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Judyth Vary Baker Would Like to Tell her Amazing Story to the American People

The challenges of a small publisher bring "inconvenient truths" to light has been very daunting; you can help.

Judyth Vary Baker
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(SPRINGFIELD, OR) - We are a small publisher that tells big stories. One of our authors lives in Europe and we would like to bring her to the West Coast so she can tell folks her unique experience of being the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, and her amazing tale of working in cancer research as a teen and young adult. While she is here, Judyth would like to produce a new condensed edition of her book, Me & Lee, so that it will be easier for folks, especially younger folks to read.

Risks and challenges

We have many challenges. Even though Judyth's story is fascinating and newsworthy, we experience real difficulty in getting traditional PR, and are looking to reach the people directly through book-signings and speaking events. Our challenge is to get Judy here from Europe and then the expense of traveling for three week tour of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. We have done successful author tours and presentations before, this is the biggest tour we have attempted. It can be done, but we need money to book venues, transportation and per diem expenses, and to produce her new condensed book, which will make it easier for younger folks to read. We have huge transportation costs, plus publicity costs. The challenge of producing a new book that is reduced in size but still has the information and has a flow that people will read, will take editing skills and time. With Judyth in the states it will make that task much easier to do than with her in Europe.

The challenges of a small publisher bring "inconvenient truths" to light has been very daunting. Even though our books are controversial, in that they challenge the official story: about the drug trade, the JFK assassination, the MLK assassination, the events of 9/11, and psychological warfare among others issue, we are unable to get the traditional PR. Folks say to us, "if what your book say is true, how come we do not read about it in our newspapers or see it on our TV screens." Which is very sad, because without honest open discussion of our problems, there can be no solution, and we are trapped in a increasingly stilted social atmosphere.

We have had many contacts from top reporters, TV and newspaper, every time the story is shot down. We have many people try to make movies from our books. I met with folks that owned a major movie franchise, they had already signed a contract with the author for a motion picture. I mentioned that they might have some " problems" in releasing a movie on such a suppressed subject. They said that they would have "no problem," once they had their latest number of the franchise out. They would have enough money. They could do what they wanted. A $120 million movie was announced. Shortly the company that had signed the contract to make the movie was bankrupt, and the folks soon lost their major franchise.

Another time, We were contacted by a firm that wanted to make three of our books into movies, soon, their place of business was broken into, the senior vice-president whom I was working with, was chased around town, received computerized phone messages, was openly surveilled (even made aware that "they" could even read his computer screen in real time), had wild rumors floated about him. Finally, when none of this worked, "they" threatened a family member. I was called and the gentleman told me the story and said he needed to take a sabbatical. In about two weeks, I heard back from him, and he said, "Well, I guess we are just making Will Ferrell movies." And so it goes.

I like KickStarter because crowd-funding sidesteps economic blocks to creativity and the pursuit of truth and beauty.


Kris Millegan



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Background: Marines Described Alleged JFK Assassin Oswald as 'A rather poor shot' - Tim King

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Alonso October 15, 2012 9:34 am (Pacific time)

Did she say that Oswald was part of an Abort Team that went in to stop the killing of JFK? Thats heavy. Also did she say that Oswald was Military Intelligence? Can she prove it? So many questions after so many years

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