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Nov-29-2010 19:20printcomments

NW Muslim and Arab Leaders Seek Protection in Wake of Mosque Arson

Local Muslim and Arab Organizations Ask City and State Authorities to Help Protect the Muslim and Arab Communities.

Muslims in America
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(PORTLAND, Ore.) - The Muslim American and Arab American leaders of Oregon and Southwest Washington are calling on the city and state authorities to setup protection for the region's Muslim American and Arab community after an intentionally-set fire damaged a mosque in Corvallis, Oregon.

Fire officials say the Sunday morning blaze damaged parts of the Salman Al-Farsi Islamic Center in Corvallis, Oregon.

"We are worried and saddened that the plot, and the response by a small number of extremists, have created a potentially dangerous situation in which innocent Muslim-Americans are exposed to retaliation," Imam Mikal Shabazz, President of the Oregon Islamic Chaplains Organization and a prominent Muslim leader in Portland, said on Sunday as he learned of the mosque fire.

"The bombing plot is reprehensible, and the harm will be magnified even further if it leads to violence, either physical or verbal, against Muslim members of our community who had nothing to do with the plot, and who stand with all Americans in rejecting terrorism," Shabazz said, adding that he had spoken with an African-American Muslim woman who was verbally attacked by a young man in Southeast Portland, before others intervened in her defense.

On Saturday, before any attack on the mosque, leaders of the local Muslim and Arab Organizations put out a statement condemning Friday's alleged actions. "We denounce this horrible plot in the strongest terms and repudiate all those who commit such acts of mindless violence in the name of Islam," the release said. "Islam is a religion of peace and these acts are not the legitimate acts of Muslims."

"Just as American Muslims and Arab Americans condemn any act that would threaten our nation's safety and security, we ask our fellow faith leaders, city and state political leaders, and people of good will to reject any attacks on American Arabs and Muslims or their religious or cultural institutions," said Wajdi Said, Muslim Educational Trust President.


On behalf of the Shura Council of Oregon and Southwest Washington

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HOWARD December 2, 2010 10:03 am (Pacific time)

The editor wrote: "Name an Arab suicide bomber who has killed with a bomb in the US. How many was that? How about the bombing of the New York World Center? I wonder how many of the bombing victims developed PTSD and eventually took their own lives? How many Christian civilian terrorists have gone to muslim countries and blown up muslims in the name of their religious doctrine? Hint: ZERO! Let's treat this matter seriously rather than like some uneducated spoiled child who obviously hates his country and most likely themselves..

Editor: Exactly six people died in that event that was tied to terrorists from the Mideast.  This was 17 years ago friend.  Please don't suggest that a person is a spoiled child or uneducated because they seek to show another side to a story.  Ever heard of Tim McVeigh?  Ever study what really happened on 911 or does that take you out of your patriotic comfort zone?  Trust me, I recall the Ryder truck at the World Trade Center.  All of this violence is terrible and needless.  My point is that for all the hype, there is little evidence of this vast 'Muslim' threat.  It is heavily fueled by high octane propaganda.     

Jay December 1, 2010 9:12 am (Pacific time)

How many Arab (or other race/ethnicities) suicide bombers have been stopped in the US? How many others have been stopped in various stages of carrying out terrorist violence? How many have been successful carrying out violence and have killed and wounded innocent Americans? Certainly we all grieve for the innocents being killed elsewhere, but the American citizen is "priority one" in my opinion, and I believe an overwhelming majority agree. People might be shocked at the very long history of terrorist violence we have had here. Don't forget the first bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City back in the 90's. These radicals are totally devoted to killing us by any means necessary, so expect more violence from them. If they become succesful with a high body count, that is much larger than at FT. Hood, there will be most likely massive unrest that I expect would be nearly impossibe to stop.

Anonymous November 30, 2010 8:10 am (Pacific time)

And who protects the unbelievers? These Muslims are the ones who want to kill us or convert us. I have not yet seen a nun as a suicide bomber did you? I'm tired of the Political Correctness in this case. Now they want protection paid by the tax payer. What a joke that is. I wonder how many of these Muslims who go to that Mosque are sleeper cells. Can anyone tell me?

Israel shot six people yesterday, all Palestinians who were unarmed.  Political correctness means not being an offensive ass, anyone ever tell you that?  It isn't a joke.  The Arab people have been screwed, the Israelis are behind it, and behind that is the support of the US.  Name an Arab suicide bomber who has killed with a bomb in the US.  How many was that? 

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