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Tim King - A Eulogy to My Chief at Executive Editor was instrumental in exposing Big Pharma.

Tim King
Tim King made the most of every minute. Join his family and friends to celebrate his life 10/31/2020. It will be live-streamed, for those unable to attend due to distance or COVID limitations.

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - On October 4, I received word that the man who believed in me and supported my writings for publication in his newspaper, had been killed in a horrific motorcycle accident. I would like to share with everyone what Tim King meant to me when our paths crossed in 2009.

In October 2009, I sent Tim King some information regarding Purdue Pharma, maker of the criminally marketed opioid, OxyContin hoping that he might be interested in publishing it -- he was.

"Purdue Pharma marketing to physicians about their "attitudes"

So now we have the Internet used as a marketing tool by Purdue Pharma posting something as ludicrous as physicians prescribe narcotics based on the attractiveness of their patients. These are the same physicians Purdue Pharma only a few years ago was convincing that their blockbuster drug OxyContin was less addictive than other narcotics.
Now these same physicians are being accused of prescribing narcotics based on whether a patient is attractive. I don't call this "Physician Attitudes" -- I call it an attack on the professionalism and integrity of physicians by Purdue Pharma. What an insult to have anyone believe that a physician prescribes any narcotics based on the physical attributes of a patient.

Much to my surprise, I received an email from Tim King which I treasure. It was dated October 16, 2009 and read "Great piece, you are a highly effective writer." He and Bonnie, his wife were editors and owners, of located in Oregon and wanted me to write for them.

We had a telephone conversation where I chronicled my work at exposing Purdue Pharma and the FDA after losing my daughter, Jill in 2002 to prescribed OxyContin.

I explained how I worked with the DOJ for almost six years until three CEO's of Purdue Pharma, Michael Friedman, Howard Udell, Esq. and Paul D. Goldenheim, MD pleaded guilty in Federal Court in Virginia to misleading the medical profession and patients on the prescribing of OxyContin and how dangerous and addictive it truly was.

Tim was told that I had testified against Purdue Pharma in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee at the request of US Senator Patrick Leahy -- and I wanted justice.

Shortly after beginning my writing for, Tim advised me that someone had been calling their advertisers to tell them that the newspaper published articles on medical marijuana and advertisers should no longer advertise with the newspaper.

I realized the "anonymous" caller was someone working for Purdue Pharma who was not happy with me and notified Tim. I was given the go-ahead to write an article about a multi-billion pharmaceutical company's efforts to avoid bad press -- which I was giving them in my news articles.

The article I wrote was dated October 21, 2009 and was entitled "Purdue Pharma Backs Slandering Drug Crusader." It exposed the blackmailer/drug crusader in his efforts to shut down a newspaper just starting out.

After Tim published my exposing the Purdue Pharma "blackmailer", I received this email from Tim:

    "This guy is a loose cannon, and a completely dishonest person. I am so offended, I am trying so hard to help people figure this all out! But you know that and you're one of the reasons I feel like we're making a difference. Anyway, I see the Purdue connection as totally scandalous. You're the best, thanks for this! Tim"

It was about this time in my working and personal relationship with Tim King that I began to call him "Chief" of Perry White/Superman fame. He referred to me as "Lois Lane." We never reverted back to Tim and Marianne. It was special.

In April 2011, on the anniversary of my daughter, Jill earning her angel wings, I had an experience on the beach while throwing flowers into the surf to honor her memory that stunned me.

I sent an email to my "Chief" and told him briefly about what had happened and he immediately replied in big letters --

"Write an article about it."

Here is the link to that article; it was so special to me and also to Tim:

'Strange, isn't it? Each Man's Life Touches so Many Other Lives.' [Apr-30-2011]

So my Chief, I sign off this eulogy to you with a broken heart and so much love and respect for believing in me, but most importantly these words from Perry White - "If the TV stations can't get their stories straight, that's a crying shame -- but that is exactly why the people of this city look to the Daily Planet for the truth! So go FIND it!"

I will continue finding the truth in your name and's name. Your wonderful soul mate, Bonnie King will now be called "Chief" as she has so kindly accepted the title with love ...and I will still remain "Lois Lane."

Superman did not leap over tall buildings in a single bound -- my Chief did. Peace and love!

~ Lois ~


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