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Monsanto`s Food Paradigm is Over!!

There are answers and there are ways to combat this dangerous cycle.

(SALEM) - Monsanto out, farmers in There is a tremendous shift, a food revolution, if you will, taking place across the entire food system.

Countermeasures are overtaking the toxic destruction of Monsanto and company each and every day, as consumers are waking up to the fact that they’ve been duped.

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Genetically Modified Crops - Contamination without Representation

If Oregon allows GM sugar beets to be deregulated, we may not stand a chance against full federal deregulation of all GM crops.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Sugar beet A public hearing is being held in Corvallis, Oregon this Thursday, November 17th to determine if Genetically Modified sugar beets will be deregulated in Oregon.

Meanwhile, the public comment period maybe just a local distraction giving way to full federal deregulation without any representation of organic and conventional crop farmers.

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Personal Responsibility - Fault or Fiction?

Since the inception of GMO products doctors have reported skyrocketing rates of allergies, auto-immune disorders, ADHD, asthma and autism.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Genetically Modified Corn We Americans have been living a lullaby of consumer comfort and easy bake answers. We have forgotten our survival skills and have taken for granted the perpetual feeding trough.

Our intuitive nature has dulled into the mild hum of complacency and blind trust in our providers. We have put faith in a system of faulty mechanisms led by corporate profit and democratic lust.

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Where is Superman When you Need Him?

Our children are being fed without question of corporate intent or consequences.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Superman We learned in our early years that Superman never gave up, even with kryptonite in hand. We may not have super hero strength, but we Americans must find our will.

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The Crossroads of Food

'Round Up' followers: call your nation into resistance.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Crossroads We find ourselves at a particular juncture, a fork in the road, where history allows us a perfect opportunity to benefit from 20/20 hindsight without the detriment of looking back 15 years down the road to an inevitable agricultural devastation.

In our recent past, many of those opportune moments have remained un-seized.

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The GMO Elephant in the Room - from the Trenches of America`s Hidden Food War

Many scientists, farmers, pure food activists and a few brave politicians want you to know that it’s not too late to turn it around and recapture our agricultural heritage before the food ship sinks.

(SALEM, Ore.) - GMO tomatoes A large grass-roots movement is diligently advocating for your right to pure non-genetically modified food and honest labeling.

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Genetically Engineered Salmon...Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Fish

Are you comfortable feeding transgenic animals to your children? If not, speak now or forever hold your fish. Here’s your only chance to say no.

(SALEM, Ore.) - GE Salmon This decision will open the flood gates for approval of any and all transgenic or “mutant” species. Are you comfortable with the mixing and miss-matching of genes from different animals? Are you comfortable feeding them to your children?

Here’s your only chance to say no.

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America the Munchausen Mama

Special feature on the dangers of GM foods and other household products you wouldn't expect; includes an audio version of this report.

(SALEM, Ore.) - GM food The most important job in the world is being a mother. There is nothing more satisfying that raising a child, knowing that even though you’ve made mistakes, overall you did your best. You loved them, guided them and nurtured them into well adjusted adults.

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Open Letter to the Organic Community

It takes real effort to get the right information out to people. is a steamroller in accomplishing this.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Organic food To the entire organic community and those farmers that support them. I would like to share with you my passion for organic living and my commitment to spreading the word to anyone who will listen.

It has become my life’s purpose to discuss the truth about the modern food supply in real terms.

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Protesters Block Monsanto in the Netherlands - Demanding End to GMOs

Banners were posted with the message "Imagine, monopoly of food, poisonous agriculture, The World according to ... Monsanto"

(BERGSCHENHOEK / SALEM) - File photo of a GM food protest in The Netherlands Protesters in the Netherlands shut down a Monsanto seed plant by forming a blockade.

About 50 members of the action group ‘Roundup Monsanto’ showed up at the at 6 o’clock Monday morning, demanding they stop patenting seeds and other living organisms.

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April Scott has been an avid writer since she learned how to spell. In 1996, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a minor in Radio-Television from Eastern Washington University.

Her media career began at KXLY (Spokane, Wa) in 1996. She produced several popular talk shows on AM 920 including “All About Crime” with host Mark Fuhrman, “The Rick Miller Show”, “Mike Fitzsimmons”, “Phyllis and Art” and “Seebeck”. She also developed a successful career in ad sales and copywriting for Rock 94 ½ another KXLY station.

In 2000 she moved to Oregon where she worked as copywriter and online editor for KATU news (Portland).

Today, April is a mom striving to live an organic lifestyle. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with fellow Oregonians, and people all over the world. She hopes that by educating people about the chemical content in our modern food supply, she will be able to arm them with the knowledge they need to become smarter consumers.

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