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Asiatowne Plan in Early Stage, Targeted for Pringle Location

Current planning anticipates a probable official launching next May as the highlight of Asian-Pacific Island Heritage Month.

(SALEM) - Pringle park in Salem A novel idea for Salem's Downtown Area is in its embryonic stages. It is called Asiatowne and would involve creating a combination culture center that emphasize Food, Fashion, and the Arts, all drawn from nations of the Far East.

The Cherry City Institute, a local civic think tank, is leading the way.

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Death Toll Rises To Eight in Gujrat Camp Attack

The camp was set up a month ago to search for the body of an officer who drowned in the river.

(GUJRAT, Pakistan) - Gujrat, Pakistan map The death toll in Gujrat military camp attack has raised to eight, According to details, one more injured in the attack succumbed to injuries in CMH Gujranwala.

The armed miscreants attacked the camp of security forces near River Chanab, killing six military personnel and a policeman on the spot while three others received bullet wounds.

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Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives - a comment from an Editor

In this issue, the magazine takes an in depth look into Sri Lanka’s relationship with torture.

(HONG KONG) - Sri Lanka torture I was amazed at how quickly the pieces of Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives fell into place, turning an idea for a magazine into a quality, finished product.

When Nilantha Ilangamuwa, whom I’d previously worked with at the Sri Lanka Guardian, asked me to launch a magazine with him for the Asian Human Rights Commission, I knew I had to be a part of this project.

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Captive, Handcuffed and Dying... `Brutal` and `Shocking` Describe Newly Released Sri Lanka War Crime Images

War Crimes, Sex Crimes; photos and videos just released offer more compelling evidence.

(SALEM) - Handcuffed Tamil girl on bus A system of doubt exists at every step along this road when this government starts talking.

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Pakistan: ISI Plotted to Murder Asma Jahangir

Human Rights Ambassador William Gomes contacts Catherine Ashton with the European Union, voicing concern over targeted Human Rights Attorney in Pakistan, Asma Jahangir.

(SALEM) - Asma Jahangir Threatening the life of Human Rights Attorney Asma Jahangir, who formerly chaired the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, was a bad idea for Pakistani Intelligence (ISI).

They prove once again that ISI has no bounds or limitations to the degree of state terrorism it is willing to dish out.

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ASIA: Torture: Asian Perspectives to be Launched on 26 June

Torture is often used by authoritarian regimes as a means to retain control by suppressing dissent.

(HONG KONG) - Torture in Asia The Asian Human Rights Commission wishes to announce the release of its new bi-monthly magazine, Torture: Asian Perspectives.

The first issue will be released on 26 June, on the occasion of the International Day against Torture and Ill treatment.

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William Gomes Named `Human Rights Ambassador` for

What sets William apart, is that he covers the world as a whole, rather than concentrating on one specific region or country.

(SALEM / DHAKA) - Human Rights Ambassador, William Gomes We are pleased to announce the appointment of our writer William Gomes, to the position of Human Rights Ambassador.

In this rapidly changing world, we believe this newly-created position and program, are large steps in raising our effectiveness as a news agency.

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Quake and Tsunami Strike Indonesia

The tsunami was unleashed by an 8.7 magnitude earthquake according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

(SUMATRA, Indonesia) - A large undersea earthquake unleashed a tsunami that swept the shores of Indian Ocean beaches a few hours ago.

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Occupy Salem Forum: Bhutan`s Gross National Happiness - Slated for March 7

Occupy Salem is the local manifestation of the international Occupy Movement.

(SALEM) - Flag of Bhutan Gross National Happiness, rather than Gross National Product (GNP), is the national goal of the small Himalayan country of Bhutan.

Occupy Salem member Laurie Dougherty recently visited Bhutan and will present what she learned about this remarkable concept in an exclusive presentation on March 7 at 7 p.m. in the Oregon PeaceWorks office.

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Western Shenanigans Against Syria, Iran

Syria's problems are all part of a plan to attack Iran...

(TEHRAN) - Flags of Syria and Iran The volatile situation in Syria generated by the Saudi-Qatar-funded Wahhabi armed group known as the Free Syrian Army and backed by the West is now an accident waiting to happen.

There is certainly one ulterior motive behind the US-friendly Syrian crisis extravagantly fuelled by the presstitute media which keep distorting the facts on the grounds.

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