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Newsic Revolution - a Newsical Odyssey

“Lest the reader assume that there is something didactic about these songs, he may be assured that beyond the messages he will find the music, the voices, the lyrics, and the delivery exciting, at times poignant, and always entertaining.” —Jay R. Crook, Ph.D.

Newsic Revolution
Newsic Revolution

(BOSTON / SALEM) - What is different about Newsic?

Music is entertainment and Newsic is positive entertainment. We are not singing about rejected lovers or senseless violence. The themes of our songs are comments on the social, economic, and political problems of our day. They point out wrongs and encourage us to work for a better, more just world.

We want to oppose the degrading forces of individual and corporate greed, militarism, and racism that give us nothing in exchange for the misery and horror they inflict upon mankind. We sing against forces such as the biased media that tacitly condone the torture and assassination used as expedient tools by the new imperialism. We sing about the suffering of the so-called “little” people, the individuals who are crushed by a soulless system.

We sing for a better world of Truth, Justice, and Peace. From the Boston Bureau newsroom-Agron Belica


It's new..... Hot off those machines that record incredible amounts of sound on multilayered plastic discs, apply colorful labels to those discs, slide those discs into pre-made plastic “jewel” boxes with artwork and lots of words telling us, the buyer, what's on the disc, who made the sound on the disc, who engineered it all so that it tickles our ears and stimulates our minds, makes our hands clap and our feet tap, voices sing along and even throats and lungs maybe shout along...

It's old..... Some jazz and some blues and tastes from a mixture of sounds like that stew mom makes every once in a while that simmers on low for a long, long time to build heat from within blending all those fine, fine vegetables and spices... filling the room with that sense of love and togetherness... that aroma that travels from room to room up and down those stairs where everyone parks in their own little spaces doing their own little things... aroma that takes them all from those spaces and brings them all smiling and happy... and hungry for peace, happiness and understanding around a table creating a tableau... and silence... that break between songs just before the next melody is introduced to all ears hearing that passionate stew begin to bubble to a crescendo... and it is a blessing... that bubbling....

Spirit of the 99 Intro by M.Dennis Paul, Ph.D. feat. Agron Belica, P. Dreier, and Ervis Topalli

and the words that come from all at once or in their own time... reminding us why we are here... all together... Something to do with Truth... and that's old... And something to do with Justice... and that sure is old... And Peace... so very very old.

It's new... TJP It's as old as one can remember. Each time it gathers in our presence it reminds us of all that has passed... and it guides us to what can be new. TJP. Truth, Justice and Peace.

It's NEWSIC... NEWSIC REVOLUTION... a production of sounds raining down on our senses and touching the old to the very new. NEWSIC. The NEWS brought to us in MUSIC. NEWS and MUSIC brought to us by some remarkably talented artists and activists, both young and old. Pictures from the past pointing us toward potential futures. Writers painting Truth, musicians painting Justice and vibrant youth guiding us toward Peace. Agron and Jamal Belica, Tim and Bonnie King, Ken O'Keefe, Gilad Atzmon, Austin King, Kyle Hall, Tim Adamack, Patrick Dreier, Ryan PM, Lamon Sounz & Daryl Brown and more.

—M. Dennis Paul Ph. D.

"The scope and depth of the songs on this album is breathtaking.
Each addresses a different topic, but there is a unity of compassion
and understanding common to them all. "Newsic Revolution"
is good listening and time well spent while doing so. Bravo!"
says, Jay R. Crook Ph.D.

Taiyo "Siraj" Davis

"Newsic is dynamic and real music from the heart. Its message can not be ignored because it speaks of a better future for ALL of the world. The absolute brilliant mix of nice beats, deep and thoughtful words, and energy in its delivery makes it music that is breaking the frontiers of musical genius.

The Belica family and associates have sparked entertainment that promotes unity not disunity, promotes crashing the apartheid of intelligence associated with socioeconomic barriers with excellent words on controversial topics from the Middle and Lower classes' perspective, and it sounds more than great with an in your face smack of reality.

Any human or civil rights enthusiast will find themselves motivated and impassioned after buying this music. Anyone who wants truth about the hardships and struggles of life can find no other message truthful and honest than that of the largest refugee population in the world.

Anyone with half a brain that cares about the future of humanity and enjoys music you can move to, has to buy Newsic music. It is a huge step for mankind in the music industry bringing truth to controversial issues, justice to the voiceless, and peace knocking down the locked and barred doors of inhumanity. Listen and become a part of the Newsic revolution!" Taiyo "Siraj" Davis


The evolution of Newsic Revolution has been a beautiful experience. The dynamic people and historic events that our writers cover impact all of us on this planet collectively, even if indirectly.'s coverage of Human Rights issues, War Crimes and Religious matters, led to our rendezvous with author/singer/singwriter/reporter Agron Belica, who was fascinated by the eye opening experience our writers offer.

Our writers sometimes exhibit heroic tendencies. They address high-impact, life and death situations that are taking place in real time for helpless victims in militarized regions where conscience lacks and violence dominates.

The real stories from Palestine, Sri Lanka, and other countries all over the world, are conveyed not from a corporate-influenced advertiser-conscious perspective like most western media.

We exclusively only pursue the real perspective, and this is often a very different point of view than what you hear on the 6:00 news.

We live in a world where governments increasingly view international laws that guard Human Rights with little more than a passing thought.

There is a domino effect; one nation sees another absconding from justice over serious violations against human beings and they glean strategies that work in the United Nations to avoid prosecution. Responsibility among governments is at an all time low.

Muhsin "The Technician" Corbbrey

Tim and Bonnie King

Our coverage of these subjects provided Agron a particular orientation as a musician, and soon members of this team began showing up in songs and consequently, an array of beautiful, extremely moving songs that show people like Ken O'Keefe, Vittorio Arrigoni and Gilad Atzmon, moving hearts and changing minds.

I have to say that it was one thing to bring this news operation together, and another to attract incredible, dynamic people working in journalism with their hands on the wheel; but the idea that this news team would inspire an album of incredible music and that I was personally able to be a part of it by providing the information that just stunned Agron, and led to this, I hardly have words for that.

I just watched 'Hardship' (located below) for what must have been the 50th time, easily... and once again I was moved to tears because the scenes and the words are almost too much to take, but it is done in a way to remind us of what is actually taking place in Gaza, and that there is never a time that the brutal military onslaughts against civilians that Israel has become so notorious for, is legitimate or correct.

I will never stop watching these videos and they do not leave me sad, they leave me angry and motivated to continue making a difference.

Heroism is tied to a dedication to unwavering truth. - Tim King, News Editor of


A younger Belica

"Music is the best way I know of to teach people, it is fun and I like it very much, but
it is getting that 'TJP' out there to people
and helping them understand what it means,
that is what I like the most about it" His dad
says he only likes positive music & is
spreading TJP all over the place.


"Like everything else that Agron Belica creates, this album is a unique experiment. The songs deal with life, political issues, social problems, and world peace. The album is also a family venture: Agron’s nine-year-old son Jamal Belica is an artist in the making. Through it all, Agron remains nonchalant and even shy in talking about this side of his talents." —Professor Mahmoud M. Ayoub, B.A. (Philosophy), M.A. (Religious Thought), Ph.D. (History of Religion)


Gilad Atzmon and Ken O'Keefe together in London

“If beauty is the capacity to introduce a change, Agron Belica expresses the true meaning of the culture of resistance. Through the beat, the lyrics, and the fat bass you can hear the sound of hope, but you can also envisage the prospect of a better future.” —Gilad Atzmon (Internationally-renowned Musician, author and peace activist)


"Brother Agron and the crew carry on the revolutionary musical spirit that is loved and admired by all of us who fight for justice, whatever medium we employ. Music is indeed the universal language and when we strive for a better world, the songs on the Newsic album provide us with anthems for our cause." —Ken O’Keefe, The Samouni Family Project


Every time Agron releases a new song, it blows me away. It is the new style, Newsic, and it brings current events into the popular culture better than almost any medium could. Once you listen to this you begin to get the concept... This is not a time on earth to sing songs that fail to account for the reality of our situation. Newsic allows a solid interpretation of tragedy in ways that chill the listener to the bone. Agron's songs about Vittorio Arrigoni, the murdered activist who also was ripped away from humanity at large, the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, the plight of the Palestinians— They are a source of inspiration for so many of us, from the West Coast of the U.S. to Gaza and every point in between.

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JamesFre November 29, 2012 6:45 am (Pacific time)

TJP live strong

Tim King November 29, 2012 12:45 am (Pacific time)

It is such an honor to work with Agron and the whole team, I do not think a more important set of causes or belief system will be found.

We have all arrived, again it is the greatest project in the world and we are so fortunate, thank you for believing in it!

Oh yeah... WORD!

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