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Oregon's ALEC Leader Rep. Whisnant Reluctant to Dialog On His Reasoning

Gene Won "Legislator of Year" from ALEC But Now Has Secretary Send S-N Outmoded Statement to Eugene WEEKLY When Confronted - Part 3 1/2 of ALEC Series.

ALEC money trail

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Long ago in leading story coverage for United Press-Boston, learned first thing demanded on any controversial situation was free, open, honest, comprehensive opportunity for dialog with the reporter, prior to any publication of further detail.

That supports and carries out a major principle of ethical journalism demanding that any participant be assured of first opportunity to respond with facts --and sometimes feelings-- when caught in any controversial situation.

This proved especially true of anything involving law or legislation, subject areas often involved in controversial issues or problems, and by far the most likely to become even further complicated and confused by the very complexities of language, as each party to the process makes sure to make of it an ongoing debate --with winners and losers-- rather than open, honest dialog leading to learning shared by all --and thus well reported via professional coverage.

Unfortunately not everyone so involved in controversy --and most often-NOT the very person who needs most to speak out-- take advantage of this honest, open --and surely democratic-- opportunity to do so. Which brings to mind that old English Parliament "rule of debate" often bruited about in high school English-classes:

First rule of debate: Anyone who must explain the next morning has a problem.

We stand ready to begin dialog with Rep. Whisnant, Winner of the Legislator of the Year Award from the ALEC organization, and can promise him open, honest and democratic dialog here.

Links from: Center for Media and Democracy

Here is Executive Director Lisa Graves' ( open letter about our ALEC Exposed project:

Her message about the details of the project is here:

Our July 13th press release upon launch of the site and release of the ALEC "model" bill trove is here:

There are audio and video interviews with Lisa and the Nation writers who also received the leaked bills and published their analysis of the ALEC agenda on various spheres here:

None of them are CMD staff except for Mary Bottari ( ; her profile here:

For general information about CMD and our various projects (ALECexposed, PRWatch, SourceWatch, BanksterUSA and FoodRightsNetwork), go here:

We put our own reputation for that kind, level and quality of dialog right on the line when we offer him full and continuing opportunity to present his thinking and reasons why he has chosen to be so closely linked with what ALEC was doing --perhaps missing the ultimate result and unavoidable consequences of its impacts on literally many thousand of state-level laws in development for every state legislature --since 1973!

But instead of welcoming our professionally-motivated open dialog right out here in public, he chose Step One in evasion and denial, and had his secretary to do the dirty work, sending us only an outmoded statement supplied some time ago to the Eugene WEEKLY, along with access to his own article published in "Inside ALEC".

Aside from such contemptuous response, the two items were already available to us, and indeed the statement he sent to the Eugene WEEKLY was somewhat helpful in directing our full attention to much that it did NOT state.

Since ALEC has become a wildly-and-widely reported national controversial issue, we at Salem-News have undertaken to bring that broad variety and depth of new information to our readers by constant surveillance of every source we can discover and then cover.

You will find listed in our separate sidebar story the major links now operating on this large agenda item for major national information sources --so recognized by the current Hillman Award just conferred on the group responsible.

The sidebar link-story confers on every S-N reader a remarkable opportunity to learn precisely how this organization managed to make its malignant and otherwise-magnificent impacts on thousands of models intended to shape and facilitate production of actual laws and other legislation in all fifty states.

Use of these links will make available to every reader every particular and precise component of those very same models...with a single-click.

Other clicks will bring up list-b-state of the legislators involved at ALEC's three-a-year sessions, and will also make clear the unavoidable (and now impossible-to-hide) very strong impact on them deriving from that "seat at the table" for dialog and debate, for which they paid that "king's ransom" --complete with veto power over the resulting product.

We will return soon to further exploration of ALEC power and protocol, with examples of its malignant impacts on extremely important legislation in several states, along with the exquisite --some would write excruciating-- consequences now, some unforeseen and others right on schedule under this longtime plan and performance.

Part one: ALEC' UN-Elected, Writing U.S. Legislation Under Koch-Influenced Direction In Many States Op-Ed by Henry Clay Ruark for

Part two: Corporate Interests Imposed On State Law/Drafts With Veto Power 'Worth King's Ransom' to Whole Crowd of Corporate Powers - Op Ed by Henry Clay Ruark for site (although linked from the site). The link to the ALEC Corporations list is:

At 21, Henry Clay Ruark was Aroostook Editor for the Bangor, Maine DAILY NEWS, covering the upper 1/4 of the state. In the ‘40s, he was Staff Correspondent, then New England Wires Editor at United Press-Boston; later Editor for the Burlington, Vermont 3-daily group owned by Wm. Loeb, later notorious at Manchester, New Hampshire UNION LEADER for attacks on Democratic Presidential candidates.

Hank returned to Oregon to complete M. Ed. degree at OSU, went on to Indiana University for Ed.D. (abd) and special other course-work; was selected as first Information Director for NAVA in Washington, D.C.; helped write sections of NDEA, first Act to supply math, science, foreign language consultants to state depts. of education; joined Oregon Dept. of Education, where he served as NDEA administrator/Learning Media Consultant for ten years.

He joined Dr. Amo DeBernardis at PCC, helping establish, extend programs, facilities, Oregon/national public relations; moved to Chicago as Editor/Publisher of oldest educational-AV journal, reformed as AV GUIDE Magazine; then established and operated Learning Media Associates as general communications consultant group. Due to wife’s illness, he returned to Oregon in 1981, semi-retired, and has continued writing intermittently ever since, joining S-N in 2004. His Op Eds now total over 650 written since then.

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Hank Ruark September 18, 2011 12:27 pm (Pacific time)

To all: For those interested in ALEC-impact on education reform and funding, see this note: For serious readers sensitive to new materials highly relevant to this thread (May 28 Op Ed on Education and Its Reform), Google these organizations for links to publications named. --(Sorry NOT to supply link - note lost here.) 1. National Center on Education and Economics for " Standing On Shoulders of Giants: An American Agenda for Education Reform." 2. Center for American Progress for "Charting New Territory: Tapping Charter Schools to Turn Around The Nation's Dropout Factories" Will return to further developments of May 28 Op Ed soon.

Hank Ruark September 18, 2011 11:47 am (Pacific time)

To all: Whisnant legislation-proposed from ALEC-model involves ALEC Budget Tool Kit and several key areas of budget impacting education. ALL of ALEC since 1973 (!) now clearly known to be corporate and private-interest influenced. (See sidebar above for variety of links) Here's clear statement of what is at stake here in Oregon NOW: "ALEC’s model legislation reflects parts of the Kochs’ agenda that have little to do with oil profits. Long before ALEC started pushing taxpayer-subsidized school vouchers, for example, the Koch fortune was already underwriting attacks on public education. David Koch helped inject the idea of privatizing public schools into the national debate as a candidate for vice president in 1980. A cornerstone of the Libertarian Party platform, which he bankrolled, was the call for “educational tax credits to encourage alternatives to public education,” a plan to the right of Ronald Reagan. Several pieces of ALEC’s model legislation echo this plan." (Source: ALEX Exposed) We will explore this malign terrtory much further/deeper in both my ALEC-thread and long-delayed further on educational status, focus, funding and future... so STAY TUNED !!!

Hank Ruark September 16, 2011 8:05 pm (Pacific time)

To all: Justt as professional check, did run link from "anon", discovering it was to conspiracy/theory re world bankers -worthless for any possible context here --and waste of my time, per ongoing checking experience over some months.

Hank Ruark September 16, 2011 8:00 pm (Pacific time)

"Anon": I make a working policy of ignoring any comment by anonymous...esp. when"research" claimed, since how can I trust "research" --or even a link !-- from a source afraid to ID-self, even with pseudonym. Checked out some hundreds of such links to find vast majority valueless, obvious Far Right, heavily biased, and generally unbelievable and unuseable --which accords with known aspects of anon-characteristics in research on reasons/why persons use its uselessness. Decent respect for First Amedment and others here requires use of real name. Many do not recognize that simple rule and damage is done constantly thereby when need arises to learn source and thus really evaluate comment, which ordinarily rises from information rather than cogitation.

Hank Ruark September 16, 2011 7:51 pm (Pacific time)

Ron A, et aL Appreciate yr link, but find nothing too relevant to ALEC situation, since going on since '73 and broadly affected by much else in contemporary societal developments during that whole period. This one stems from much more complex and involved general political actions, reflecting longtime "hidden tunnel" approach by GOPster radicals who have finally found way to top of GOPheap more by chance than good common political sense. For reality/scoop on ed. reform as it is today, see Diana Ravitch in current issue of NYRvwOfBooks...she lays out two major approaches and contrasts the world/views involved...will return to my thread here re ed. reform soon.

Ron Adams September 16, 2011 1:05 pm (Pacific time)

Hank here is how ALEC has gotten traction. What say yoy?
My Interview with Andrew Breitbart – THE reason why the New York Ninth Congressional District is Now Represented by a Republican, first time since 1922.

Anonymous September 15, 2011 2:16 pm (Pacific time)

a short video from another perspective..A perspective that my decades of research support.

Hank Ruark September 15, 2011 12:46 pm (Pacific time)

To all: Cannot help but image the consternation of several hundred thousand lawyers, contemplating those solid walls of bookcases with thousands of pages of Laws Encased...always background for any image of lawyers at work. NOW they gotta wonder which specific laws, on which of all those pages, has been distorted-perverted during its development process ever since 1973 ???

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