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Exclusive interview with Dr. Phil Leveque, Forensic Toxicologist and Pharmacologist, on the Ebola Epidemic.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Ebola epidemic It spreads very easily. An infected person doesn't need to touch you, or have you touch them; nor sneeze on you, or have sex with you. It’s their aura, the infected person’s atmosphere around them carries the moisture-born Ebola virus, their own contaminated body fluids. Yes, their sweat evaporating into the air around them is infected, and contagious.

Because of the virulence of this stuff, it doesn't act like measles or small pox or anything like that, something far, far worse. You can’t say that this is from person-to-person contact; it’s just not possible that it can be that way.

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Medical Marijuana and the Most Dangerous, Ignorant, Evil, Anti-Marijuana Shills

If there were 12 on this list, it would definitely be a Dirty Dozen.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - patrick kennedy mpp For medical marijuana users, hiding from police and the anti-marijuana thugs while looking over their shoulders at booze-drinking politicians must be causing them paranoia - one of the adverse effects of too much marijuana.

In this case, the paranoia turns out to be real. And here are the people that make it so.

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PTSD: Reefer Madness & Dangerous Drugs

Marijuana is the Best, Safest Drug

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - marijuana helps PTSD PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is one of the worst afflictions to hit us as thinking people. Although it has been recorded in history for about 4,000 years, it probably has been around longer than that. Even military dogs get it, so it must be much more universal for thinking critters than we have considered.

We, as a country, have recorded PTSD in every war since our revolutionary war, but it certainly afflicted soldiers far before that time.

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Marijuana, Reefer Madness, Fake Experts and Politicians

Marijuana vs Jimson Weed: Will the real LOCOWEED please stand up?

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - locoweed (jimson weed) I was introduced to marijuana in 1928 when I discovered that the Mexican kids in my hometown, Klamath Falls, Oregon, were smoking it, which I believed to be “locoweed”! I discovered later that the rolled cigarettes they were enjoying were not Jimson weed, most commonly called locoweed, but marijuana.

Jimson is not marijuana, but produces many similar effects.

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Marijuana News: Politicians Prescriptions for Marijuana Defy Doctors

Marijuana- abominable scourge or God’s medicine?

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - global cannabis march 2014 This headline has been taken from the NYT June 26, 2014, by Catherine St. Louis, a Times reporter who published one of the worst articles ever printed about marijuana as medicine.

She obviously has never read any of the many articles indicating the innumerable beneficial uses of marijuana.

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Marijuana: Criminalizing the Least Dangerous Substance

William Moyers and “Straight Pot Talk”... Where has he been? (Answer: Under a rock)

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - William Moyers I constantly browse through any kind of reading material to search for articles referring to marijuana. I found a real corker in the Portland Tribune June 24, 2014 titled Talk Straight to Your Kids About Pot.

I was astonished to see that it was written by William Moyers. I am well acquainted with Bill Moyers and wondered if this was the same guy. It turns out, he is the eldest son of “the” Bill Moyers.

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Medical Marijuana BLUNDER: New York`s Ridiculous Legislation

This Reefer Madness is a plan to fail, and the arrests will continue.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - New York City marijuana arrests Many years ago I visited Manhattan and read the NYT magazine section. It said that 50% of its citizens should see a psychiatrist. How about them? It must be so.

Police in New York City alone spent a million hours making 440,000 marijuana arrests from 2002-2012. That’s crazy. These numbers do not lie.

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Marijuana as a First Choice Drug: Unbelievable Utility and Versatility

Cannabis/Marijuana helps millions of people every day. Face it.... it works!

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - marijuana Cannabis/Marijuana (C/MJ) is effective for so many diseases and conditions that, I am constrained to write about it for the global world. Ergo, I shall write about the conditions for which C/MJ has no equal in medicine.

These conditions are those for which a patient can get a C/MJ medical-use permit. These are the main conditions, and all (or most of these) conditions are found on Granny Storm Crow’s list.

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Sergeant Bergdahl: The Army`s Blunder

A round peg in a square hole. He told the medical staff, “Do not call me Sergeant”.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Bowe Bergdahl I don’t care if you don’t like my title. Bowe Bergdahl was in the wrong place, wrong time, and in the wrong Army. He should have been in the Navy or Air Force, where his natural abilities could have been used and appreciated. It seems that he was somewhat of an intellectual. The infantry is the wrong place for such a person.

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Marijuana Committees and the Mexican Mafia: Are they Partners?

The marijuana business is bringing billions of dollars to the Mexican marijuana mafia.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - mexican mafia It is astonishing the way efforts toward legalizing marijuana use have gone since about the 1970’s when Vietnam War Veterans brought it back home with them.

Years before that, it was Caribbean islanders and African-American musicians who carefully transmitted marijuana from New Orleans to Memphis, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and essentially all along the East Coast.

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Dr. Phil Leveque of

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Dr. Phil Leveque (RIP) - USA Medical Expert/Staff Writer

In a unique segment, brings viewers the words and wisdom of one of Oregon's most famous doctors, Dr. Phillip Leveque, a man who fought in World War Two and fought to make access to marijuana a matter of reality. He was instrumental in the initial changing of Oregon law that allowed medical the use of Medical Marijuana in the first place.

He was a fighter since his days in the Army during World War Two, when he captured 26 Nazi officers in a single day by himself. More recently, this veteran physician fought for the rights of patients who use marijuana as a medicine and for veterans suffering from PTSD, something he was no stranger to.

The world is changing fast and medical marijuana is a daily reality for thousands of patients in Oregon, and hundreds of thousands of people nationwide who suffer from a variety of illnesses.

But who can pot smokers turn to for medical care? Needless to say, a vast majority of users are hesitant to discuss their use with physicians, and doctors are fearful when it comes to discussing a substance that potentially violates the law.

Federal laws still consider possession of pot illegal, even though states and individual counties have adopted their own standards. Because of the federal shadow cast on the situation, hundreds of thousands of legal users and millions of illegal users, go without adequate medical advice.

We are extremely proud that we were able to bring Dr. Leveque's expertise to our readers. This lifelong healer and former WWII combat soldier was on our primary team of writers at for 8 years.

We lost Dr. Phil Leveque on May 2, 2015, but his works live on through our pages and beyond. We are forever in his debt for sharing his worldly views on so many topics, and enlightening us all.

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