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Iceland's Amazing Peaceful Revolution - Still Not in the News

The best part is, all of this happened without violence or bloodshed.

Iceland political demonstration

(ICELAND GP) - No news from Iceland? Why? Last we heard, people were rising up and overthrowing the bankers. Then, no news on the television or newspapers for two years. What happened? Why won’t the papers and TV tell us how the bankers successfully crushed or minimized another rebellion? Because… THEY DIDN’T! This time, the people won.

The people of Iceland have overwhelmingly risen up and forced their government puppets of the banks to resign. Primary banks have been nationalized. The debt scam imposed by Great Britain and Holland money printers was declared null and void. A public assembly has been created to rewrite Iceland’s constitution.

The best part is, all of this happened without violence or bloodshed. A whole country’s revolution succeeded against powers that created the current global crisis without a shot being fired. A very good reason exists for the apparent failure of television and newspapers to provide any publicity on this unprecedented event: what would happen if the rest of the EU and the United States took this as an example?

The following is a summary of the facts:

2008 – The main bank of Iceland is nationalized. The Krona, the currency of Iceland devaluates and the stock market halts. The country is in bankruptcy

2008 – Citizens rise up at Parliament and succeed in forcing the resignation of both the prime minister and the effective government. New elections are held. Yet, the country remains in a bad economic situation. A Parliament act is passed to pay back 3,500 million Euros to Great Britain and Holland by the people of Iceland monthly during the next 15 years, with 5.5% interest.

2010 – The people of Iceland again take to the streets to demand a referendum. In January of 2010, the President of Iceland denies approval, instead announcing a popular vote on the matter by the people. In March, a referendum and denial of payment is approved by popular vote of 93%. Meanwhile, government officials initiate an investigation to bring to justice those responsible for the crisis. Many high level executives and bankers are arrested. Interpol dictates an order to force all implicated parties to leave Iceland.

An assembly is elected to write a new constitution (based on the Denmark’s) to avoid entrapments of debt based currency foreign loans. 25 citizens are chosen — with no political affiliation — out of the 522 candidates. The only qualifications for candidacy are adulthood and the support of 30 people. The constitutional assembly started in February of 2011. It continues to present ‘carta magna’ from recommendations provided by various assemblies throughout the country. Ultimately, it must be approved by both the current Parliament and the one created through the next legislative election.

In summary of the Icelandic revolution, we saw:

-resignation of the entire corrupt government of the country

-nationalization of the bank
-referendum enabling the people to determine their own economic system

-incarceration of responsible parties, and

-a rewriting of the Iceland Constitution by its people

This is significant stuff.

Have we been informed about this through the main stream media?

Has any political program on radio or TV commented on this?

Not that I’ve seen. The Icelandic people have demonstrated a way to beat the international money printers and controllers of information. The last thing entrenched usurers would want is for you to think you could also free yourself from their chains.<

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Andre June 8, 2012 6:48 am (Pacific time)

To Emma Broad:What I was trying to say, was that it does not make whole lot of sense to ask one set of banurkpt people (Icelandic) to pay the deposits for another set of banurkpt people (depositors in Guernsey and Isle of Man). Both are facing RIGHT NOW exactly the same harch realities.The original problem was caused by gross incompetence of the bankers, financial authorities, and governments, both in Iceland, UK, and elsewhere. There is no one without blame here. Unfortunately, all of them will not stick around to actually pay for the damage, so it will instead land on the general public in each country.The Parental Guarantee, from what I understood, extended from the LG and KIoM, to their respective parent banks in Iceland. Now the situation is, that those parent banks (Landsbanki hf. and Kaupthing hf.) have both been placed in administration, and they will almost certainly be declared banurkpt and put into liquidation. Which means the parental guarantees will be handled equally along with any other claims to the banurkptcy estates. If the Icelandic government were to take over the parental guarantees of the banks, it would simply mean in reality that the population of Iceland (the tax-payers), would have to pay for it.You may want to read the blog thread on the IceSave deal expected quickly at:There are some posts there discussing one possible solution, that is letting the foreign creditors simply take over the operations of the old Icelandic banks. This would potentially increase the chance of all the creditors getting paid the maximum amount possible.

jc21131 May 18, 2012 3:53 am (Pacific time)

Good story; hopefully the people of the world are catching on. On May 31 a big vote will occur in Ireland and it would be great if the Irish learned from Iceland. The Greeks are taking similar steps in their recent election. Throw the banks out!! Occupy Wall Street was way ahead of the curve.

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