December 1, 2022
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Can you put a value on TRUTH and INTEGRITY?

When began in the summer of 2004, founders Tim King and Bonnie King were full time employees working in the mainstream world of media. They traded their careers (including the pay and benefits) to redefine the way news is presented in America, trailblazers of "New Media", and in countless ways they have seen tremendous success. has been out in front for over ten years, taking Web news very seriously.

Because we publish sharply honest news and are not swayed by pressure from groups that control most national media, we are constantly overextended financially.

Some advertisers have been put off because of our coverage of "hot topics" including legal medical marijuana, U.S. and Israeli military policy, and the numerous difficulties of our government and others in recent years. This is to be expected. The truth isn't comfortable, that's the reality of news.

Have courage. If you believe in what we do, then please support us by making a PayPal donation. We have high ranking on Google and are one of the accepted news sources by Google News. offers resources for our readers and opportunities for advertising clients, and a great venue for renowned and unknown writers, researchers and investigators around the globe to bring information to the public.

Our daily unique visitor count regularly soars to over 20k or more INDIVIDUAL READERS every day now. Any support you can assist with is very much appreciated.

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