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EPA's 'Lethal' Action Threatens ALL Family Farm Agriculture - $37,500 per day per violation!

This overreach and abuse of federal power could be headed your way.

People producing good food from happy animals, while improving the environment, shouldn’t have to fear the government.
People producing good food from happy animals, aiding the environment, shouldn’t have to fear the government.

(ST. FRANCIS, Ks. No Bull Food News) - This unwarranted action comes against, Mike Callicrate and A.J. Jones, two of the nation’s leading advocates of

Mike Callicrate at Farm
Aid 2011 (far left Willie Nelson)

sustainable family farm agriculture.

Mike and A.J. produce good food from their environmentally beneficial, humane, and sustainable farming and ranching operation.

Mike is also a long-time outspoken critic of the industrial, big food cartel that continues to drive family farmers and ranchers off the land as they take more and more control of our government and our food supply.

Why have we allowed the federal government to circumvent our local and state agencies in attacking the best examples of sustainable farming and ranching while ignoring the pollution and other extremely bad actions of big industrial operations?

Click to read EPA Summary

The federal government gives permission to the blatant and massive pollution of companies like BP, Exxon Mobile, Tyson, Cargill, JBS and Smithfield, and instead, without due process, goes after environmentally friendly family farms and ranches, producing healthy local foods, like Callicrate.

Hay stock for winter feeding at Callicrate Cattle Co. that the EPA contends is in violation and pollutant as the runoff needs to be contained.

Ruleton, Kansas, Spring 2011 - What has the EPA done here? Nothing.

ORDER: “The inspector also noted that your operation included swine and poultry and that these activities may be deemed a significant operational change requiring Kansas Department of Health and Environment approval.”

NOTE: We are checking with KDHE about the addition of swine and poultry to the operation.

Reach out to everyone from your local sheriff, county commissioners, state and national legislators, to persons of influence. Ask them to stop this overreach and abuse of federal power that could be headed your way.

Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for your attention and support.

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“I can not believe the care in which Callicrate Cattle Co. provides the animals and the land … Thank You on behalf of my Patrons, Family and Friends” – Bob Blair,

Source: Mike Callicrate | No-Bull Food News


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Anonymous September 3, 2011 12:30 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for posting this story, but this isnt even the half of it. Until people begin to study and research Agenda 21, written by the U.N. (written by the elite who told the U.N. what to write) they will not get the full picture. I knew this stuff was coming years ago, simply by reading the U.N. documents, then seeing obama as part of the U.N. (a violation of the Constitution, which he swore to uphold), and all that goes with it. The EPA is also shutting down coal plants in the southwest, EXCEPT for GE, which gets waivers. The coal plants will then go to China where there are NO environmental restrictions. The Agenda 21 goal is to de-industrialize the U.S., and it was written long ago. All of their plans are coming to pass, but most people dont notice. Their goal is to have everyone in an 8x8 room, totally reliant on federal government, and for the pharma, ag, etc industries to have total control. Research it yourself. Those such as myself who disagree will be detained or killed. Its all in the documents.

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