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Keizer is a thriving community near Salem, Oregon Articles written by Henry Clay Ruark

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Whisnant Refuses To Recognize Damage to State from ALEC - Process Now Nationally Exposed

Every Legislator Informed In Detail at Session Just Ended BUT NO Action Underway to End Any Reliance On ALEC-Flawed "Models"

(SEASIDE, OR) - Rep. Gene Whisnant Oregon's first annual-session Legislature --"a short-termer with many promising results" as one departing legislative leader described it-- is now firmly inscribed in both history and consequences.

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ALEC-Process Prime Tool for Assault as Corporate Dollars Drown Democracy

Sponsors, Supporters Playing Irrational Assassin-Role.

(SEASIDE, OR) - ALEC and Bush The major measure of ALEC-process damage to our democracy is its own success in isolating and assaulting the legislative role in every state.

This is achieved through the complex protocol for preparing and passing many proposals into new binding laws.

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Founders Built Nation on Open, Honest Democratic Dialog, Debate, Vote-Decision

The American system, is in remarkably good stead now for 236 years since 1776 despite a changing world.

(SEASIDE, OR) - Washington and the US Revolution This is short list of leading reference books on early American history, from working references here numbering more than thirty currently.

These each make special point of the significance of honest, open dialog and debate defining the basic principles the Founders discovered in their unremitting search of every possible source available in their time.

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ALEC-Process Thoroughly Exposed By State-Level Con-Game as `Models`

Legislators Must Accept Reality, Refuse Further ALEC- Reliance: Continued Usage By Some Members Is Implied Insult to all.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - John Maynard Keynes Britain's famed economist John Maynard Keynes once routed an opponent on the Parliament floor by stating:
"I change my mind when the facts change, sir. What do you do ?"

Keynes' own record of exemplary leadership linked tightly to his own well-stated principles was appreciated; but so also was his sensitive, sensible and solid willingness to learn and change "when the facts change".

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Open, Honest, Democratic Dialog
Most Essential, Basic Tool For Effective Policy

Politically Driven GOPster/Bloody Perversions Derailing System

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - shadow people Despite their unavoidable competition, our Founders assured themselves of the essentials for any conscientious agreement on the complex issues of human relations and governing policies.

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From Whence Cometh This Wisdom?

Greatest Function of Democratic Dialog Is Wisdom Shared - Founders Discovered Principles Which Make It So.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Revolutionary war statue The brute fact is that much of the murderous muddle comes from lack of wisdom rather than the containing status of "a campaign year":

The demands of that strange time illuminating mostly the mildly-insane machinations within the remaining wreckage of a once-major group.

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Corporate Gurus Shape, Distort ALEC `Models`

Lavish-Cost Memberships Conceal Corporate Dialog Control, Present Payoff by "Scholarships", Protect Results By Veto

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - money trail Corporations exist solely to extract money from any source they can process, using whatever means they can manage, maneuver or manipulate.

The so-called "modern" corporation has yet to accept and build its chartered structure and operations on any purpose but that of "profit" --however obtained.

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Op Ed: `Deja Vu` For YOU, Too?
Deep Array of Desperate Situations Reflects Non-Developments Too Familiar

What Makes You Think There Are Any Positive Change Coming?

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Shackled by history Long ago I learned never to look back but simply to jam down foot and keep driving... Worked fine when I had first license, in Maine, in early 30s... and I must disclose since it soon became professional habit in all I've undertaken ever since.

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Op Ed Special Note Re ALEC-Debacle

Here’s a working list recorded so far, with others to be added shortly.

(SEASIDE) - U.S. Capitol The ALEC debacle directly affecting formation of laws in every state since 1973 continues to draw heavy across-the-media attention and further investigative interest across the nation.

One must wonder where the major Oregon media have been on this one --and what will be the attention given to obvious problems when the legislators meet again.

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`Deja Vu` All Over Again Reflects National Mood

Cycle Comes Full-Circle With “Negative Factors” - This Time Sure to Force Positive Changes.

(SEASIDE, Ore.) - Failture of the USA Anyone well acquainted with our American history will see many and essential parallels in paramount parts of our whole “American Story” from the Continental Congress on through the Gilded Age and the Civil War --and with increasing rapidity-of-incident ever since.

We’ve had our run of everything from true revolution to paltry substitutes for the true gold of tested and proven patterns, protocol and programs --and we are still continuing to learn.

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Henry Clay Ruark of

Flickering candle

Henry Clay Ruark - USA Opinion / Editorials (Deceased)

Opinion and Editorials

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.                 Willing is not enough; we must do." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Henry Clay Ruark was one of's original writers and staff members from our inception in 2004; a former newspaper reporter; educational and audio-visual media specialist; agency, institution, corporate public information officer; national trade magazine publisher and editor; and Chicago-based communications media consultant for agency, institution, individual and corporate clients.

Splitting a “very checkered” career between journalism and education, he wrote and worked for many newspapers while continuing in educational assignments. He has taught at every level from grades to graduate school, agency/institution seminars, and corporate conferences; written, edited and produced both print and visual learning media in all formats; and written for weeklies, dailies, newsletters, journals and magazines.

At 94, Hank was still writing ”on assignment” and generating a flow of articles for our editors, working for years as the Op-Ed writer, as he served in this same capacity for decades with other news organizations.

Hank was registered as a Democrat, but disregarded any and all political-party disciplinary or bias for “the precious independence demanded as foundation for professional reporting”, insisting that one cannot be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, any more than one can be four-legged and two-faced. Probing, controversial, confirmed conversation (read:”honest, open, democratic dialog”) demands writer be independent, Hank firmly believed.

His photo, taken in December 2009 in front of his son Loren's live truck in Eugene, Oregon, offers a hint of this reporter's connection to a whole generation of younger Ruarks in news today.

View articles written by Henry Clay Ruark

In March 2007, we wrote the article: Salem-News Writer is a Patriarch Among Oregon Journalists. The article in its entirety is included below:

Salem-News Writer is a Patriarch Among Oregon Journalists

While Henry Clay Ruark will continue to write stories for from Central Oregon.

Henry Clay Ruark in the mid-40's

Henry Clay Ruark in the mid-40's

(SALEM) - Salem-News viewers are familiar with the name, Henry Clay Ruark, his name is known throughout Oregon in many media circles. Hank as he is more generally known to us, has been contributing opinion/editorial articles here for more than two years.

You see, at the age of 89, Hank is a patriarch among journalists in this state; his son Jeremy operates a radio newsroom in Bend, Oregon, while his other son Loren works as a main point man at Eugene's KVAL TV.

Back in the early 1990's when I was the News Director of Oregon coastal radio stations KCRF and KBCH, Jeremy was with Salem's AM station KBZY and we competed fiercely for the 1991 Oregon Associated Press Cooperation Award by providing news stories to the rest of Oregon via the AP.

Loren is Hank's son who has major mileage with the local news industry in Oregon. Today Loren shoots and sets up live shots for KVAL in Eugene. When I worked as photojournalist/reporter for Portland's ABC affiliate KATU Channel-2, Loren helped me countless times in the field on Salem stories that Portland and Eugene both covered.

Loren is the only TV news guy I've ever known who has his name painted on the side of his live truck. It reminds me of the nose art on a WWII bomber.

With almost nine decades of life under his belt, Henry Clay Ruark is living history. He is young at heart though, and he easily belies his age with an appearance and spirit of a younger man.

What impresses me the most is Hank's value system. He never became stale in his thought process, he never aged in the wrong ways, and he always places a special emphasis in getting the details right and crediting his sources.

"Op-Eds published in Salem-News are specially researched and thoroughly documented to bring you the best possible summary of realities directly affecting you, as we see them."

One interesting development is Henry's relocation to Bend, Oregon where he will reestablish the operation he has been at the wheel of for many years, Learning Management Associates.

He is joining son Jeremy --corporate news director for Combined Communications there-- in a single-level residence with office space for further LMA activities and Op-Ed reports for Salem-News.

While Hank will continue to write stories for about the Oregon Legislature, he will also diversify our coverage of the state by living in Central Oregon.

His sometimes controversial "Opinion" pieces will continue, resuming next week. Watch for his next Op-Ed transmitted on Wednesday.


We miss you Henry - 'Sir - Gridley reporting

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