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Confronting the Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka

If we don't speak up who will?

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NOTE: Photo of one of the many tragic images of the Tamil Genocide REMOVED DUE TO GOOGLE'S INSISTENCE ON WHITEWASHING HISTORY.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Genocide is unacceptable, too bad the western nations are so busy killing innocent people in Middle east false flag wars, I guess it leaves little time for problems in countries that are 'friends' of the U.S.

The friendly relations between the United States and Sri Lanka are a stain on the conscience of everything America stands for. It is consistent with the U.S. position toward Israel which equates to a free pass on stealing humanity. I once learned that this is not supposed to take place, that killing was wrong.

Obama and Rajapaksa

Some alliance are excusable and some are not. Knowing that Sri Lankan President Majinda Rajapaksa ordered his army to slaughter the Tamil people after trapping them in a small area in 2009, there is no doubt that what took place is highly illegal under international law and any moral code.

The Tamil people met their fate because they spoke out and defended themselves against a government that is mostly Buddhist that engineered human rights to cater to a particular faith. Tamil Hindus and Christians have paid the supreme price.

After the current president took office in 2005, one of his first moves was to disengage from the fragile peace process between Tamils and Sinhalese that had been in place.

Again, in a pattern highly similar to Israel's treatment of Palestinians, Sri Lanka routed and isolated its perceived enemies and then claimed after slaughtering them, that Tamil people has sacrificed civilians as 'human shields'.

UK MP Support of Sri Lanka Govt.

TamilNet reported Tuesday, 23 March 2010, that a pair of British MPs, Mr. Andy Love of the ruling Labour party, and Dr. Liam Fox of the main opposition Conservative party, made visits to Sri Lanka paid for by the government there, and while not declaring their trips, spoke in support of Sri Lanka in parliament, a BBC investigation has revealed.

During this visit just over a year ago, the two MPs were hosted by Mahinda Rajapakse's regime, amid Sri Lanka’s onslaught in which tens of thousands of Tamil civilians were killed. Mr. Fox, some of whose trips coincided with international outrage over the ongoing slaughter, told the BBC his visits were to “promote peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka”.

After his second visit in 2008, Love had urged British ministers to send more aid to Sri Lanka.

I am horrified that the world ever adopted such a perverse term to describe the killing of innocent civilians. Resistance fighters don't sacrifice their own; that is a myth. There have been suicide bombs, and that happens every time a western backed government uses its deep pockets to ravage a cultural population.

Each time the culture at the losing end of apartheid policy is branded 'terrorist' and each time their acts of terrorism are dwarfed by those of the governments they engage.

This collection of horrific and important video was rounded up by my Tamil friend Muthamizh Vendhan who has been extremely helpful over the last couple of years to Salem-News.com when it comes to gathering the facts and statistics of this horrible Genocide of Tamil peoples.

Do you have what it takes to watch the videos? I hope so, because if you're American, then your own tax dollars are backing it, and your own national weapon manufacturers are providing the necessary Genocidal tools.

War crimes inquiry needed over 20,000 Tamil civilian deaths in Sri Lanka: The Hidden Massacre by Sri Lankan Army


Mullivaikaal 2009. Around 50000 civiliens killed by Sri lankan armed forces. No white flag, no broken truce. Few words one can speak the truth? Such injustice, time will not erase. What has happened can never be undone. Before all we had there's nothing left. We won't forgive- we can't Forget, you know that your day will come.

1200 bodies counted, hundreds seriously injured, aerial bombing continues.

Rescue workers within the Mullaiththeevu Safety Zone have counted more than 1200 bodies after the large scale slaughter Saturday night and Sunday morning by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) with the use of cluster ammunition, multi-barrel rocket launchers and cannons, sources from Vanni said.

The workers fear that there may be additional bodies yet to be uncovered, and the numbers killed will likely rise. Rescue workers also said several hundreds were very seriously injured, and the critical shortage of medicine at the makeshift hospital in Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal will lead to many more deaths.

Meanwhile, Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal Hospital staff said, until 3:00 p.m. the number of bodies brought to the hospital was 378, injured totaled 1122. The staffers added that 106 of the dead, and 251 of the injured were children.

The casualties and the seriously injured include many elderly, women and children.

The bombing which subsided until noon Sunday increased after 12:00 noon when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets carried out two bombing raids at 12:45 p.m. Sunday, sources from inside the safety zone said.

Rescue workers said the counting of the dead is continuing and the actual number killed in the worst-ever man inflicted carnage by Sri Lanka state will not be known for a few days.

The large scale slaughter is believed to be a result of India prodding Colombo to finish the war before the change of government, political circles in Colombo said adding that the 'war on terror' has appeared to have been translated into 'war on civilians' in the time of Obama Administration.

Tamil civilians who escaped the Sri Lankan military bombardment, treated by French doctors, included those with injuries from phosphorous bombs, AFP reported.

Doctors at the French field hospital Cheddikulam, Vavuniya said that among those who were treated were those with white hands, possibly caused by burns from phosphorus- an incendiary weapon which is banned from use in civilian areas under an international convention.

According to Peter Herby, head of the ICRC's (International Committee of the Red Cross) Arms Unit, there are specific rules on the use of white phosphorous that go beyond the general rules of war.

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has stepped up relentless barrage of shelling using all sorts of heavy weapons on the so-called safety-zone (no-fire zone) in Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal and Vadduvaakal areas where more than 130,000 civilians have sought refuge without adequate bunkers and shelters.


Civilian casualties are mounting amidst lack of medicine and food due to limited or denied supplies into the area of 7 square kilometres. Lawrence Christy, the head of Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) Field Office on Monday put the death toll of civilians on Monday at more than 3,200 killed since Sunday evening up to Monday morning. He has called on the IC to immediately invoke the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) to the stop the genocide.

"Remembering May 2009": Tamils worldwide commemorate Mullivaikal massacre

One year on... Tamils unite to call for justice for the victims of war crimes in Sri Lanka.Tamils all over the world are on vigil this month to commemorate the lives lost in the silver belt of northern Sri Lanka during the war that ended in May last year.

As many as 40,000 Tamils perished during the last stages of the war in May last year and left over 280,000 incarcerated in 'concentration camps' in North-East Sri Lanka.

During the height of the Sri Lankan government's military onslaught in the Vanni mainland, air power and heavy weapons were turned on civilians, who had taken refuge in the 'no-fire-zone, claiming the lives of many innocent children and women and maiming thousands of others.

In addition, the Sri Lankan authorities, disregarding all international norms, used food and medicine as a weapon of war against civilians.

The civilians, especially the children and women cornered in the 'no-fire-zone' were deprived of food and medicine. That was well orchestered by the government which purposefully underestimated the population in the 'no-fire-zone.

"Remembering May 2009" was an event, to commemorate the death of thousands of Tamils who perished in the war. Tamils can't forget the pain & agony of our people went through it at the same time, just last year.

What was it like?

More than 2,000 civilians feared slaughtered in a single night, 10 May 2009.

Indiscriminate barrage of shelling by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on the 'safety zone' starting from Saturday night to Sunday morning slaughtered more than 2,000 civilians including large number of women and children, medical sources in Vanni said quoting the injured who managed to reach the makeshift hospital.

Dead bodies are scattered everywhere and 814 wounded managed to reach the makeshift hospital up to 9:25 a.m., doctors said. Every kind of lethal weapon such as the internationally-banned cluster shells and shells fired from Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers and Cannons were used turning the so-called safety zone into a killing field. The SLA usually chooses weekends for its massacres to minimize international attention.

The entire family of a devoted nursing officer, Gracian Tharmarasa, has been wiped out in the shelling. Dead bodies are found in bunkers and inside the tarpaulin tents.

The exact number of the killed and injured is yet to be ascertained.

257 dead bodies, including 67 that of children, have been brought to the hospital. 112 of the injured brought to the hospital were children.

Rescue workers within the Mullaiththeevu Safety Zone have counted more than 1200 bodies after the large scale slaughter Saturday night and Sunday morning by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) with the use of cluster ammunition, multi-barrel rocket launchers and cannons, sources from Vanni said.

The workers fear that there may be additional bodies yet to be uncovered, and the numbers killed will likely rise. Rescue workers also said several hundreds were very seriously injured, and the critical shortage of medicine at the makeshift hospital will lead to many more deaths.

Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, said on 26 April 2011, "I condemn, utterly, the continuing violence against peaceful demonstrators, most particularly the use of tanks and live fire that have killed and injured hundreds of people." Of course he was talking about Syria.

When it came to his statements about Sri Lanka the same day, one notes almost an apologetic tone.

"On Sri Lanka, you have all seen the report of my Panel of Experts, as well as my statement. The decision to release the report was made as a matter of transparency and accountability.

"I am sure Council Members and other Member States will be studying it closely. The report was shared with the government of Sri Lanka, and I hope we will receive a constructive response that points the way towards national reconciliation and peace."

That is a little like letting the Nazi's turn all of the Jews into smoke and then saying, "Adolf, I hope we can all be nice now that you have ethnically cleansed your nation."

Genocide is unacceptable, too bad the western nations are so busy killing innocent people in Middle east false flag wars to notice?

I guess it leaves little time for resolving problems in countries that are 'friends' of the U.S. (VIDEOS ON SEPARATE PAGE: CLICK HERE)


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Perumal Thevan June 7, 2011 11:44 pm (Pacific time)

Dear citizen of Sinhalese Sri Lanka, (I Perumal Ammavasi Thevan, wonder who you are, whether you are a ghost writer of Sri Lankan Army – I am a Tamil activist living in Mumbai and my profession is translation. I am ready to meet you at anywhere of the world. If you contact I will give my address and contact details apthevan@gmail.com ) Now the world is speaking about the Sri Lankan war crimes. If your country is full of you kind of people then your county will be no less then Germany under Hitler. I don’t know whether you have toleration to this letter. Let’s talk as civilized people of the world. By history in Sri Lanka there were three kingdoms before the arrival of Portuguese. Then it came under British government. After independence it was formed as single government. From the independence you Sinhale\se chauvinists do the all crimes to crush the Tamils. Tamils Started to agitate by Gandhian way. But they bear no fruits. The agreement’s done by Sinhala governments before 1980s were thrown in dust bin. Your Sinhalese chauvinists not only killed ordinary citizens but also elected Tamil MPs. That is why the Tamil youths have taken the war path. From many warring groups LTTE stand tall because of their discipline. And world knows it. They are not terrorists but they run their own government. They set up all kind of governing institutions. They did not go in to any Sinhalese habitation and attach innocent people. Surely they have done many crimes. But I wonder if your government was on their side how much crimes could have been done. And don’t boast about your government and your brave soldiers. Because you have been fighting with LTTE from last 30 year and you could not do any thing to uproot LTTE. But the reality is it is not your war at all. Your own ministers said that they have got help of 22 countries including 7 super powers to beat LTTE. How can you say it is your war? And importantly India has big share of it (now India is facing other kind of problem for it) and that is why India is saving you from UN enquiry. If your country has any gut then why it fears for an UN enquiry. As it felt guilt of war crimes it denied the UN officials to enter into your land. If your country is right then why should not face any enquiry. Ask your own ministers. Even you are not ready bringing the captured LTTE leaders in front of international community and you have killed the surrendering LTTE leaders with family members. Why? We the Tamil diasporas believe in justice and the world community will provide it. Dear Sinhalese citizen you may not know the history of the world that how many governments which was against people bite the dust. We never worry for the LTTE because the waged a war to get independent Tamil Eelam or die. And you have killed thousands of people. Their blood and flesh is sowed for independence of Tamil Eelam. Still you are killing the people whom you have called into safety zone (concentration camps of Rajapakse) keeping them by malnutrition. And you have ensured Tamils freedom by killing thousands of innocent people. You have to answer to the time. I’m sure we will meet in independent Tamil Eelam in near future.

Geetha June 7, 2011 7:48 pm (Pacific time)

Mr. Jegath come to Publice talk in front of media and poeple. let we discuss and speak about all srilankan issue happened past and present. Do you have guts to come?

muthu raman June 7, 2011 5:56 pm (Pacific time)

if LTTE is a terrorist organisation, then all the freedom fights the world has so far seen are also terrorist organisations. In that way america,spain,france includin g india are all terrorist based countries who in one or many fronts have waged war against occupiers in one or many war fronts

Prakash Santhanam June 7, 2011 8:46 am (Pacific time)

Jagath u listed LTTE atrocities. But can u list out SL military and IPKF genocide?? If u couldnt, then u shd hv selective amnesia. More than that, u cant list out SL army atrocities first. B'se it'll take more than week to write it down. Tell me one thing, SL govt. didnt do anything wrong, then they didnt allow any NGOs, medias till now even after war. Do u hv guts to speak abt that?? One incident is enough to prove how rude u Sls are that is burnt the Jaffa library. Tell me that is a social service done by Sl police to tamil people???

Kumar June 7, 2011 6:22 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Editor. On behalf of all those voiceless tamils.

Kumar June 7, 2011 6:18 am (Pacific time)

If someone is burning a library wonder what was in his mind, other than to destroy the whole race.

Suresh June 7, 2011 6:13 am (Pacific time)

Here are few important historical points on what Thamizhians were deprived of in the course of time. -> In 1948-50 the then Prime Minister of Ceylon D.S. Senanayake launched massive Sinhalese colonization schemes in the Eastern province, the traditional homeland of the Thamizhs. Gal Oya in the Batticalo District, Allai and Kanthalai in the Trincomalee District were the colonization schemes launched by him. -> On June 14, 1956 Mr. S. W. R. D. Bandaranayake, leader of the Srilanka Freedom Party and Prime Minster, who won the Parliamentary Elections help in 1956 caused Parliament, dominated by the majority Sinhalese to enact "Sinhala Only" as the official language of Ceylon. This was a negation of the hitherto accepted language policy of treating both Sinhala and Thamizhs as the official languages in place of English. The imposition of Sinhala only represented the subjugation of Thamizhs by Sinhalese imperialism. In protest the Federal Party which opposed the Sinhala only act staged Satyagraha in Colombo. -> In 1971 admission to the university based on merit was abandoned and "standardization" to university admissions through G.C.E A/L examination results was introduced. Lower qualifying marks were fixed for Sinhalese than for Thamizh students, both regarding the language of instruction and the subjects themselves. The introduction of "standardization" adversely affected Thamizh students' access to higher education. -> In June 1981 under directions of two Sinhalese Ministers the army and the police set fire to important buildings in Jaffna town, specially the Jaffna Public Library considered one of the best in South Asia was torched. This resulted in the destruction of 44,000 valuable books. In addition printing presses and shops were also burnt down. Civilians were killed by the army . Another racial riot broke out. First Sinhalese started to occupy the lands of Thamizhs and then removed the official language status of Thamizh and abandoned the merit based admission to the university and destroyed the litreray and knowledge base of the Thamizhs. This clearly indicates the Sinhalese motivation towards Thamizh. So until we get our own land we will not be able to live.

pirabukannan - tamilnadu,india June 7, 2011 4:49 am (Pacific time)

Thank you. I was wondering if humanity has died in this world after seeing so many affected persons in tamilnadu and hearing their stories. SL government has committed genocide of 20000 lives. I will see what the world will do to rectify its mistakes. We tamils really trusted america and always looked up to it for our moral values. Were we wrong?. Iam really sad for the past two years and its only people like you who are giving me hope .

sahay June 7, 2011 4:00 am (Pacific time)

jagan , please check your facts about how many women here raped and killed by both of them(SL GOVT and ltte).then you can find out the real terrorist and terrorisom.

JEGANATHAN AKILAN June 6, 2011 8:11 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Editor, Thanks for your effort to bring the truth to the world. I realy surprise to see people like Mr Jagath, refuse to accept the truth and still support the Genocide of Tamils. From this i can understand two things,1 we can not wakeup the pople who are acting like sleeping and we can not agrue with fools. It is better to do more constructive work than trying to make understand the people's like Jagath. With kind regards,

Jagath June 3, 2011 6:47 pm (Pacific time)

Still no response from the editor

Hmmm.. wonder what happened to Mr Editor. No response when confronted by facts. I am referring to my posts on June 1, 2011 10:49 pm (Pacific time) and June 1, 2011 10:52 pm (Pacific time)

Editor: You should thank me, I'm just a little overloaded here, I will get to it.

Editor: Jagath, you seem to find yourself entitled to personal responses, it won't always happen.  

Jagath June 3, 2011 6:46 pm (Pacific time)

Mr Editor - List of massacres carried out by the LTTE http://www.sinhaya.com/Massacres.htm

Jagath June 3, 2011 6:38 pm (Pacific time)

Mr Editor, see my responses below. I hope to see a response. by the way you have never responded back to the specific facts I provided in response to your comment about how the LTTE choir boys were brutally attacked by the lunatic president of sri lanka Editor: Oh I don't know about that, the UN says you guys have some answering to do. Jagath - Is it the UN or is it 3 biased individuals that produced a report that is going nowhere. The last time I checked there is no action pending. If the UN wants to they could take it up with the security council, general assembly, human rghts council (oh wait the human rights council passed a resolution congratulating the legitimate government of sri lanka in its war against terror - a US term coined by former President George Bush - a man admired by opponents of terrorists) Why exactly are you compelled to speak out in support of Genocide anyway? Jagath - I support the lawful right of a government to protect its citizens. I experienced the terror caused by the LTTE terrorists and I am glad that they were destroyed. I provided specific facts about the ceasefire violations on the part of the LTTE which you have not yet responded to. I'm extremely curious about that. How is it that you justify the murder of those little children? The LTTE made its share of mistakes over the years but then never did anything remotely close to what the SLA did to them. Jagath - I guess you have never heard of the bombs that the LTTE set off in so many crowded locations that killed thousands of people, the villagers that were massacred, the ethnic cleansing of the north. Your use of the word 'terrorist' is selected for the sake of convenience and it is a play on words at best. Jagath - Last time i checked the LTTE has been banned in many countries as a terrorists organization. This includes the US, EU, Canada, Australia, India etc. Is it that all these people are lunatics and only a brilliant few such as yourself see the real truth - innocent chor boys falsely called terrorists The Tamil people wanted their own state, that is all. Jagath - so everytime a minority requests their own country a lawful state needs to give in? Did the US not fight a civil war to preserve the Union? Why not hand over america to the Indians since they were the first to get there. Also tamils can live anywhere in Sri lanka and most of the tamils do live outside the north and east however until the LTTE was defeated sinhalese, muslims could not live in the north. They wanted equality and they had what it took to stand up to Sri Lanka's religious oppression. Jagath - Equality? The majority of the richest people in sri lanka are tamils that live outside of the north and east. Wonder how they became so wealthy in such an "oppressive" environment. Surely you understand how an American would admire a struggle of this nature. Jagath - did america not steal the land from the Indians? So I am not sure what you need me to admire. In fact I'm sure that is specifically why the journalists were killed. Shame on you Jagath, you don't have to remain where you are on this. Look at the bigger picture friend.

Jagath June 2, 2011 7:58 pm (Pacific time)

Good to hear you are busy Mr Editor.. these are trying times for terrorists and their supporters such as yourself.. Btw.. all efforts by the terrorist supporters to tarnish the image of the democratically elected government of sri lanka have failed.. Sri lanka and its citizens are undaunted and we stand tall - a nation that defeated terrorism. We will never allow terrorists to dictate terms to us.

Editor: Oh I don't know about that, the UN says you guys have some answering to do.  Why exactly are you compelled to speak out in support of Genocide anyway?  I'm extremely curious about that.  How is it that you justify the murder of those little children?  The LTTE made its share of mistakes over the years but then never did anything remotely close to what the SLA did to them.  Your use of the word 'terrorist' is selected for the sake of convenience and it is a play on words at best.  The Tamil people wanted their own state, that is all.  They wanted equality and they had what it took to stand up to Sri Lanka's religious oppression.  Surely you understand how an American would admire a struggle of this nature.  In fact I'm sure that is specifically why the journalists were killed.  Shame on you Jagath, you don't have to remain where you are on this.  Look at the bigger picture friend.  

Jagath June 2, 2011 6:10 pm (Pacific time)

Hmmm.. wonder what happened to Mr Editor. No response when confronted by facts. I am referring to my posts on June 1, 2011 10:49 pm (Pacific time) and June 1, 2011 10:52 pm (Pacific time)

Editor: You should thank me, I'm just a little overloaded here, I will get to it.  

Jagath June 1, 2011 10:52 pm (Pacific time)

I am posting another article released by the SLMM in May 2006. These are the acts committed by the editors terrorist heroes. LTTE is Seriously Violating the CFA with Sea Movements and Attacks on Sri Lankan Navy SLMM Media Release 11 May 2006 The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have committed gross violations of the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) in recent days by moving at sea with the aim of provoking the Sri Lankan navy and now finally embarking on an offensive operation against the navy sinking one vessel and putting SLMM monitors in grave danger. The sea surrounding Sri Lanka is a Government Controlled Area. This has been ruled so by the Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission in line with international law. Non-state actors cannot rule open sea waters or airspace. The LTTE has therefore no rights at sea. The LTTE has made, what the SLMM feels are threats to our monitors warning them not to participate in patrols in Navy vessels. The SLMM takes these threats very seriously and would like to remind the LTTE of its responsibility as an equal partner to the Ceasefire Agreement to do everything in its power not to jeopardise the monitors’ safety. We therefore demand that the LTTE immediately ceases all activities and operations at sea as they are a serious violation of the CFA. This sort of reckless behaviour can only lead to a dangerous escalation resulting in growing hostilities and jeopardising any possibility for future peace talks. We would also like to urge the Government of Sri Lanka not to be pushed by these provocative acts and to show as much restraint as possible. Source: http://www.slmm.lk/

Jagath June 1, 2011 10:49 pm (Pacific time)

This is in response to the editors comment to Saj on June 1, 2011 7:25 pm (Pacific time) - "Editor: Rajapaksa took office a time when things were fairly calm, there was an existing peace process, and he CHOSE to attack the Tamils" Response - This is a ridiculous statement. The LTTE was violating the ceasefire countless times. Between February 2002 and April 2007, the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission found the LTTE guilty of 3,830 violations of the Ceasefire Agreement, while holding the Government responsible for 351. Mr Editor I hope you realize the difference between 3830 vs 351. I am assuming your theory is even if the LTTE violated the ceasefire the legitimate government of Sri Lanka should do nothing? You as a supporter of terrorism may prefer the government do nothing however we the citizens of the country voted President Rajapakse since we wanted him to rid our country of terrorism. This was validated in the subsequent elections where President Rajapakse was elected to be our president once more. WE THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA SUPPORT OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR HEROIC SOLDIERS AND WILL STAND BY THEM ALL THE WAY.

Saj June 1, 2011 7:25 pm (Pacific time)

Not one person would have dies if the LTTE hadn't held all those people as a human shield.

 Editor: That is ridiculous, perhaps you wold take your own people and do that, but the LTTE didn't; they were manipulated into a trap and ruthlessly attacked.  If you believe that then I have no words for you.  This is an excuse used by Genocidal governments, period.    

What was Sri Lanka supposed to do? 

 Editor: Anything else would have been better.  Rajapaksa took office a time when things were fairly calm, there was an existing peace process, and he CHOSE to attack the Tamils.  Sri Lanka was already regarding their existence with apartheid style laws, I don't blame them for seeking independence, that is what the Americans did and why we have a country today.  

The government had no option but to fight to the end.

 Editor: Yes it did, of course it did, murder is never the only option, it was a choice.

30 years of peace talks didn't work because the Tigers were never ready to compromise. How did they expect it would end? This kind of one-sided article only serves the people who want to start the war all over again.

Editor: Sri Lanka effectively crushed the Tigers, do you really fear a resurgence?  I suppose the spirit is awfully strong, this story is a lesson to all that people won't be subjugated

James June 1, 2011 10:53 am (Pacific time)

This is a very one sided view of the horror of the Sri lankan war. As with many stories the murders by the LTTE are rarely mentioned. The fact that they used human shields is conviently left out even though Canadians witnessed this very act by the Tamils at their demonstrations and blocking of the highways by bringing their babies and children and placing them in front of the lines knowing full well that the police would not chance harming innocent children in an attempt to arrest those causing the problems. We saw them openly flying Tamil Tiger flags even though it is illegal to support this group which is designated a terrorist group in Canada. The Tamils have shown how disrespectful they are of our laws and our Government with no concern for the safety of Canadians when they blocked the emergency routes to the hospitals, etc. in Toronto or by tying up our police force for weeks on end. It's become general opinion in Canada that if the Tamils who were taken in by this country show such little respect for their adopted countries who saved their butts that they obviously had no respect for the laws or well being of their fellow men in Sri Lanka either. Yet now they are showing up by the boat load demanding that they have a legal right to all of the same services that Canadians have. They are very well versed in what to say when they reach Canada because of the networking between the Tamils in Sri lanka and the diaspora. Keeping in mind that most of those who were on the ships were already OUT of Sri Lnka how can they claim they were fleeing for their lives FROM Sri Lanka? Canada is a very accepting country of those in need, taking in more refugees per capita of any country in the world but due to the way they disrespect our country the Tamils have lost all support from the public. There is a reason why the Tamils are not well recieved by Western countries anymore.

Concerned May 31, 2011 7:46 am (Pacific time)

I like how you've even included an image of Tamil Diaspora protests in Parliament square. Shame that the image is of seemingly inncoent Diaspora Tamils holding a LTTE flag. That very act is illegal as the LTTE are a proscribed terrorist group. Well done - you've proven that most Tamils are LTTE sympathisers

Suntharam May 31, 2011 1:50 am (Pacific time)

Go on LIMLIGHT tamil GENOCIDE and urge the int.civil community to look into it deeply and act accordingly fast, IN THIS unhcr session.

Ravi May 31, 2011 1:20 am (Pacific time)

In 1985 the government printed leaflets in the government press where I was employed and distributed in Batticaloa to create hatred between Muslims and Tamils. Also 4 loads of Muslim thugs were taken in lorries from Maradana (Colombo) to Batticaloa and burnt down Tamil homes and businesses and LTTE retaliated by bombing a mosque causing more than 100 deaths. This was what the governent expected.

Sariq May 31, 2011 1:14 am (Pacific time)

How can any human turn a blind eye and not do justice to the innocent victims?

eureka May 30, 2011 10:03 pm (Pacific time)

SL Militarization demonstrates extracting 1 million signatures in 10 days, 26 May 2011:
‘’A group of thugs brought from the South by the SL Military Intelligence dragged a reputed catholic priest in Jaffna Rev. Fr. Maria Xavier out of his institution and intimidated him to put his signature(for the protest against the UN report).’’

eureka May 30, 2011 10:02 pm (Pacific time)

http://transcurrents.com/news-views/archives/213 Osama and Prabhakaran: The killing of two terrorist leaders, Harim Pieris, 5 May 2011: ‘’.... However the West’s war on terror and specifically its war on Al Queda have been complimented by a dialogue and outreach to the Muslim world. Similarly Sri Lanka’s own war on terror, concluded now almost two years ago, must also be complemented and succeeded by dialogue and an outreach through friendship to the Tamil community.

eureka May 30, 2011 9:58 pm (Pacific time)

http://transcurrents.com/news-views/archives/139 National integration is still where it was when Prabhakaran’s body was found at Nandhikkadal, Somapala Gunadheera, 2 May 2011: ‘’.... If we are wise, we should first put our own house in order before we challenge the UN.... It is not yet too late to begin. The mission needs a powerful Presidential Task Force for National Reconciliation. Such a Force can cut the ground from under the feet of the ongoing controversy and many more to be expected.’’

jo May 30, 2011 9:50 pm (Pacific time)

thanks for voicing against oppression.

Davis May 30, 2011 8:39 pm (Pacific time)

What a b*llshit story!! Its true there were some civilian casualties. But this is pure fabrication.
You didn't mention how LTTE slaughter Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslim civilians for past 20 years, and how west helped to continue this war.
How Convenient!!!

Editor: No BS here, just a lot of sad observation.  One culture is dominant over another, what do you expect?  Stupid religious idiots, sorry, but that is what it is always about. In fact I have talked about some of the mistakes of the Tamils, like driving the Muslims out, but then when you look at it even more closely, you see that there were other forces at work.  Too bad anyone, anytime for any reason, would be anything less than horrified by this.    

Ampanai May 30, 2011 7:20 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks Tim for yet another article by Salem-News. Today we mark another day in history where South East Asia's largest library burned down on May 31, 1981. And UN HR session also confirms what happened in May 2009 was genocide. Like Serbia, Sri Lanka should also face justice.

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