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Did Holmes Hearsay Confession Come from Woman With Ties to Colorado Corrections System?

Bloggers are catching clues the mainstream reporters are missing.

Possible false flag witness in Aurora shooting case

(AURORA, CO) - On September 20th, KDVR, a local news station broadcasting in Colorado, interviewed a woman who wished to be identified by the name “Marie”.(1)

Sheila Aliens

Marie claimed that she was only a few cells away from James Holmes in the Psych ward wing of the jail.

Marie, after lamenting on how she believed James Holmes was fooling everyone with insane behavior, also claims that she heard an exchange between her cell mate and Mr. Holmes while James was taking a shower.

In this exchange, she claims that James Holmes proudly exclaimed that it was he who killed the baby in the massacre, shouting, “Yeah, that’s me! That’s me!”

However, the journalist conducting the interview, Justin Joseph, expressed doubt as to the legitimacy of her story, concluding, “Ultimately, you have to judge her credibility for yourself…”, and that is exactly what independent investigators have done.

A popular blogger, who goes by the name “Sheila Aliens” (2), was paying detailed attention to the comments made on the news site which conducted that interview. Among these comments were individuals claiming that they knew the interviewees’ real name, and that she was untrustworthy as a witness.

Sheila found the Facebook profile of the person who refers to herself as “Marie”, a name which appears to be the middle name of the actual individual being interviewed. Startlingly, the Facebook profile in question even logged into KDVR's Facebook page to comment that it was, indeed, she that was being interviewed.

The individual has two Facebook profiles which appear to be associated with the same person in question. While both profiles use the same first name, the last name differs, and this is the result of a maiden name being used, according to someone commenting on the KDVR website. The most interesting piece of information that can be gathered from the public viewing of these profiles, is that the individual claims to have professional ties to a career in Corrections.

Obviously, it is disconcerting to find out that someone with connections to Corrections would claim that Holmes made a jailhouse confession, but this is unsurprising considering it was discovered that the same facebook profile in question made a comment on a 9 news report update three days after the shooting that Holmes will receive a number of violent actions while under incarceration.

While we encourage the reader to notice the invalidity of the witnesses’ testimony, we also encourage the reader to take note of the information which is being dispersed by the mainstream media. That information is often displayed as to embolden the standing bias that James Holmes is not only guilty, but mentally competent enough to warrant him a death sentence.

Aurora Massacre: Jailhouse Snitch is Actually a Co. Youth Corrections Department Employee

Christian Petersen

Editor: Thomas Brinkley

Executive Editor: Tim King

Alternative news youtube reporter from Tucson, Arizona - started reporting in 2009, now with over 26 million video views and 26,000+ subscribers. Covering a wide variety of topics and stories the mainstream media won't tell you and the stories BEHIND the stories the mainstream media does tell. and

Christian Petersen

Christian Petersen is a proud Oregon resident (off and on) of over 15 years. He currently hangs his hat right here in Salem. Chris is a natural independent investigator who specializes in domestic issues involving corrupt behavior and conspiracy of all kinds, top to bottom. He understands that the only way anyone could take down the United States is from within, and vigilance is the key trait for any patriot. So he labors tirelessly for his country in the interest of the people to ensure that their happiness and the pursuit of Liberty are being protected, as is guaranteed to each and every American in the legally binding founding documents. Their satisfaction with the deal they are getting for their tax money is one of his key concerns. Christian believes that the US should lead the movement for freedom around the globe by providing a true example of what a free and just nation should be like, and act like. Then our way of life will inspire others to willingly follow our lead, according to his beliefs.

Christian is constantly looking for new information and leads. He runs the Historical Reference Vault youtube channel, and can be contacted through PM on there. He can also be reached on Facebook.

Thomas Brinkley

Thomas Brinkley graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy in 2008.

Thomas began as what he describes as 'an eccentric youtube personality'. He became known for taking a critical look at various headline events. Thomas is quick to point out curious facts often overlooked by the mainstream media.

This all fits very well with where stories about rarely acknowledged uncomfortable truths are common fare and more the norm than anything else.




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DF December 16, 2012 8:04 pm (Pacific time)

Here is her Twitter profile as well...

Jessica October 1, 2012 9:34 pm (Pacific time)

Dude! Great catch Aliens!!

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