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Nigeria: Targeted for Destruction

For Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Is anyone paying attention?

(CINCINNATI ) - I won’t write about Nigeria as a journalist.  I am known in Nigeria as a national security specialist with decades of experience there.

I have close personal friends at the highest levels of government and only write these few words out of deep concern.

For those reading the news about Africa, both of you, Nigeria is under terrorist attack and preparing military operations against a group called Boko Harum, an Islamic group from the North, more accurately centered in Niger, a nation to the north, a cesspool of international intrigue.   This is the public version of things anyway.  However, outside forces are at play, concerns “from afar” best described in a fictional context.

H. G. Wells described it best in his science fiction novel, War of the Worlds.

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter…

It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days…Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. And early in the twentieth century came the great disillusionment.

Thus, fiction again becomes reality, not an enemy from space but one of terrestrial origin, unnamed but recognized by all who see the lands laid waste.

In Nigeria, Terrorism is the Rough Version

This organization, call it “globalist” if you want, began orchestrating war in Yemen a bit ago after failing to set war against Iran into motion through incidents in Bahrain and the Persian Gulf.  The “Al Qaeda franchise” in Yemen represents an “understanding” between the current government, the CIA and Mossad to create a simulated terrorist environment as “deception and cover” for a series of other activities in the region.

There is now nor has there ever been an organized “pan-Islamic” terrorist presence in Yemen though one has been “simulated” through misleading reports, “false flag” terror and a theatre of “counter-terrorist” activities, drone attacks and such, for no purpose other than to provide a base of operations for a global criminal enterprise.

What we are seeing now in Nigeria is part of the same strategy, one that has included attacks on a physical scale, currency manipulation and now a staged move against Africa, which will be combined with attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities of the Arab Spring, new players, new governments and new greed.

Key Nigerians ripe for bribery are making this possible.  They are aware they are bringing about the destruction of their own nation, they simply don’t care.  The attitude there is “every man for himself.” Another way of describing those currently in power, including and especially officials in counter-terrorism and security is “rats abandoning a sinking ship.”

In all fairness, the U.S. has a similar elitist clique of politicians, special interest multi-nationals, some of whom have their own intelligence resources that rival most countries.

The terror group, Boko Harum, is real but in its current formation, it is a proxy of  outside powers who plan to Balkanize Nigeria, simply another domino to fall as have so many others.

These Folks are Looking Forward to a Lifetime Career of Fighting

As with any group seeking redress, Boko Harum has been hijacked and is now being directed from within, from without as is the Nigerian government that will be fighting it.

What is playing out, though all are ready to “go through the motions” otherwise, is far more about drugs than anything else.  The Nigerians don’t yet know this or those hands that are out would be more aggressive.  Nigeria, a great playing field, largest in Africa, is the southern flank of an operation that is much more than simply stolen oil revenue and inscrutable games about gas pipelines that never come online.

Drugs are perfection.  If you produce narcotics, you control the land, if you transit narcotics, you control the authorities, if you sell narcotics, you control the courts, the police and, of course, the government itself.

Arms and oil count, money is still worth counterfeiting, oil worth stealing but all this is so “yesterday.”

The real world struggle today is narco-driven, fought from the Kyber Pass to the Mexico-Arizona border and all lands in between.  Nigerians who think “tribal” or “ethnic” will die “regional” and “global,” perhaps by the millions.

This is all little but theatre.  The US bought a ticket to a play staged in Afghanistan and has found themselves unable to find the exit.  This one will be quieter as this is Africa, it will be black people killing black people.  Few will notice, fewer will care.  Those with a stake notice, they care, but their agenda has no room for human life.

Image if Mexico Were Made a Country with the U.S. and Canada - Would it be Realistic to Call it a County?

Nigeria is a tinderbox beyond imagination. Decades old hatreds and fears are closer to the surface here than even in the Balkans.  This is a very dangerous game some have chosen to begin.  Were they available, and who is to say they aren’t, Nigerians would gleefully use nuclear weapons to settle domestic differences.

Nigeria, is, in itself, a construct that never should have existed.  The North is Muslim, the South is Christian, each side having nearly 100 million people and neither half is united in any way.

Nigeria is a ripe plum for those who recognize such things and recognizing such things is how predators have come to dominate world affairs.

The history after colonial occupation is one of military dictatorship and corruption at levels unimaginable.

Nigeria is Africa, the most populace country, the most oil and gas wealth, the greatest economic potential, the biggest potential market. Thus, Nigeria is a target.

A note from a friend in the region choosing to weigh in with information generally not for public consumption:

“We can take down French AQIM without any problem to be honest but Boko Haram are tribes and clans, they are offered drugs, money etc… far far from Islam but at the origin it was an Islamic party infiltrated by the English, French and financed by the “narcos” linked to the CIA, DEA etc…

… who are landing their planes full of drugs in Niger, Mali, Mauritania, north of Nigeria, Chad in the desert… around 4 billions a year transit in this region…

…then up through Morocco, Polisario, Spain and then Europe and through Tunisia, Libya-Algeria border through Italy, or Greece depending which recipient networks… Ben Ali , king of Morocco, Polisario Front, Algerian zionists are deeply involved in this dirty business, same for migrants, exactly the same people… Boko Haram in charge of Nigeria up to Libya and south of Tunisia, with Touaregs…”

Saif Gaddafi - Reports Are He is in Niger With Money and Terrorist Groups

For those unaware, and those who wonder why Saif Gaddafi is where he is, those who choose to be fed the superficial view of a region maps show as only empty desert, I hope this is found to be “enriching.”

For others, it is exposure I hope they find disturbing.

Those in power know I laid out their fate.  I told them when the bombings would start, what type, I was even right about the first target, exactly right.  I figured what I would do and it happened.

I figured what I would do if I were the head of a foreign intelligence agency planning to take over security operations for the government by making the new president appear vulnerable, powerless and then exploiting divisions in the country in order to start two decades of extremely profitable war.

Nigeria's Friends - Congregating to Help?

In the process, side can be played against side, crooked politicians can keep the decision making apparatus paralyzed and the country can be turned into a terrorist battleground, leading to the long awaited civil war while being bled dry.

I laid the whole thing out.

Two foreign governments are involved, I named them.

I told my friends that Abuja would soon look like Islamabad, cameras, check points, troops, that was the first part of the destabilization plan. This is being done as we speak.

Real nation building is not in the cards, only rape and destruction, debt and more debt.

I saw it done, more carefully, to the United States.  It isn’t the same crew, not entirely, but many of the same actors are involved.

First they began by blocking the new president from assuming real power, buying off key political and military leaders.

Then a phony terror campaign was begun, like the one the US saw with 9/11. Then “they” arrived with solutions.

At the same time, “they,” who have been working with the terror groups for years, are building an “Al Qaeda” type organization that will be able to dart across borders and carefully orchestrate a pattern of destabilization using the same contractors that are going to be paid millions to help put in place security apparatus to protect the country.

This happened in America, in a way at least. It is a plan long in motion.

Who is Going to Invest Here? - Other than Arms Dealers and Oil People?

Nigerians are ripe for civil war, angry, divided, fed up with abuse. 

One minor offshoot of the decision making and policy formulation we are seeing is the utter and total destruction of Nigeria’s economic and commercial viability.

It is being erased from the maps of boardrooms across the world as a potential place of business, of development, of wealth creation, from Beijing to Zurich and places beyond.

Christian Nigeria is being set up, not just to fight a “terror group” in the North but to take on all of Islamic Africa, to draw them into a war that will bring more players, America, for one, into another endless cesspool.

Yemen was the model. 

Simple tribal misunderstandings became tribal conflict and then, through careful orchestration, bushels of bribe money and false flag terrorism, which Nigeria has already been dosed with, Yemen became the stronghold of an imaginary Al Qaeda cell.

Soon Nigeria will enjoy the sight of armed UAVs, piloted from, just perhaps, Tel Aviv, theoretically there to punish terrorists. 

Pakistan will explain it to you if you care to listen. 

UAV attacks are how terrorists are recruited, how wars are instigated and how the disjointed and unsettled are turned into an enemy camp. 

The presentations have been made and the purchase orders await only the promised “backhanders” or as we call it here, “kickbacks” to be executed.

Drone Attacks - Guaranteed to Produce More Enemies Than They Kill - Or Money Back Guaranteed

Nigeria, I love the damned country, my friends there which include those who theoretically rule the country, if such a thing were possible. It is not.

What I did do is lay out a plan for the first hundred days that would have prevented this.

In order to accomplish this, one would have to overcome a corrupt government, meaning that one would have to assume near dictatorial powers and turn to the people, all the people, for support.

One would have to deliver on promises of electrical power, police reform, refinancing debt, so many things.

There were two choices, one was to build a nation and the other was to react and become the victim of a plot long stewing in two capitols far away.

The desire for a civil war, something so many want in Nigeria, have waited for, has allowed them, the government, the people, to become what they fear most, slaves in their own nation.

Nigeria isn’t Libya.  It has a population 15 times that of Libya.

Nigeria is Africa.  Saving Nigeria was vital to world stability, something only a select few know.

Destroying Nigeria was vital to world entropy, something only a select few know also. 

Nigeria is America's Key Link to Africa

Even fewer know that Nigerian security is considered an area of “clear and present danger” to the United States, or to term it differently for others, an area of “vital national interest.”

Our armies enjoy joint exercises yearly, Nigeria is the lynchpin of America’s African policy for the next 25 years.

The destabilzation of Nigeria is part and parcel to the destabilization of America’s position in the world, one more thing making Nigeria attractive.

America has spent decades making enemies and Nigeria is a way of helping bury America as is Afghanistan.  Who would wish such a thing?

Get a map and figure it out.

As we speak, planeloads of bomb detection equipment is coming in from the same people who built the car bombs in the first place. War is being planned with the help of those who organized and armed the enemy.

Enough people were there who remember it all being laid out, how it would be done. Predicting this didn’t take genius, not hardly.  I had seen it all before, so many times.

The plots spoken of as against Libya are very real but Egypt and Nigeria are the primary targets, taking the place of Iran, a nation that has been more resourceful than expected.

Were it taught, which it is not, we would call it history.

Most of the links are in french but have a look a these one before you post them it’s in English:

Drug connection :

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. Duff is Senior Editor at one of the most widely read Veterans Online publications Veterans Today

He is an outspoken advocate for veterans and his powerful words have brought about change. Gordon is a lifelong PTSD sufferer from his war experiences and he is empathetic to the plight of today's veterans also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to feature Gordon's timely and critical reports on, a news organization staffed by a number of veterans, particularly former U.S. Marines. You can send Gordon Duff an email at this address:

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