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Occupy Salem Movement Gaining Steady Momentum at Wilson Park

The group of citizen activists at Wilson Park in Salem's capitol say they are steadfast, and say they will not disperse until things in our government undergo a 'serious makeover'.
Photos by Dexter Phoenix

(SALEM, Oregon) - Spirits are high among individuals who are using their voices and making their presence known in Salem.

Approaching the 6th night of 'Occupy Salem', protesters aren't wavering from a constant police presence, and both local and state police have been respectful so far, according to the group. Mostly just driving by, with little interaction.

When asked if any trouble was expected this weekend, a Salem police officer parked at Wilson Park replied, "I don't think so."

The officer was informed that protesters do not expect any sort of trouble either.

Michelle Darr, an activist well-known for her 2008Operation Homebound peace vigil on Oregon's capitol steps, feels positive about this movement's progress so far.

"I think we're really strong, stronger than ever before. We're getting more donations than ever before. Everything's been donated in fact, to the extent that we have three storage tents, as well as a kitchen. Somebody rolled up with a truckload of lumber, they'd noticed our storage tent was needing a little help, so they built us a solid one out of wood. People are really steppping up to take care of us."

Each night since Tuesday, the camp has been broken down and moved across the street. This is because on Wednesday night at 10 o'clock, police ordered they would 'arrest anyone with a tent' in less than an hour. Moving the tents avoided the necessity of arrest for the vocal activists of individual worth and equality.

Aside from a couple light grumbles from YMCA apartment-dwellers across the way complaining about late-night noise interrupting their sleep, people seem to generally support this movement.

At this time, police are allowing the group's food and supply structures to stay in Wilson Park, lightening the nightly/morning routine of these citizens.

In addition to protecting the landscape and keeping an eye out for police-threat, the rotating volunteers diligently tend to campers' needs, some of whom are disabled or challenged. None seem to mind however, with everyone lending their hand seemingly sharing one common mind-state: people matter. Every person is important, and the poor should not be perpetuated in class, to the advantage of the already extremely-rich few. Michele Darr wishes to spread this awareness.

"I am here because good people who are disenfranchised and dis-empowered make up a large chunk of the 99%, and things have gotten so bad for so long were gonna be focusing our efforts in the coming days on getting more services in the coming days. There have been some faith organizations who've stepped up and said they want to participate, and wanting to know how they can help. I tell everyone that we need more presence, especially during the day. We need tables and tents. More medical care providers, and Veterans support. We really need more Veterans support, we've got some soldiers who are holding in their wounds, who have PTSD, and we're starting to see more of that. We're a strong network of support for these individuals. We need to constantly strengthen their support."

Several groups have already pledged their support for Occupy Salem.

"We had another union join us, The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, of some 19,000 members. They support what the people are taking a stand for here at Occupy Salem, and are behind people in every state that become a part of the Occupy America movement."

Occupy Salem - Photos by Dexter Phoenix

The collective of change-seekers have been strict on their 'non-antagonist' behavior policy, seeking only to peacefully demonstrate the individual-at-large's dissatisfaction in the lack of fairness or consideration for the individual on government's part.

Salemites are working to show support through Facebook and other social networks. "Occupy Salem Oregon" on Facebook is an all access group with updates daily

Time seems to be a friend of the occupational-protester. The group intends to maintain a presence until notice is taken by those responsible for a waste-bureaucracy that sits in place of the ideals we were raised to believe in, and this country is supposed to be built upon.

When asked if she foresaw an imminent end to the occupation, Michelle Dahr said 'no'.

"This effort will continue until the peoples' needs are addressed. Something is going to happen, because something has to happen. We're a huge part of that."

Several news and blog entities have appeared to document the movement. Nyla Alisia, award-winning published poet and talk-radio personality, is also documenting the people's protest in Wilson Park. As an experienced journalist, Nyla applies her professional skills to spread truth. She believes it is important for citizens to document their own history.

"I think it's important that what's going on down here is reported and documented. I work with a lot of writers, and I'm really encouraging people who are poets, storytellers, writers of any kind, to record what's going on down here. It's like i tell my poets all the time... If we don't record the common man's history, we're leaving it up to the politicians to do it. We always know that they slant it in the way best to serve them, so it is the voice of the common-man that needs to be heard... and that's us. So we need to really get people working on that, documenting what's going on all the time."

Salem-news maintains a consistent presence to document the Occupy Salem movement, keeping readers as up-to-date as possible, with a steady eye on this historic people's movement.

View the group's official website:

Official Facebook page: Occupy Salem Oregon

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Wayne October 16, 2011 5:46 pm (Pacific time)

I forgot to mention that many of us complain that the richest people in the US pay little taxes. Who should we blame for this? The greedy rich man who doesn't want to pay taxes or our representatives in congress who write the tax laws? Of course, given our current campaign laws, any congressman promoting tax increases will face huge resistance and probably risk limiting his government career. Campaign reform and removing corporate and special interest lobbyists from Washington DC is the first step in restoring democracy and representative government to America. Peaceful protesting is the first step. Unfortunately, the ways of hard hearted billionaires that rule the world are not easily convinced that they should share their wealth with the common people. After all, they are the ones responsible for our education and healthcare system being the worst in the world. With them, this is okay--because they did not have to pay taxes.

Wayne October 16, 2011 3:43 pm (Pacific time)

I have attended both the Salem and Eugene Occupy protests and the blame for our country, and indeed the world's financial problems is focused upon the "1%." This seems right, for the top 1% do control most of the world's money. However, if we have elected representatives in congress who are responsible for our wellbeing, why should we blame the 1%? Those most responsible for the failure of our democracy and our financial system are those members of the US Congress whose greed and willingness to abandon their constiguents and sell their souls to the highest bidder. The solution to our problems is simple. Pass laws that would put a cap on political contributions and limit contributions only from individuals. Donations and gifts from corporations would be illegal. Strict controls would be placed on lobbyists. But our representatives will never willingly pass such laws--because the majority are too greedy and, more importantly, represent other interests, such as the Israeli lobby.
Both political parties supported deregulation, globalization, corporate takeovers that included our media. Democracy, equal justice, and a free economy cannot survive when men and women so willingly ignore their Constitution. How can a government and country survive when the majority of politicians and leaders spend most their time uttering complete lies whose purpose is to support the puppet masters they work for? Yes, the 1% has caused our problems, but only because our representatives in congress made it so easy for them.

Anonymous October 16, 2011 11:46 am (Pacific time)

Here is a link to some spirited Occupiers in Portland Oregon. No doubt the majority of democrats have gotten behind this movement. I guess we'll see how the voters respond in 13 months to that endorsement, if not before. Gotta love these people, as my faith asks me to do. v=OeuGx8PplAo //Sometimes a photo or caption says it all. Seeing is eyeopening for some. I found this over at

Douglas Benson October 16, 2011 5:27 am (Pacific time)

If this movement keeps growing they will release the hounds. That will be thier biggest mistake. A hundred jack booted thugs with riot gear vs. 10,000 angry protesters ,its only a matter of time untill peacefull protest turns into an angry mob with pitchforks and torches dragging the slavemasters out into the streets for justice . I hope that this is used to create a movement to give us a real third party to vote for . While corporations may have the money they dont have the votes .WE DO. The best way to win is to put up represenatives that are not bought and paid for and use our most powerfull weapon ,THE VOTE. Peace

Joe October 15, 2011 5:06 pm (Pacific time)

Release the hounds.

Editor: If you really believe that, then you are the first who deserves to have nothing.  This movement is the future.  I looked at your previous comments, I see you're in love with GW Bush, if you think your opinion matters then you might want to guess again.

Agron Belica October 15, 2011 4:23 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for sharing!!!

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