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Will a Rohingya Armed Struggle Be Legitimate?

A constant fear has been imposed upon all who share an uncertain future.

The Rohingya are a Muslim minority population living in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

(NEW YORK CITY) - What should the Rohingyas do now as the victims of ethnic cleansing and inhuman atrocities being identified as Bangali foreigners in our own ancestral homeland by our own Government?

Think about the legitimacy of the armed struggle of the Rohingya people.

Our villages, houses, mosques, 95% of the Madarsas were burned down, the entire Rohingya Muslim population was made homeless, turned into helpless animal-like creatures in crowded concentration camps with tents.

Artificial starvation was created with people intentionally blocking the food supply, and medical treatment for Rohingya people was hindered, while thousands were killed and uncountable rapes were brutally committed.

A constant fear was imposed upon all who shared an uncertain future. Immigration checks were imposed instead of humanitarian help and instead of providing survival kits, all human rights articles were violated by the security forces and the government agencies. Even our great President Obama’s strong speech in favor of Rohingyas was disregarded.

Nothing stopped even after the departure of Obama President. Thein Sein has been issuing numerous promises and commitments to international media without a single punishment of the racist and extremist RNDP Arakan – ruling party leaders who are the masterminds and architects of the death and destruction of our people and properties.

In this critical situation, Rohingyas are not protected by their own government, and those who take refuge in neighboring Bangladesh trying to save their family's lives, are refused entry to that country against international law.

Rohingya men, women and children are engaged in desperate attempts... floating weeks and weeks, many have drowned trying to reach Thailand or Malaysia for safety.

The UN, US, EU, OIC, ASEAN and all world countries demanded the Burmese govt. to stop violence and restore Rohingyas rights, however, nothing was productive and still today the burning of houses and other buildings is continuing, while the arrests and killings Rohingyas continue.

I think there is no way out for Rohingyas except armed struggle for the defence of our lives and dignity in our own land, Arakan, dying in constant fear and living as animal with humiliation is not acceptable as human being.

To die with dignity with a legitimate armed struggle under UN laws of right of self-determination and prevention of ethnic cleansing seems better for Rohingyasi instead of begging our natural rights of indigenous and citizenship status from the government.

With the Burmese govt. utterly denying our existence and our national identity on the soil of Arakan, there is no scope to accept the saying of some Rohingya Activists for peaceful settlement and negotiation with Burmese govt. for our rights.

In my analysis, the Rohingya armed struggle is legitimate both in terms of Islamic verdicts and international laws for the defence and dignified survival of Rohingya nation.

However, we must prepare for this through an aggressive world-wide diplomacy bringing the world public opinion in favor of the just struggle of Rohingya people and a UN Resolution to raise arms for the self-defense of Rohingya nation.

Mohiuuddin M Yusof
President- World Rohingya Organization (WRO)
New York


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