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Oct-16-2009 14:14printcomments

Purdue Pharma Marketing to Physicians About Their 'Attitudes'

It is an attack on professionalism.

Courtesy: nutrimedical.com

(MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.) - The below is posted on Purdue Pharma's Partners Against Pain website. What is interesting is that in 2007 in Federal Court in Virginia, they were found guilty of misleading these same physicians into thinking that OxyContin could be prescribed to patients as less likely to be addictive or abused.

Marianne Skolek

Charges to which they pled guilty and were sentenced. We now have an epidemic of OxyContin deaths and addictions in every state in the U.S. -- as well as Canada.

So now we have the Internet used as a marketing tool by Purdue Pharma posting something as ludicrous as physicians prescribe narcotics based on the attractiveness of their patients.

These are the same physicians Purdue Pharma only a few years ago was convincing that their blockbuster drug OxyContin was less addictive than other narcotics. Now these same physicians are being accused of prescribing narcotics based on whether a patient is attractive.

I don't call this "Physician Attitudes" -- I call it an attack on the professionalism and integrity of physicians by Purdue Pharma. What an insult to have anyone believe that a physician prescribes any narcotics based on the physical attributes of a patient.

So what government agency wants to step up to the plate now and tell Purdue Pharma once again that their less than ethical marketing of OxyContin is a reflection on their talking out of both sides of their mouths in order to gain revenue. Anyone want to look into the authenticity of these studies?

As a woman, I find it insulting that Purdue Pharma be allowed to post something such as "medical literature has portrayed women as hysterical and oversensitive" and "female patients were more likely than their male counterparts to be diagnosed with histrionic disorder, excessive emotionality, and attention-seeking behavior."

But for that matter, I can't imagine any physician putting any credence into anything that comes out of both sides of Purdue Pharma's mouth in an effort to have OxyContin prescribed to patients.

"Healthy is beautiful" stereotype? Purdue Pharma never disappoints me. Shame on them!

Partners Against Pain website posting

Physician Attitudes

Studies have shown differences in the attitudes of healthcare providers toward men’s and women’s experiences of pain.

* Regarding physician perceptions of female patients with pain, Hadjistavropoulos and colleagues found that physicians distinguished between their “attractive” and “unattractive” patients. Attractive female patients were perceived as experiencing less pain than unattractive female patients, evidencing a “healthy is beautiful” stereotype.

* Historically, the medical literature has portrayed women as hysterical and oversensitive. By extension, physicians often view women’s statements as emotional, rather than objective. In one study of patients with chronic pain, female patients were more likely than their male counterparts to be diagnosed with histrionic disorder, excessive emotionality, and attention-seeking behavior. ====================================================

Marianne Skolek is an Activist for Victims of OxyContin and Purdue Pharma - "a criminally convicted pharmaceutical company"
You can send Marianne an email at: mskolek@aol.com

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"Skipper" Osborne October 17, 2009 10:41 pm (Pacific time)

Marianne Skolek...Because of the pharmacuticals " Googolplex $$$'s" {that is 10 to the 10th to the 100th}, would you agree with me that most of or elected officials received some of those 'googoplex $'s? And folks, have you ever wondered why these companies for their 'lying' are not raided like poor Whites and African Americans on 'COPS?' My tolerance for pain is loooow, I am going to be one "ugly man" when I go see my Dr. for pain meds. Thanks for your report.

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