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PAULFEST and 'We are the Future' Rally speech at USF SunDome in Tampa August 24th-26th 2012

We “The Fringe” elements are from all walks of life that supported Dr. Paul with an exuberance you will not find with any other presidential candidate.

Ron Paul fest

(OKLAHOMA CITY) - Sometimes we are blessed to get a second chance. And at the end of August that is precisely what occurred for me.

I was 14 when Woodstock put an indelible mark on the American landscape. It wasn’t until a couple of years later I realized what had transpired and had wished so much that I had been there. So, when I learned about Paulfest coming to Tampa prior to the Republican National Convention, I thought that it would be a version of Woodstock that not only would have great music but relevant speakers and sadly, the same necessary, anti-war protest rhetoric. Since I no longer fly because of the TSA and their preposterous tactics of groping or radiating, I drove with a friend the long journey to Florida from my home in Oklahoma. I was not to be disappointed.

Friday, August 24th, 2012 was the opening day of the 3 day event and the crowds were light. There was a hurricane brewing in the Gulf and this surely had some impact. Also, there wasn’t the official blessing by Dr. Ron Paul’s campaign staff of the event. Clearly, Dr. Paul would have been the featured speaker and was exceedingly welcome to participate but the “official” word was that he didn’t realize the event was occurring until it was too late for him to attend. In Dr. Paul’s defense, I believe that he wasn’t told about the event, rather relying on his people to keep him apprised of such things. After all, he was busy campaigning for the presidency and frequently running to Washington to vote on bills, not the least of which was a call to Audit the FED.

Even a nice tribute to Dr. Paul could not escape a bit of controversy, as some of Dr. Paul’s official campaign considered the festival goers “The Fringe” element. Many of us that support Dr. Paul suspected that his campaign staff was less than genuine and worked seemingly the opposite of what the good doctor stands for. We “The Fringe” elements are from all walks of life that supported Dr. Paul with an exuberance you will not find with any other presidential candidate. What Dr. Paul has been saying as a lone voice in Congress has finally germinated. The youth of this country get it. They are the ones that will be suffering the most if our country is not put back on course. Many Ron Paul supporters are exceedingly loyal and full of admiration for the man. I have heard people say they would take a bullet for him. How many can say they have heard the same said of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

Here is a video of Peter Schiff, a financial expert, telling one of the organizers of Paulfest that they were thought to be fringe by the Paul campaign. In the ever present battle between good and evil, the truth always rises to the surface. Here is a video where the speaker tells one of the organizers of Paulfest that he had been “warned” about the Paulfest. Taken by my friend, Donny Tsunami, waiting to tape his friend, John Yowan, getting Peter Schiff’s book signed, inadvertently uncovered a bit of a smear tactic against Paulfest and its organizers:

On a brighter note and putting aside all obstacles, Saturday did not disappoint. Minister Derrick Grayson’s (TMOT) guitarist, Michael Jamsmith of the Axis Experience,, did an amazing homage to Jimi Hendrix – ala The Star Spangled banner. Jamsmith’s rendition was Jimi all the way, with some extra runs and licks added for good measure. He owned the Banner and it waved in my heart as he played.

My interview with Michael Jamsmith .

Ah, I made it to Woodstock after all. If you listen to this clip you will hear I wasn’t the only one who made the connection.  (yours truly as the last speaker).This video is beautifully done but they do imply that Paulfest and Ron Paul’s speech at the Sundome were one in the same. Paulfest ran from August 24th- August 26th. Dr. Paul’s speech at the Sundome was held on Sunday, August 26th running concurrently with the last day of Paulfest. They were not sponsored or produced by the same organization.

Here is Dr. Paul’s Speech at the Sundome in Tampa Florida. It has been called a shadow convention. To me this was the real convention and what happened later in the week at the RNC was corruption, bullying and made a mockery of the election process. This, however, was truly magical.

Until last year Toni Samanie was a standard-issue grandmother and mother. She lived life like most ordinary citizens. She worked in a successful sales environment and brought enthusiasm and a win/win attitude to the customers she helped. Then tragedy struck her most regular of families and she lost her 38 year-old son-in-law due to poly-pharmacy. She also has an orphan disease which has enabled her to see the fallacy behind the idea that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are straining day and night to "cure" people like her. Once married to a physician she has had a special view of the medical fraternity from within.

Always an avid reader especially with regard to American History. Having been reared near Manassas' Bull-Run and Fredericksburg, VA she has a fondness for Civil War History and West Point War Strategy. Coincidentally, she is the daughter and step-daughter of two Marines who fought in the Korean War. She grew up in the small civilian town of Quantico, Virginia surrounded by the Marine military base and Navy hospital. She has always viewed the soldiers in her family, as well as other soldiers, with high regard. As a teenager in the late 60's-early 70s she grew up in a time of civil unrest. "Question authority was de rigueur by most all American youth. Occupy Wall Street is very reminiscent of those formative, yet troubled years.

So, now that the rose-colored glasses have been crushed she is coming to write about the criminal activity of the pharmaceutical industry and to help others be enlightened before it is too late for them. She does not have any formal education in writing but comes with the strength and passion of a soldier.

Her web blog is:

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Tracy Diaz September 25, 2012 8:37 am (Pacific time)

M. Dennis, I respectfully disagree. As an organizer for the event, I can say with CERTAINTY that our gate total was 5K for the weekend. As a matter of fact, Day 2 was the day we ammassed the most attendence. Additionally, you have not a clue about the people you claim to understand so well. I think that you sir, are the one who has taken some of that "brown acid"

Toni Samanie September 25, 2012 5:13 am (Pacific time)

Responding to M Dennis Paul, Ph.D. I deliberated whether to even respond to your comment. Why give it credence? but as I wrestled with your gross exaggerations and mean-spiritedness I thought it best to set the record straight for those poor souls who might mistake a PhD as a symbol of intellect. First, the Jimi Hendrix experience and reference to Woodstock was my own interpretation, a spiritual experience for me personally. I troubled myself to do a bit of research and found out you purport to be some sort of counselor specializing in spirituality. Really? With that kind of ill-conceived rancor I pity your patients. As far as your count of 200 attendees I suggest you watch this short video and you will see that your number count was off significantly. Obviously, you weren't there or you would know that besides these people shown in the video I took there was an entire other side of the building equally filled. I would suggest before you spout off on a subject that you first get your facts straight.

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. September 22, 2012 9:36 am (Pacific time)

Less than 200 people show up for an unsanctioned event (even fewer on day 2)..many of them curiosity seekers..perhaps spending a bit of time listening to speakers prattle over misguided libertarian pretentiousness, listening to some sad sack band attempting to emulate a musician who died long before they were born, spouting allegiance, with knowing nods to each other, to a man of whom they have no real understanding for his true political bent (and for whom they would take a bullet, no less), and in some odd fantasy world convince themselves they have experienced something reminiscent of Woodstock. Somebody took the brown acid.

Anonymous September 21, 2012 2:30 pm (Pacific time)

Anyone who would even consider supporting a Republican in the current climate shows their complete political superficiality or--dare I say it--their human callousness.

Hugh Smith September 19, 2012 1:20 am (Pacific time)

Wow I love this story...

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