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What to Study at College to Become a Successful Investor

Take the time to learn how the business world operates.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Not everyone wants to major in finances when they go to college, but somehow many people think that you need to study some or another financial degree to become a successful investor.

With new avenues opening up backed by the technology boom, from blogging to an e-commerce store, everything begins with a small investment. And yet, it can be scaled up quickly with a high level of returns.

You only need to be smart about what you invest in and there are many courses that can teach you the right skills to look out for investment opportunities. Another important thing here is to think dynamically and go for courses that can actually help you to understand the way the business world moves or behaves.

If you think about it, investing is all about taking a chance on people, so you want to study something that will make you understand people better.


Think about startup companies; they are driven by people who have an idea and a passion for a concept that they want to sell to other people. If you think of real estate, the value thereof is determined by people. Human speculation is the cause for stocks going up or down.

What better course of study to follow than psychology if you want to know more about how people think? You will gain a better idea of what drives people to make certain decisions and what the effects of fear or confidence are.

Being able to tap into the thought processes of people will give you an idea of how markets are going to behave based on external stimulus. You will be able to determine or make an educated evaluation on a situation to decide if an investment is worthwhile or whether it will pay dividends in the near future or not.

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Human behavior

Human behavior and psychology go hand in hand. This is not so much a course than an intentional observation of how people react to certain situations. This is not just watching people because it is interesting. This is more of study that you conduct on your own in every situation.


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Have you ever stood in a line and observed the agitation of the people who have been there for a while? Have you seen how their emotions tend to flair up when someone cuts the line?

There is something that all humans share to a greater or lesser degree and when you watch people more and more, you will notice the common societal patterns and the natural biological patterns that everyone exhibits.

When you start to see the patterns in which people behave, you will be able to make investments based on behavioral patterns and not on an emotional whim. This makes investing much less risky and adds a bit of predictability to it all.

Algorithmic math

To rely on the human factor alone is not always the best option. Although you can get insight into what might happen, there are also other calculations that can reveal things that you might not have noticed before.

Human behavior is sometimes irrational and at other times, it follows a very predictable path. Adding algorithmic math to the equation will help you to get even more security and assurance that your investment is a sound one.

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The obvious

There are also the obvious routes that you can follow and take up a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics or any related field. You will gain an insight into all the technical aspects of finances and get a better understanding of how the markets behave.

Pursuing a degree in finance provides you with the theoretical aspects of finance and explains how money works in the world. On the other hand, you could also complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

What this degree will mean for you is that you will be able to take all the financial and accounting components of investments and build it into your own business model.


Investing and becoming a successful investor is not as clear cut as some or another engineering degree. Whenever there is a human aspect that comes into play, you add an irrational variable that has the ability to throw the whole apple cart over.

Studying people and their behavior is not as simple as following a formula, seeing that people often find ways to surprise us in the way that they act in certain situations.

Combining the human aspect with the theoretical, technical and mathematical will provide you with the best opportunity to become a successful investor. From there, you can only try and make as few mistakes as possible and learn from the ones you do make.

Contributing Writer Ray Campbell is a renowned business and finance blogger helping investors make smart decisions to invest wisely. He also works part-time as an academic writer, editor and proofreader. In his free time, he reads autobiographies, watch TV shows and practice yoga.


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