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My thing with 111111

When you contemplate this day, please remember Veterans because they are seriously not being fully considered. They need our collective help and they always will.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - It's really settled down a lot over the last couple of years, but for a long time, I saw 1's everywhere I turned. At times it was laughable, predictable, bizarre, and almost always surprising, even shocking.

We're talking about car odometers, why did I always (seemingly) instinctively look at them just as a series of one's line up? Sometimes it was the trip meter, of course the biggest culprit was the damned digital clock, that is my personal record holder. There will never be a time that I've viewed on a clock more frequently than 1:11 and 11:11.

In the mid 90's it was at its peak. I went to work for Channel 11; the telephone number was 782-1111. I was assigned News Unit 1. I needed legal assistance and the attorney who was recommended, and ultimately hired, worked out of an office at 1111 Wilshire Boulevard in West LA.

In the mid to late 90's, I went to Europe to work on a documentary about World War One, a conflict I have long been a student of, and I have spent time on the battlefields of France where that war was fought. Of course it ended 11-11-1918.

It just goes on and on, though as I said it has tailed off in the last few years.

Who knows, now we have reached 11-11-11 and 1:11 a.m. west coast time has passed, so far the earth isn't trembling and all is well. Someday I would like to know what it means, if it means anything. It would be logical if I started seeing '99' everywhere I went and far more fitting.

Those who have similar 1111 stories are welcome and encouraged to post their own experience below in the comments section.

My final thought is that when you contemplate this day, please remember Veterans because they are seriously not being fully considered. They need our collective help and they always will. This is one of our biggest subjects at, join us in doing everything you can for those who, right or wrong, are willing to put their lives on the line for their country. You don't have to dress it up with patriotic slogans and fancy songs.


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Amanda Black November 12, 2011 4:09 pm (Pacific time)


COLLI November 11, 2011 5:25 am (Pacific time)

Veterans: Those who have served and those who are serving. To me, the perfect example of what our country owes to our veterans is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. This monument was designed not to be a memorial to the Viet Nam War but to the service men and women who served there. The wall currently holds the names of 58,272 service men and women who lost their lives in that conflict. This monument rightfully honors all those who served and risked their lives there. Too many U.S. citizens still visit that wall during the frequent tours and are amazed at the number of names but fail to reflect on the lives lost, the hopes and dreams destroyed, the families forever torn asunder, the fathers and mothers who would never get to hug their sons or daughters again, and the birthdays that once brought joy but now bring sorrow. We are right to honor our veterans and wise to build memorials to them rather than the wars our politicians create! Here's the rub though: Many of those fortunate enough to return home, do so as damaged individuals. Physically and/or mentally injured in such a way that they can never resume the lives they knew before their service. Jobs they once held have possibly been filled by others in their absence. Injuries both physical and/or mental may now limit abilities they once had. These physical and mental loses happened because these men and women attempted to serve their country and its citizens . . . at least that is what they were told by those warming the seats in Washington. To turn our backs on those who sacrificed for us would be lower than whale-shit and that is at the bottom of the ocean. So, pick up you pen and send a personal note to your Congressional Representatives and Senators telling them that you expect that they will fight to see that all necessary and appropriate services are given to those who gave service. Those services should include (but not be limited to) Medical care, employment training and placement, financial needs, and appropriate recognition of their sacrifice. These unsung heroes are, after all, more than names to be inscribed on a wall!

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