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Agent Orange in New Zealand?

Reports indicate toxic chemical used to make agent orange are buried under a dam lake near the town of Fairlie.

disabled child victims of the defoliant Agent Orang
Sculptural works by Vietnamese students representing disabled child victims of the defoliant Agent Orange used by US army during the Vietnam War(AFP/file) Photo courtesy: Common Dreams

(SALEM, Ore..) - As if there aren't enough places in the world contaminated by Monsanto's deadly chemical Agent Orange that was sprayed over the jungles of Vietnam to thin them out, without first determining what the effects would be on the human beings on the ground... we learn that lovely New Zealand has its own woes.

The thanks as usual go to Monsanto; the criminal company that is graduated from sponsoring cancer among hundreds of thousands, to their new attempt to control humanity; genetically modified food (GMO) that millions almost unknowingly plop onto their child's dinner plate- and also their own, of course.

Pardon me, I don't retain the same level of control as other reporters when discussing this plague that was unleashed upon the people of Vietnam and the Americans sent there to fight a war against Communism. It has claimed the lives of too many friends of mine.

We now learn that Environment Canterbury (ECan) is investigating claims that drums of a toxic chemical used to make agent orange are buried under a dam lake near the town of Fairlie.

Agent Orange Whistleblower

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An investigation into this suspected toxic nightmare began after a whistleblower came forward stating that as a former employee, he knew exactly where ECan drums containing the chemical 245T were buried during the Opuha Dam's construction in 1994.

In fact media reports that not just one, but four sites are suspected Agent Orange drum burial areas. Beyond the generations affected in Vietnam, in the U.S. Agent Orange has ravaged countless Vietnam Veterans, and interestingly one Marine who served at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro also has now received a claim for Agent Orange contamination from the VA. That's pretty interesting considering that the Navy and Marine Corps still don't admit the base was used to store this dangerous chemical.

In the Otago Daily Times article, ECan environmental protection manager Brett Aldridge said the claims were being taken "very seriously". He said geophysical equipment would be used to locate any metal drums which were be buried.

One big plus is the fact that Opuha Dam's chief executive, Tony McCormick, did not dispute the reality of this situation.

He said, "burying chemicals such as 245T was not an uncommon practices at the time when the dam was built."

The Timaru District Council, which takes some of its drinking water from an aquifer below the dam, has sought advice from a medical officer of health.

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Originally published by Otago Daily Times: Investigation into toxic chemical under dam launched


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Anonymous May 27, 2011 6:11 pm (Pacific time)

So tell me editor, what are your professional credentiials in dealing with combat PTSD? I am service -connected for PTSD back from my time in Vietnam during the mid-60's. Though I had been out for nearly 20 years before I received my disabilty. I was part of the earliest Vietnam Vet groups in America. We started in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Later I helped with setting up our group in Portland at a place around 23rd and SE Belmont (1979-80). I have been involved in group and one on one counseling since around 1980, and it is guys like you that get so much misinformation disseminated. If I were you, I would definitely not give any shit to people like me in person...and Monsanto saved many lives because of their low bid herbicide, and millions of people are alive because of their agricultural science. Go chat with some facuty down at OSU in Corvallis that deal with some of their discoveries and patents. You are simply out of your league!

Tim King ( Editor) I don't give a flying shit who you are or what you have done and from now on your stupid comments are hitting the round file.  Talk talk talk,.  F*cking monsanto advocate, what the hell is wrong with you?  What are my credentials? How about stomping all over Iraq, going from combat base to combat base in order to interview Marines and soldiers in the combat zone about PTSD.  One major Veterans group called my work 'stigma breaking' and that is how I roll.   God man, you can't even spell.  Your advocacy for the bastards that kill my brother Marines and soldiers and sailors and airmen and the good people of Vietnam, and New Zealand, and the Oregon coast where the crap was tested and contaminated the water back in the ignorant 60's, is something you should stuff out of sight.  What an ass, and you never even had the balls to use your names.  This is not what the comment section is for, everyone reading this... I am getting less tolerant over time with needless blabbing.  I want intelligent comments here.  

Anonymous May 27, 2011 2:00 pm (Pacific time)

Haiti has recently increased their harvests three-fold because of genetically-modified seeds. There are many other countries just like Haiti who have systemic soil problems that has harmed their agricultural harvests.

 Editor: The earth is highly sustainable, that is a poor excuse.  Examine the reasons that this is taking place.

They have also profited from Monsanto science. Look it up, or does the editor prefer millions to starve? My God man, why get into an area of science/expertise that is way above your ability?

 Editor:Oh give it up, you are a paid Monsanto stooge and for the record, I receive anti-Monsanto comments at a ratio that is at least 10-1, probably double that, on the average.  This is a precious planet and your GMO seeds are wrong wrong wrong.  

Sure Agent Orange was a bad deal, but it was the government that requested that herbicide and the contract went to the low bidder. If you want to blame someone, then LBJ and the democratic congress back in the 60's were the one's behind it. Get focused, and learn something, then start giving all sides of the story. Otherwise your just the typical nut that grinds metal...but then you just prefer to blame conservatives don't you?

 Editor: I don't actually blame 'conservatives' though that is an interesting self-indictment.  I blame the military industrial complex and the greedy ambitions of man, who can not figure out that Mother Nature already gave us what we need.  As for AO, of course you casually minimize the suffering of hundreds of thousands, I suppose from your perspective you have to.  Don't think people don't read between the lines though.  No, this is not about my politics or your politics, it is about responsible business practices and humanity.

It has always been the democrats that have harmed us, as they are doing now. Obama has not passed a budget since he's been in office! What's with that? Pretty soon as you continue to blame for blaming sakes, the country you live in is in some serious trouble, and then see how well you do when the net goes away, for that is what some are attempting to do. You may think you're informed about Orange and Monsanto, but you are not. You are also actually harming my fellow combat veterans with your know-nothing hyperbole on the above subject or PTSD. We PTSD service-connected do not need your grossly misinformed and uninformed input. Thank you. Stay in your area of expertise, whatever that is?

Editor: I really hate guys like you, you are are full of excrement and not a combat vet, I know what is and isn't possible in this world.  Your line about our advocacy for the lives of veterans actually harming them might be the lamest line of the month so far, I'll be happy to hand you your award.

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