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Petition for Full Disclosure of Where and When Agent Orange was used Outside of Vietnam - to Include Guam

This petition can coincide with Senator Gillibrand's investigation into Agent Orange herbicide use and HR2634 VICTIMS OF AGENT ORANGE.

Agent Orange victim

(SALEM, Ore.) - (Editor's note: This article has information that is deemed inaccurate by The Veterans Association of Sailors of the Vietnam War, a group we have a great deal of respect for. Please read: Rebuttal to Salem-News Over Agent Orange Story - Bill Miltenberger for

A petition that you can sign here, will help ensure that the U.S. government is taking important steps to be accountable and reveal all of the locations where Agent Orange was used in places outside of the conflict zone of the Vietnam War.

For those who are not familiar, this chemical was developed and marketed to the government by Monsanto and Dow and it was sprayed over the jungles of Vietnam to reduce the foliage so that American planes could more easily attack enemies that otherwise were obscured by the natural landscape.

The chemicals affected both the Americans who served in the affected areas, and without question the Vietnamese, who continue to experience terrible birth defects and other handicaps in children as a result of this practice.

The results have been devastating.

Agent Orange as it turns out, leads to many types of cancer- accompanied by denials of proper diagnoses and origin of illnesses by the Veterans Administration, and there are the hereditary aspects of this contamination, they are multi-generational we now know.

We petition the Obama administration:Investigation for Full Disclosure of Where and When Agent Orange Herbicides were used Outside of Vietnam to Include Guam

This petition is for a full investigation into all of the locations where agent orange herbicides were used and when they were used.

Because of destroyed military records for routine base maintenance, any documentation was lost.

Because of the importance of this issue affecting veterans and their families plus future generations of Americans, this petition should be given the highest priority within the Whitehouse staff.

This petition can coincide with Senator Gillibrand's investigation into Agent Orange herbicide use and HR2634 VICTIMS OF AGENT ORANGE. here to sign the petition.

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MSGT FOSTER October 10, 2011 7:24 pm (Pacific time)

senator gillibrand is one of my state senators. She has been investigating the AO use on Guam which I requested because of the VA denials for 25 years. I handled it, mixed it and sprayed it on Guam. she knows because she has my air force documents showing my duties handling the herbicides, eye witness accounts of seeing me spraying the AO herbicides, first exposure diseases treated by the Air Force and US Naval hospital on Guam and further diseases ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, MS, PARKINSONS, STERILITY, CHLORACNE AND MORE. THE REBUTTAL BY THIS BLUE WATER NAVY ASSOCIATON ON MY PETITION IS WARRANTLESS AND PETTY. THEY ARE BETRAYING VETERANS OF THE VIETNAM WAR DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY EXPOSED TO AGENT ORANGE. TOTALLY WRONG AND TOTALLY AN EMBARRASSEMENT TO ALL WAR VETERANS SEEING THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR FROM THIS BLUE WATER NAVY ORGANIZATION.

Francis Gomez October 6, 2011 12:22 pm (Pacific time)

Please!!!!!!!!!!help the children affected by this disaster

MSGT FOSTER October 5, 2011 2:07 pm (Pacific time)


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