped from Turkey 90 years ago.

That thought came to me as I read of Turkey's ambassador being called home from the United States because a Congressional committee accepted charges that Turks slaughtered more than a million Armenians just after World War I.

My parents were Turkish citizens of Greek ethnicity living in Smyrna near the coast of Anatolia. It was a cosmopolitan city of Turks, Greeks, Armenians,Jews and Assyrians, and felt the fury of the first holocaust of the 20th century.

After the city was destroyed by Mustafa Ataturk in 1922, the Turks made sure to cover up incriminating evidence the rest of the world might see.

Armenian civilians are marched to a nearby prison in Mezireh by armed Turkish soldiers.
Kharpert, Ottoman Empire, April 1915.

Smyrna was rebuilt under the new Turkish name, Izmir. But documentation of what happened has begun to emerge, especially in books by linguist, Niki Karavasilis, who founded the New Hampshire series of workshops, "In Search of Excellence in Teaching Foreign Language."

She describes how Armenians-- viewed by the West as too marginal to be relevant today-- stay infuriated by Turkey's efforts to cover up history. They say Turkey's goal to deny the truth should not invalidate the truth.

Although I'm not Armenian, I know the truth of the accusation because more than a million Greeks, my ancestors, suffered the same fate when they were subjected to Turkish genocide. My father was alive when he was thrown into a burial pit with other victims of the Turks.

Most were dead. At night, he managed to climb out and make his way to the Turkish coast of Anatolia, his family home for generations.

He joined others on a raft that took them to a Greek island. I heard the story from my mother, who as a girl had escaped the slaughter, reaching the island of Chios. There Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou gave refugees sanctuary. His grandson of the same name is Greek prime minister today.

Many Greeks could not manage to flee to the islands. My grandfather was among dozens of them forced into a church the Turks then burned to the ground. That atrocity has become part of my personal family history. So I resent persistent denials of guilt by Turkey.

It's awkward for the U.S. because Turkey collaborated with our country in the invasion of Iraq. For me, it's a relief that some members of Congress chose to bring the charges to the full Congress in a resolution that would give validity to Armenian claims.

They are my claims, too.

What passed in silence even in Greek-American communities of my childhood became part of an international debate during March.

Turkey got indignant when its slaughter of Armenians formally was recognized by the Parliament of Sweden and the Foreign Relations Committee of our House of Representatives. It reacted by recalling its ambassadors from both countries.

Did anyone care? Not many except Americans of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian heritage, and some Jewish-Americans sensitive from personal experience to terror directed toward any minority ethnic group.

Unfortunately, many resist recognition of the Armenian holocaust, and support Israel's effort to reserve that tragic identity exclusively for Jews.

The only governments to tolerate Turkey's denial of guilt have been the U.S., Israel and Azerbaijan. Turkey felt it could hide from the truth as it slipped further back into corners of history.

The Untold Holocaust: "Assyrian Genocide Documentary Part 1"

But it is learning the truth cannot forever be hidden, just as it cannot deny having been a World War I ally of Germany during the Armenian slaughters.

Horrors inflicted on my family and other Greek citizens of Turkey were recalled on the CBS-TV program, "60 Minutes." It pointed out that Orthodox Christian citizens of Turkey in 1900 totaled two million.

After the holocaust that began during World War I, 1/2 million remained. Another 150,000 fled when they faced more violence in 1955.

Today the number has fallen to 4,000, among them the ecumenical patriarch of the Orthodox Church, Bartholomew. "60 Minutes" featured his plight and that of his few remaining parishioners.

But even it, like most news media, ignored the catastrophe suffered by Armenians and Assyrians, whose ancestors, along with Greeks, had lived in Anatolia for generations before there ever was a Turkey.

Can any kind of restitution be made to descendants of victims? I'm one of them, but know it is not likely. What we want and expect is justice that would come when the entire world indicts Turkey even as it persists in empty denials.

Silvia Beres is a retired Eugene, Oregon, art teacher, and a watercolorist who sometimes paints with words. A Tulsa native, she is a graduate of Tulsa University, with a master's from the University of Oregon. Sylvia has been a resident of Eugene, since moving here from Chicago (Evanston) in 1976. Her two sons are television newsmen in Nashville, Tennessee, and Madison, Wisconsin.

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Mike January 9, 2017 10:43 pm (Pacific time)

. This was an emotional story which by no means should substitute for factual history. (One wonders why it was selected for publication... although one does not need to wonder very hard.) The two top photos are undocumented, and we have no idea what time period they are from, nor exactly what is being depicted; just because someone claims sensational photos found somewhere are of "the Armenian genocide" does not make them so. The city of Izmir (or as the author prefers, Smyrna) was not "destroyed by Mustafa Ataturk in 1922." The Austrian fire chief who was in charge eyewitnessed Armenians and Greeks setting fire (as reported by an American journalist, Mark Prentiss), to insure that the one remaining Ottoman city with resources would not fall into the hands of the Turks. The retreating Greek army was conducting a scorched earth policy, once their ill-fated invasion failed. The prejudiced Western press laid the blame on the Turks, but given that Turkey was devastated by this time, would it make sense to destroy their one intact major city? It is sad the author would write something so unfounded as "more than a million Greeks, my ancestors, suffered the same fate when they were subjected to Turkish genocide." Few are in agreement there was a genocide of the Greeks, although some dishonest parties have tried to make that claim with the Pontus Greeks, who had rebelled. Like the Arabs in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, and especially like the Armenians. When treasonous rebels threaten the authority of a state, it is the duty of the state to maintain order, as well as its sovereignty. Those who take up arms against the state risk their lives. If they get killed, that is not a "genocide." Arnold Toynbee was a British war propagandist working for Wellington House during WWI, producing much false material persuading prejudiced Westerners that there was an extermination plan against the Armenians, when even his own countrymen failed to find any evidence during their postwar preparations for the Malta Tribunal. After the war, Toynbee's conscience got the better of him and he decided to become a real historian. He wrote in "The Western Question in Greece and Turkey" (1922, p. 284), quoting the commission of the allies: "...There is a systematic plan of destruction of Turkish villages and extinction of the Moslem population. This plan is being carried out by Greek and Armenian bands, which appear to operate under Greek instructions and sometimes even with the assistance of detachments of regular troops." If there was a genocide during this terrible time, it was committed by the Greeks. We could say the same of the Armenians as well, as the two Americans, Niles and Sutherland, discovered in 1919; Google their report. The Armenians slaughtered half a million Turks, Muslims, Jews, and even -- ironically -- some Greeks. This number equalled the number of Armenians who lost their lives, but the majority died of famine, disease and other non-violent causes, as did millions of Turks and Muslims. Raphael Lemkin, the Polish Jew who came up with the term of "genocide" was responsible for the 1948 law by the United Nations; this law requires "intent" to be proven with genuine evidence... which excludes the hearsay of the author above, who "heard the story from (her) mother," a mother who curiously escaped with her life, as did her father. Makes one think if the majority of Armenians survived, as 1 million from a population of 1.5 million survived, how could there have been a genocide? The law also exempts political groups; the victims must be completely innocent, as the Jews of WWII. So already we know what happened to the Armenians, or as the author feebly tries to assert, the Greeks and the Assyrians, could not be called a genocide. All had rebelled. Lemkin's 1944 book ("Axis Rule in Occupied Europe") where he used the word "genocide" did not mention Armenians. He only began to stress the Armenians when pro-Armenian U.S. Christian organizations recruited Lemkin for their genocide cause, by getting him an interview on CBS, in 1949. Later in his life, Lemkin listed what he thought were 62 genocides throughout history, 41 taking place in modern times. Among them, he did not mention a genocide by the Turks against the Greeks. He did, however, include a genocide by the Greeks against the Turks. As for that 60 Minutes program in 2010, unfortunately, our Western press is very prejudiced, and as a result is quick to broadcast, or publish, any nonsense that vilifies the Turks as genocide perpetrators. .

Nikos November 29, 2015 11:16 pm (Pacific time)

Hey turks with half a brain cell - wake up and accept your guilt. The blood stains on your hands will never be washed away. My Papou didn't make up the story of his family and many others being murdered by you. We, the families of the survivors, have grown in numbers and know the truth. You murdered unarmed civilians including women and children. You are a shameful people. Your time will come.

Geg e Toskë June 27, 2015 4:30 pm (Pacific time)

What about the idea that is about time to bring Greece to justice about their genocide against Albanians in 1914 and 1944. I am all for the fact that Turkey needs to be held accounted for these genocides same as Greece needs to be held for the genocides against Albanians. Fair is Fair!

Diamanda Galas February 13, 2015 9:12 am (Pacific time)

The word HOLOKAFTOMA is the most appropriate word for any discussion of the Greek Genocides by the Turks. It might also be used for the Genocides of Syrian Arab Greeks now, but noone sees that correlation. Hal, below, you have no ancestors since you rented the Mongols to obliterare the civilization of Anatolia.

Hal June 2, 2014 10:48 pm (Pacific time)

this is the funniest story.i have read in my life. My ancestors should have finished the job a long time ago...

Avram Cohen November 30, 2013 6:11 pm (Pacific time)

I's amazing the amount of Turkish deniers and reverse blame! The world knows the truth of the barbaric killings of 4 million Christian Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, You Turks exterminated 2/3's of the entire Armenian population and there is enough proof thousands of times over and you still continue your campaign of denial in which only shows the world the truth of your evil extermination attempts! I hope the relatives of the Armenians and the rest get reparations and the original lands back that were taken!

Bob December 25, 2010 12:07 pm (Pacific time)

To HyeLife, about Mr. Ergun Kirlikovali, he is not a hater, he is just protecting his people from Anti-Turkish racist bias in the mainstream media from Greek and Armenian supremacists like yourselves who want to kill every single Turkish person if you find out they are of Turkish origin, burn him alive and mutilate him. Ergun is not a racist at all, but just defending his country from bigots like yourselves who want to wipe Turkey off the map and kill every single Turkish planet. I mean you guys teamed up to attack Turkey in 1915-1922, but I don't deny the Greek and Armenian civilian casualties either, but you guys deny the Turkish civilian casualties so you can squirm about being innocent to the world so you can wipe Turkey off the map and kill every single Turkish person on the planet. We are not going to bow down to you and even if we apologize to your lies, you will still hate, so there is no need for an apology.

Bob December 25, 2010 11:55 am (Pacific time)

To "Roger and Freedom Of Anatolia/Cyprus." First of all, no one really likes Fethullah Gulen at all, even his own people dislike him, so stop painting him as the patriotic voice of the Turkish diaspora. You Roger are a proof that you want to demonize every single Turkish person on the planet and you are a proof of Greek/Armenian fanaticism at this time of the age and century. You guys claim to unite, yet at the same time, your Orthodox Priests have fights in Jerusalem, it is all all over YouTube. Oh yeah to Freedom For Cyprus, you denying the rights of T/C's who have peacefully lived in Cyprus since the 15-16th century AD just proves why Turkey invaded Cyprus, because you want to kill, mutilate and suck the blood out of every T/C and eat every T/C for breakfast. You guys think you invented everything in the world, but the world knows that is not true, you guys are just cocky and steal everything from the Macedonians and Albanians, that is all. I am not a hater, I am just simply a patriot who is defending his people from agressors like yourselves, that is all.

Bob December 25, 2010 11:40 am (Pacific time)

Well, to all Armenians, Greeks or whatever, as I was looking at every one of your comments, it just proves that how racist you guys are. No matter how much there are Turkish people who apologize to you, you still hate, because your feeble brains are only capable of hate and nothing more. You can't move on and you always live in the past and cannot live for the future. Heck I even saw a clip of Armenian and Greek monks fighting in Jerusalem on YouTube. You guys don't deserve any Turkish sympathy since you want to kill every single Turkish person on the planet, drink their blood and eat them for dinner. I admit there were Greek and Armenian civilian casualties during WW2, but there were as also an equal amount of Turkish unarmed civilian casualties also, yet you guys deny this, so you guys are the deniers not we Turkish people. There are many Turkish people who lost their families to Dashnak faschists and Megali faschists and we don't squirm like babies like you guys do. You Greeks and Armenians try to scream to the EU like a bunch of babies, but as Greece bullied all countries in the Balkans, they started the economic crisis which is spreading through Europe. See Greeks, Armenians, as you stick in the past, whine, cry, pout and hate, you will make Turkey and Turks stronger and stronger and you will cry more and more.

cihangir November 7, 2010 11:43 am (Pacific time)

i understand you.. you have to spread these lies to save and protect your nation and culture against to globalism.. BUT i think you should give up planting seeds of hostility. Because now we are living together in peacefull as past time. I proud of being TURK. I have many Armenian friends, my grandgrandfathers' master was Armenian.. they were only villagemen.. that time it wasnt important who they were. They were mill worker.. and my grandgrandfather save him n his family against to "movement of armenians". While your descents were moving some of idioth ottoman governers distribute guns to Kurds. And they killed proximitly 100.000 Armenian people. if there was genocide, i think we could be better hitler. i mean if there was genocide, where was come over the world millions of Armenian people, even in Turkiye. Yes we must except some ugly and disgusting events. but why dont you ask yourself "why did ottomans want kill us"? -dont tire yourself because you only want to beleive stories- never mind, because during the world war-I, Armenians that ottoman people were back-stabbing them against to Russia. You will see the truth, when Russin secret archive open.. Hugs from istanbul to all my brothers and sisters.. i wish we will be together and more stronger as in history.. and in photos in this page are fake.. these photose belong to another historical events.. dont fake yourself.. and to: freedom of Cuprus and anatol, hey man, if you feel yourself enough brave, come here and make use more freedom.. but first little reading history.. write these dates on google :) 18/03/1915 and 09/09/1921 and 20/07/1974 have nice dream.. sucker.

Freedom for Cyprus and all of Anatol October 8, 2010 2:45 pm (Pacific time)

Why does the internet allow the evil Turks to spread its hate and lies against the Greeks of Cyprus. If we want to be reunited with our motherland Greece who cares? Why does this evil people think it is ok for them to murder us Greek Orthodox and steal our lands? Cyprus doesn't want to be a bilanual state. Nor do we want Turkey and its barbaric armies to be on our land. Turks realize no one believes that you have any rights on Cyprus and Anatolia. Go back to your home. Remember, soon there will be an uprising because how long can peoples be enslaved by the Turks?

HyeLife August 13, 2010 2:38 am (Pacific time)

Aksoy or should I say Ergun aka the Armenian hater. Don't you grow tired of waking up every day with your mongolian body with Armenian blood - filled with hate for the Armenians? No wonder you were recently removed from one Turkish Lobbying group. Your lies and pitiful attempts to discredit the memory of our Armenian ancestors has no credibility. Take your hate back to Ankara among the other denialists - you will fill at home living under censorship of Artcle 301. Genocide Scholars have already determined that the deliberate acts of the 3 Pashas that signed the death sentence of the Armenians was an act of Genocide. There are mounds of archives available throughout the world. Today over 22 countries recognize the Armenian Genocide and over 40 states within the USA formally recognize it. Ergun get a life and move on. Or at least try and deny the Pontic Greek, Greek, Cypriot Greek, Assyrian, Bulgarian, Kurdish, Lebanese, et al genocides at the hands of the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

roger June 6, 2010 7:00 am (Pacific time)

I was told by a turk once that a real turk only calms down when he sees blood. Coming from Mongolia, they had the audacity to steal rape pillage kill and commit genocide than ally themselves with other genocidal states to rewrite history books to hide where they got the red color of their flag. Turks look white, because they killed white men and kept their girls and eventually raping mongols became un-mogol from the blood and culture of the native lands and people they stole. But every good thing must come to an end and the good blood thirsty ottoman empire will have to split again. The same kurds (Muslims) that were used to kill and expand turkisim, will come home to roost. All genocidal tendencies of their empire will be turned on turkey. Why is it that no one is accusing Greece of genocide or Armenia besides turkey. Oh one other question. What was azerbyjan called 100 years ago if not Persia or Armenia? The ability to kill a human for gain rests in all of us, but the systematic example of a murderous population that is so blood thirsty that it colors its flag red only rests with Mongol (turks)the proven systematic killers, the osmans, tajiks, seljukes and all the murdering tribes from Asia. Did you know China has 200 million uyghur population Muslim and Turkish. Oh yeah they are fighting freedom right now so they can attach China to turkey, their long lost brother. turkishness is a disease that is still spreading. turkey is actively writing our agenda for our future by infiltrating education systems in USA to hide the blood on their flag as rosy red not bloody red. Look up Fethullah Gulen in Texas. They want everybody to become a turk. Wouldn't that be nice, All of us here believing turkishness above human rights, peace and dignity a word mongols never translated for their modern cousins or murder does run in the blood hence the flag to always remind a turk that how it is that a band of rapist and thieves came to own a culture, with spilling others blood proudly and wearing it on their flag.

Emine Shah June 1, 2010 4:56 pm (Pacific time)

I would like to say I really and truly feel sorry for those who lost their lives in those wars. When I look at those pictures, I see nothing but war criminals been hung. Wasn't what U.N. done in Iraq only few years ago not to mention those things happened in the begining of nineteenth century.

Natalie May 29, 2010 2:56 pm (Pacific time)

It takes gutts to say "Sorry, I caused you so much pain". That's why I have a great deal of respect for Germans.

peace May 29, 2010 7:58 am (Pacific time)

Do the author and the readers take care about the other side of the coin: 'Little attention is paid to the fact that in 1800 a vast Muslim land existed in Anatolia, the Balkans, and southern Russia. By 1923 only Anatolia, eastern Thrace and a section of the southeastern Caucasus remained as Muslim land. The Balkan Muslims were largely gone, dead or forced to migrate, the remainder living in pockets of settlement in Greece, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia. The same fate had overcome the Muslims of the Crimea, the northern Caucasus and Russian Armenia- they were simply gone. Millions of Muslims, most of them Turks, had died; millions had fled to what is today Turkey. ‘Between 1821 and 1922, more than five million Muslims were driven from their lands. Five and a half (5.5) million Muslims died, some of them killed in wars, others perished as refugees from starvation and disease’ points out McCarthy. Despite the historical importance of the Muslim losses, it is not to be found in textbooks. Textbooks and histories that describe the ‘massacres of Bulgarians, Armenians, and Greeks, have not mentioned the corresponding massacre of Turks. The exile and mortality of the Muslim is not known. The traditional view of the history of the Balkans, Caucasus and Anatolia is less than complete, if not misleading, because the histories of the Ottoman minority groups are taken out of context. A major part of that context is the suffering of the Muslims, which took place in the same regions, and at the same time, as the sufferings of the Christians, and often transcended them. According to Caleb F Gates, president of Robert College, the Armenian population statistics in January 1921, as confirmed by the Armenian Patriarchate was as follows: Armenians in Ottoman provinces approximetely 600 000; Armenians alive 944 900; Armenian total loss 355 000. (FO 371/6556/E 2730: Gates to Rumbold, 16.2.1921, giving the statistics of the Armenians then living in Turkey, obtained from the Armenian Patriarch). In the light of these statistics, how can the loss of about 400 000 Armenians be labelled as ‘massacres, genocide, or proto-Holocaust’ and the loss of over one million Muslims, as a result of Armenian activities, is not even mentioned? What kind of a holocoust is it that the aggressive side suffered much more losses than the attacked side? ……..Other Western scholars and writers too, agree that, rarely in history have facts been deliberately so distorted as to give a completely wrong Picture, as the Armenians have done for more than a century in connection with the so-called ‘Armenian question’. They succeeded in deceiving the public opinion of the Christian world because they posed as a martyred nation in the cause of Christ….…In the field of propaganda, no one could surpass the Ottoman Christians, including mainly the Armenians, who used their positions as translators/interpreters in the embassies and consulates of the Powers to convince those Powers of their stories, and to sway their relief workers, missionaries and ecclesiastical leaders, about the genuineness of their case. Many a time a gullible Western journalist was trapped by their vociferations, and spread their tales……..……According to the Reverend Dr Cyrus Hamlin, the first president of the American Robert College in Istanbul (now Boğaziçi University), a propaganda bureau was set up in London in the 1870s which had, for its object, the foreign dissemination of all news prejudicial to the Turks. Hamlin stated that the onslaught of this ‘one-sided and unreliable information’ about any people would, after a period of years, stir up a hostility and hatred that could not be easily overcome……….. Because the Turks were inarticulate and religious, had a sense of dignity and decency and preferred to suffer in silence rather than to vociferate, the Ottoman Christians and their champions were left unchallenged to spread the wildest myths and message of hate about the Turks and other Muslims….’ (Sonyel Salahi. The Great War and The Tragedy of Anatolia. TTK, 2000, pp.170-182)

aksoy May 28, 2010 9:27 am (Pacific time)

3 There are lots of literary and visual documents proving massacres of Armenian bandits numbering to 200 000 during WW1 when Otoman Empire was fighting in three battles but these documents are either hidden or ignored. Here are evidences from English and Russian Archives which contradict with the Armenian allegations: A report of a Dashnag officer, Aslem Varaam written in 1920, in Beyazit-Varan (Otoman Empire): "I exterminated the Turkish population in Bashar-Gechar without making any exceptions. One some times feels the bullets shouldn't be wasted. So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. So I did accordingly. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks." A.Lalayan, Revolutsionniy Vostok (Revolutionary East) No: 2-3, p.92 vd, Moscow, 1936; Istoricheskie Zapisky No 2, p.101, 1928 * 'The Armenians ejected sulphuric acid to the faces of the Turkish people, fired their houses and killed them using knife and bullet, in Gaziantep' (Report of English Ambassador Henry D. Barnhamof Aleppo –Halep-, dated 16 November 1895). * In 1905, the Armenians killed all the Turks and Muslims who lived in Susha in Azarbaijan (Russian newspaper Novoye Obozrenye 6 September 1905). * Armenian Soviet historian A.A.Lalayan stated that the Dashnaks displayed extreme courage to massacre Turkish women, children and ill and old people (Contrarevolyutsionnıy 'Dasnaktsutyun' İ İmperialisti-cheskaya Voyna 1914-1918 gg.', Revolyutsionnıy Vostok, No.2-3, p.92, 1936). * V.A. Gurko-Kryajin declared that the Muslim folk around Yerivan and Kars were eradicated and the districts Shuragel, Kağızman, Karakurt, Sarıkamış, Surmali were fired and destroyed so that the folk were forced to escape, in his book entitled 'Neareast and the States' (V.A. Gurko-Kryajin, Blijniy Vostov i Derjavı, p.93, Nauçnaya Assotsiatatsiya Vostokovedeniya Pri TsİK SSSR, Moscov, 1925). * '150 000 Armenian volunteers in Russian Army were the only forces against Turks' told Armenian Boghos Nubar, in Paris (Times of London , 1919 Jan 30 Link: *'The Turks who had been slaughtered like animals were buried in large holes in the Eastern Anatolia' writes Russian Lieutenant Colonel Twerdo-Khlebof in his diary ( *T. Hachikoglyan, in a speech he delivered, told that the Dashnaks eradicated thousands of Turks with their bloody hands (T. Haçikoglyan, 10 Let Armyanskoy Sttrelkovoy Divizii,p4-6. İzdatelstvo Polit. Uprav. KKA, Tiflis, 1930). * Ovanes Kachaznuni (the first prime minister of Armenia) admitted in his book ‘Dashnagzoutiun Has Nothing to do Anymore’ that they massacred the Moslem population and the Armenian terrorist acts were directed, at winning the Western public opinion and the British occupation aroused hopes of the Dashnaks. (This book is banned in Armenia).

aksoy May 28, 2010 9:27 am (Pacific time)

2 Here are other photograph forgeries of the Armenians, except those in the aforementioned video: 1)The cover photograph of the book of Tessa Hoffmann: German Greek scholar Tessa Hoffmann printed the painting of Russian artist Vasili Vereshchagin entitled ‘The Apotheosis of the Franco-Prussia War of 1871, depicting a mass of skulls which was probably painted after 1878, as if it were the photograph of 1915 Armenian genocide, in the cover of her book and had to admit her forgery during the trial of Doğu Perinçek held in Switzerland in March 2007, in which she was listened as a wittness. Interestingly, Tessa Hoffman is a scholar of genocide. "The Genocide of truth", (Şükrü Server Aya) 2) Atatürk’s photograph: The large poster with ‘FACE OF DENIAL-DOES NOT LIE’ related to a conference given by Dr Vahram Shemmasian, Ardashes Kassakhian and Dr Levon Marashlian, at UCLA on April 14, 2005, organized by Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Alpha Epsilon Omega, ( The photo depicts the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, sitting on a chair outside a house with the corpse of a young girl with her innards exposed to the elements. Soon, the original of this photo was found by the Turks: It was a photograph of Ataturk for his wife Latife Hanım as a souvenir, posing with some ‘cute dog puppies’ at his feet. Two photos were printed in the July 1, 2005 issue of Hurriyet (, as ‘a forgery scandal’. Then, what UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies. "The Genocide of truth", (Şükrü Server Aya) It is another outstanding point that no dissenting comments were ever heard. What UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies. 3) Photos of victims of Khojaly: Nobert Yevdayev, editor-in-chief of New York-based Russian language newspaper “Noviy Rubezh” (‘New Frontier’) and chairman Azerbaijani Friendly Association AZEM spoke in an interview with Day.Az said : ‘Photos of victims of Khojaly genocide allegedly to be victims of so-called “genocide” of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were published in the newspaper ‘In a New light’. We contacted the editor, invited him to the Mission of Azerbaijan to the UN where he had to apologize for the correspondent who resorted to such provocation’. Today az, 4 September 2009. 4) A photograph published in Donald Bloxham's The Great Game of Genocide (Oxford University Press published in 2005 and 2007) which shows a man in an unbuttoned jacket and tie standing in front of a circle of ragged children and one apparent adult with something in his hand, with the caption of: 'A Turkish official taunting starving Armenians with bread' was proven not to be a 'photograph' at all but a photographic soup, composed of bits and pieces taken from other photographs, Forging the past: OUP and the 'Armenian question',

aksoy May 28, 2010 9:26 am (Pacific time)

1 Armenians are expert to falsify the photographs like the other historical documents to hide the atrocities and massacres they performed towards the Turks and other Muslims. Here you will see the pictures of their crimes along with other forgeries and you will find many of your photographs you presented are mispresentations: In the following video, in Picture 1, you will see a woman presented by the Armenians as a woman slaughtered by the Turks. This picture indeed belongs to a Jewish woman butchered by Nazi Arrow Cross Men Party in Hungary (The Mazal Library) The second picture shows heads decapatated allegedly by the Turks. This picture indeed belongs to White Rose activists who fought against Nazis in Germany during WW2. These activists were sentenced to death and killed via guillotine by Nazi Germany. The third picture is the one you presented which indeed depicts Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Subatan (in Ottoman Empire) on 25 April 1918. The Picture is being copied by Armenians in internet and is presented as a Picture of Armenian victims. The fourth picture depicts woman and children that have been allegedly killed by the Turks. These women and children in the Picture are indeed Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Erzincan Vagarir (in Otoman Empire) on 16 February 1918. The original photo is in Turkish ArchivesATASE Archive: Directory of Genelkurmay Military History and Strategic Studies Archive, The photograph collection of WWI, Album No: 4, photograph No: 38) The fifth Picture shows two male that has been killed allegedly by Turks. This photo belongs to two Turk killed by Armenians in Erzincan Odaba (in Otoman Empire). Their eyes have been craved off them before they died. Original photo is in Turkish Archives. The sixth photo shows allegedly Armenians slaughtered by allegedly Otoman Armenians. The uniforms of the soldiers in the Picture belong to Russian soldiers fighting in Russian Civil War after WW1 and not to Otoman soldiers. This Picture is not related to either Ottomans or Armenians.

tim May 26, 2010 4:14 pm (Pacific time)

New generations may not be aware of these facts. However, their parents and the Armenian authorities are aware of all these fact very well. Remember that in 2004, the Viennese Armenian-Turkish Platform (VAT) composed of Austrian, Turkish and Armenian historians was founded to exchange documents about the 1915 events. After receiving 100 Turkish documents, the Armenians abondened the project refusing to continue to fulfil their commitments (I. Press Release 11.1.2005 Viennese Armenian-Turkish Platform – VAT The Viennese Armenian-Turkish Platform deeply regrets to announce that she will not carry through her starting initiative „The First Viennese Armenian-Turkish Round Table” (FVATR Vienna 2005) originally planned for spring 2005. The reason is that the Armenian partner has not provided us with the necessary confirmation as agreed in August 2004…….On the other hand, the Turkish partner accepted already to participate in the dialogue, in which each part was supposed to present 180 documents on the year 1915 showing their understanding of this delicate matter. Also, beware that the parliaments who recognized your genocide thesis, did so, depending on the vote of the Armenians not on the historical documents which were presented them by the Armenians.

tim May 26, 2010 4:11 pm (Pacific time)

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that a genocide aginst Jews had happened by the nazis. Their only crime was being Jew and nothing more. However it is completely different story when you come to the Armenian allegations of genocide. Jewish Holocaust is a court-proven fact; Armenian Genocide is a discredited political claim. To equate them would be an insult to the silent memory of six million Jews who lost their lives just for being Jews. Armenians, on the other hand, took up arms against their own government; attacked their own neighbors; joined the invading enemy armies; all in efforts to establish an apartheid, where an Armenian minority would rule over a Turkish majority in a so-called greater Armenia on Turkish soil. But do not take our word for it. Let’s listen to some powerful Jewish voices: "...We reject attempts to create a similarity between the Holocaust and the Armenian allegations. Nothing similar to the Holocaust occurred. It is a tragedy... what the Armenians went through, but not a genocide." Source: Israeli Foreign Minister and 1994 Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres, Turkish Daily News, April 10, 2001, Ankara, Turkey Armenian ‘genocide’ should not even be on this board since there has been no kind of court decision about what the Armenians call a ‘genocide’ nor has the Armenians ever applied to any court. Moreover, International Court of Justice or domestic courts are the only authorities reserved to prosecute and proclaim genocide according to the 1948 UN Convention. Therefore, the Armenian allegation of genocide lacks evidence and legal support. Have you ever wondered; Why are they afraid of simply applying to the International Court of Justice instead of spending huge amounts of money to make the propaganda of their thesis? Why are they afraid of discussing their thesis in historical joint commissions? Why did they not open their archives up till now, while the Turkish archives are open?

tim May 26, 2010 4:05 pm (Pacific time)

I wont be surprised if tomorrow an american native says;Turks committed genocide against us too!

HyeLife May 19, 2010 12:53 pm (Pacific time)

Israel's not acknowledging the Armenian Genocide offical comes more from economic reasons. Turkey is one of their main trading partners they are also partners in the Caspian Oil out of Baku, Azerbaijan. As of late Israel is very upset with Turkey's Erdogan for calling them "killers" at a UN summit. Turkey is openly anti-Israel and anti-American and frequently have protests burning both flags side by side.

Hyelife May 19, 2010 12:08 pm (Pacific time)

Anastsia is correct not all Turks are bad. We must not forget the Ottoman Turks that protected, fed or hid the Armenians. They knew the Ottoman government was corrupt. Some even raised the Armenian orphans so they would not die of starvation. Found many roaming the streets. Turkish Attorney and writer Fatima Cetin, has a book that shocked the people of Turkey. Cetin speaks of her late grandmother, who she found out before her death was actually an Armenian orphan. She is now one of the brave Turkish scholars and writers that speaks out in support of Turkey recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Armenians do not ignore the recognition of the Assyrian Genocide, we are some of the biggest supporters of getting it recognized. In fact, I was the person who posted this artcle on Facebook and I am Armenian.

HyeLife May 19, 2010 12:03 pm (Pacific time)

Having lived among Assyrians in Turlock/ Modesto area- I noticed that Assyrians are united but the problem is they have many different groups with different agendas - Armenians are the same however we remain united on the issues of the Armenian Genocide. Nineve do you suppose the Assyrians have a harder time with unification and lobbying for their Genocide becuase they are more scattered and divided? Maybe it will take one good leader who forms a group that your other groups will recognize? This is just an observation. Trust me the Armenians disagree but in the long run we agree about the Genocide and the effects it had on the diaspora. So many Assyrians I met had Armenian family or bloodlines. Good fun people.

Ramina Ashour Malek May 18, 2010 5:30 pm (Pacific time)

Cannot understand how the Armenians intentionally try to ignore the plight of the Assyrians and their untold holocaust by the same malignant criminals, the Turks. We the Assyrians suffered equally if not more by the hands of Turkey in 1914-1918, yet always the Armenians mention about their own sufferings, and not our Assyrians. When we Assyrians mention about the Seyfo genocide we honor the vicitms of the Armenians and the Pontic Greeks equally, without any prejudice. Yet, we have to see the Armenians equal footage step into the plate and honor also the Assyrian victoms, and our other small christian partners in distress, the Pontic Greeks too. We the Assyrians lost over a million and two hundred thousands innocent, bereaved men and women. From all walks of life. We Assyrians more than anything else lost our sovereignty and now we are stateless, homeless scattered across the universe asking for justice, yet to see the United nations fulfilling what it was created to achieve. Please, If you are not even an Assyrian I ask you, beg you to equally work for all those three Christian nations and let the world know about our cause. We need a better future as a nation. Let the world know about our ongoing sufferings. May God bless you all. Watch it and pass it on to your friends, and school mates. Let every class see this Assyrian genocide video trailer.

Anonymous May 18, 2010 5:33 pm (Pacific time) Please let ever one from your school watch this trailer of the Assyrian genocide. Let your teacher acknowledge this Assyrian untold Holocaust. Thanks

Artur May 17, 2010 9:26 am (Pacific time)

Great post! Very true - Turks have been covering up for years and they need to come clean. We will never forget what the Turks did to the Greeks and Armenians. One only needs to look at the images to tell it was in fact Genocide. Shame on Turkish Gov for covering it up and denying the truth for all this years.

anastasia May 16, 2010 10:19 pm (Pacific time)

Turks are scum of the earth and the atrocities committed against both Greeks and Armenians as well as countless others should be recognized.

Editor: Anastasia, you're kidding right?  I know wonderful people from Turkey, I've been there, it is a beautiful country, please don't judge entire groups of people, that defeats the purpose of bringing about this recognition.  There is not a nationality or culture that has not been bad, sometimes nations plunge in terms of humanity; thanks.  

HyeLife May 16, 2010 8:34 pm (Pacific time)

Nineve, Very nice posting with factual information. Sweden is home to a nice population of Assyrians, Armenians and Kurds. Even though some of the Kurdish tribes took part in our genocides, today they would rather side with Assyrians and Armenians. The Assyrians and Pontic Greeks need to be recognized as well. Many people have never heard of the Assyrians, I educate them well about your history and how you were actually Christians before the Armenians and in fact speak Aramic the language of Jesus Christ. It is harder when you don't have a country anymore, Armenia retained a country even though it is a fraction of what it was. I really think the Ottomans feared us and our ancient roots and contributions to our beloved land. We were subjects of the Ottoman Empire without representation in our own home 3,000 years before the Seljuk Mongolian invaders today known as the Turks. I am so sorry for your people being so scattered but I am very proud of the Assyrian, Greek, Pontic Greek and Armenian closeness. The Australian Assyrians were powerful too in helping with protests in front of the Turkish embassy. There is going to be a Pontic Greek genocide recogntion in NY . If you check on facebook you can find the invitation. The Assyrians are our brothers we have 60,000 that reside in Armenia where they retain their own language, customs and culture freely without harm.

sonny May 16, 2010 7:32 pm (Pacific time)

seems zionists are successfully carrying over the ideology of fascism...

Nineve May 16, 2010 6:40 pm (Pacific time)

"Turkey got indignant when its slaughter of Armenians formally was recognized by the Parliament of Sweden and the Foreign Relations Committee of our House of Representatives. It reacted by recalling its ambassadors from both countries". Actually it was through Assyrian efforts over the years that the Genocide was recognized but un fortunately as usual the Armenians were mentioned but not the Assyrians who have been working on this for decades and if it was not for them the Swedish Parliament would not have recognized the Genocide. The writer mentioned that the Jews want to have exclusive rights to the term Holocaust and the Armenians do the same by not mentioning the Assyrians and Pontic Greeks who perished during that awful time, that attitude has to change. The Assyrians have supported over the years whenever the Armenians asked but that was not met in the same way. The horrible events of 1915, the Genocide which we the Assyrians call Seypa / Seyfo (the sword) were a determining point in the life of our nation because we remained the only ones without having even a piece of our ancestral homeland mainly in what is today called Iraq and till now the international community as well as local and regional regimes are denying us our legitimate rights as the indigenous people of that land today called Iraq but specially in the north which is the heartland of Assyria (Land of Ashur) today being known with a different name which all Assyrian natinalists refrain from mentioning. All this because of the injustice inflicted upon us by all powers past and present.

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