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'Comet Encounter' - Ison

The current research could have begun over 30 years ago and saved billions of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary research.

This new view of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) was taken with the TRAPPIST national telescope.
This new view of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) was taken with the TRAPPIST national telescope.

(SAN DIEGO) - Exciting reports in science should be coming soon. On Nov. 20, 2013 KPBS broadcast a program about the new Comet, Ison that is now approaching the Sun titled “Comet Encounter”. The Narrator said: "We’re able to see Ison because of sunlight reflecting from ice and dust but as it continues to warm up, something incredible happens. The gasses start to glow with a light of their own."

I have included a copy of a local newspaper article (see below right) that was published on Dec. 26, 1985. previously published the “Flash News” article and the letter I received from NASA dated Nov. 21, 1985 in the March 24, 2013 Salem News edition. (see: Still Optimistic About Haley's Comet)

Astronomer Clint Hatchett -

Note that Clint Hatchett, the staff astronomer at the prestigious Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center said that my idea "that the atoms in space are glowing because the magnetic field around the comet is exciting them to glow, and that’s just really farfetched, because there isn’t that much material out there to glow."

Salem-News also published the remarks I received from the late Dr. Brian Marsden of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Dr. Henry Briton, Director of Research Program Division, Office of Space Science, NASA., Dr. E. C. Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory, Dr. Stephen Edberg of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Professor of physics, John H. Simonetti of Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

The late Dr. Brian Marsden

Many other scientists did not respond to my effort to apprise them of my explanation of a comet. Obviously, like Clint Hatchett, they thought it was just too farfetched to even consider my concept.

Now, if one of them had an open mind and considered my concept in the true context of scientific methodology, this current research could have begun over 30 years ago and saved billions of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary research.

“Comet Encounter” states: “This gives astronomers a unique opportunity to see what Ison is made of. Then they showed the neon marques on the Las Vegas strip." They add, "It’s similar to what we see with everyday street signs. Their tubes are filled with gasses like neon. Electricity passing through the tube energizes the gas causing it to glow brightly."

Click image to see full size

Then a scientist displayed a neon tube and explained how individual gasses create a color pattern called a spectra that can be read like the bar code in a supermarket and said, "... if you can identify the spectra you can tell which gasses are glowing and that’s incredibly helpful when studying Ison. Seeing the spectra of the comet we can tell you what’s there and how much is there. And over the coming months it will provide astronomers a detailed breakdown of Ison’s chemical composition."

Unfortunately, the erroneous belief that these gasses are coming from the comet nucleus will lead them on another wild goose chase and cost the taxpayers even more billions of dollars.

The glowing gasses are already present in the path of the comet.

The spectra will simply read the gasses that are already present in the solar system and give a false evaluation of the composition of the comet nucleus itself.

As I have stated, it is the tremendous speed of the comet through the magnetic field radiating from the Sun that generates a charge of static electricity in the nucleus. It is the magnetic field current surrounding this static electricity charges that stimulates the gasses already in the path of the comet to a glowing, visible state of excitement. And, as the radiated energy from the Sun passes through the abnormal static electricity charge, it too becomes abnormal via the normal electrical induction process so that it too stimulates the atoms of gasses beyond the comet nucleus to a glowing state of excitement.

This is absolutely the only way the tail of the comet can radiate a tail away from the Sun like the spoke of a wheel and even radiate a tail millions of miles ahead of the nucleus when the comet is receding from the sun at a speed 100 times faster than the muzzle velocity of a .38 caliber bullet.

In a Hypothesis I copyrighted in 1978 and in a newspaper article I paid to publish in 1979, I stated that the heat of the Sun, sunspots and solar flares are created via the collision or conversion of magnetic field currents.

Dr. Alan Title

In a Feb. 28, 2001 NASA news conference, Dr. Alan Title said: "We have finally solved a 55 year old puzzle: Why is it hundreds of degrees hotter outside the Sun than inside. The sun is surrounded by the equivalent of an electric blanket. The blanket is heated by magnetism, however, not by electricity." And in a May 29, 2007 History Channel TV program, "Universe: The Sun," after examining data and photos taken by the SOHO, IMAGE and POLAR satellites, the scientists reported: "Thousands of mammoth explosions rock our Sun every year. You might expect this explosive force to come from nuclear explosions in the core, but in reality what drives all outbursts of solar violence is magnetism. When a sunspot unleashes its magnetic energy, what results are the most colossal explosions in the solar system - solar flares."

I was admonished by a member of the Planetary Society.

In a Nov. 20, 2013 KPBS Nova program, titled “The Edge of Space”, the scientists stated: "In fact our planet is surrounded by electric current from the surface to the edge of space. The global electric surrounds everything on Earth and connects us to the edge of space."

In an article I wrote in the “Your Opinion” page of a local newspaper dated Sept. 16, 1981, I was vilified by a member of the Planetary Society because I wrote:

    "The scientists have exhausted all of their possibilities and admitted on national television that they threw in the towel trying to explain the 'spokes' in Saturn’s rings. They estimated 10 or 11 years will be needed to determine what is going on. Actually, we artificially produce the very same glowing gasses in a vacuum, radio waves, microwaves and heat that Mother Nature does in exactly the same way. However, the connection is so remote it goes unnoticed and will probably require a master electrician to convince him how it is done. In essence, all of the amazing electrical marvels we have all around us are created simply by forcing one magnetic field through another one in the spinning generator. Nothing else touches, just the magnetic field currents. This current is thus converted into a force which duplicates every wonder in the universe. Mother Nature has an unlimited supply of this very same magnetic field current in its planet masses that we have in our tiny magnets in immense proportions, spinning and forcing their way through millions of other magnetic fields at thousands and even millions of miles per hour on a fantastically grand scale."

Dr. Carolyn Porco - Univ. Toronto

That was over 30 years ago and they still have not been able to explain how the Spokes within the rings of Saturn are created.

Dr. Carolyn Porco, the leader of the team researching the bizarre occurrences around Saturn recently stated: "It may take another 100 years before we can understand what is going on around Saturn. We may never be able to understand all of it."

Dr. Franz Joseph Schnaubelt

Dr. Franz Joseph Schnaubelt, a member of the Planetary Society responded with his letter to the “Your Opinion” page on Sept. 17, 1981 and wrote: “As a charter member of the Planetary Society, I’m confident The Daily Californian’s readers recognized Edsel Chromie’s ‘enlightened’ commentary as a beautiful example of gross scientific illiteracy. These comments lacked not only a rudimentary understanding f scientific methodology but any high school science student can affirm they have no foundation in fact contained in even the simplest textbooks on astronomy, electricity, and magnetism and physics. The commentary demonstrates a total ignorance of the four forces in nature as well as the relative strengths of each of these forces. It makes a totally erroneous correlation between the principles of an electric generator and the magnetic fields of the various astronomical bodies. And it does not exhibit knowledge of the fission and fusion processes taking place in the interiors of the stars, or the other substantiated data of the solar system.”

I consider this attempt to vilify me by a one of the many scientists who believe they are the only ones who have all of the answers has turned out to be an extraordinary compliment.

This diatribe proves that many of the explanations I have offered on many aspects of the universe and subsequently discovered to be viable were not in the textbooks. The science community is just now discovering the energy forces I have been describing and is still struggling to explain many of the phenomena I have explained over 30 years ago. I had hoped to encourage the scientists to incorporate the examples of bizarre characteristics of electromagnetic energy in their research on the equally bizarre occurrences in nature without success. Now, they are discovering the very anomalies I have been trying to spur them to consider and are touting them as a marvelous discovery. .

I am not boasting about my ability to explain phenomena the science community has not been able to explain. My goal is still to prod the science community to revise their belief that gravity rules the universe and consider the importance of electromagnetic energy in creating many of the anomalies that remain mysteries.

Now that the scientists have finally recognized the importance of magnetic field current and electromagnetic energy around the Sun and around the Earth, it is important for them to recognize the importance of electromagnetic wavelengths instead of particles in the aurora borealis and the rings of Saturn as well as the comet coma and comet tail.

It is also important to consider the characteristics of the swirling magnetic field surrounding the flow of primary energy. It is also important to recognize the importance of the repelling characteristic between two magnetic field currents of like polarity instead of trying to find a gravity force that pushes away instead of pulling toward. And it is important to consider the fact that gravity was not present during the early forming of the universe.

Gravity is solely an attracting force to a mass once the mass becomes sufficiently large enough for the combined energy of all of the individual molecules of the mass to overcome the repelling feature of the magnetic fields of the individual atoms contained in the mass.

Also, the universe began with a magnetic field or lightning accelerating atoms of gasses to high speed where they collided to form the very first particle of the universe. Then this process continued in many areas of the universe.

Magnetic energy burst on the solar surface hurls
plasmas outward from the Sun. Clear magnetic
field structures appear in light blue. (Dr. Alan Title,
Stanford Lockheed Institute for Space Research
and NASA) -

We must remember that the expansion of the universe is the result of all of the trillions of planets and stars growing one or two inches per year. This increases their magnetic field and the repelling characteristic of magnetic field currents repelling other like magnetic fields compounded trillions of times per year. This is why all of the masses are moving away from each other instead of moving from any central position.

The current research of our universe being between membranes of other universes is utterly foolish. The scientists advocating the multi-universe concept must still explain how the very first particle was created to produce their multiple membranes.

Obviously, I have been correct in many observations over 30 years ago. Do we have the luxury and the billions of dollars to have experts struggle using the wrong paradigm to solve the many mysteries remaining unresolved? Are those experts who are still struggling to understand what I have understood for over 30 years more reliable than my current explanations?

I have been unable to convince the science community and the news media because they respond only those with impressive credentials. One day my concept will be considered by many intelligent scientists who remain obsessed with gravity and with their combined effort they will make comprehensive sense of the embarrassing amount of phenomena still remaining a mystery.



Edsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel's unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth's atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:


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