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President Kagame Uses Internet Media to Harass Rwandan Opposition

The Exposer has the power to use undetermined sum of money from Rwanda's Ministry of Defense budget.

(WASHINGTON / STOCKHOLM) - Rwandan Pres. Paul Kagame.  Photo by Jennifer Fierberg Rwanda President Paul Kagame ordered the creation of internet social media to scrutinize those who differ with him on Rwandan policies.

General Karenzi Karake, the head of NSS has created social media to neutralize social media sites which are gaining momentum in exposing the dictatorial regime mismanagement of the country.

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Assange Seeks to Avoid Paying the Price for Messing with America

The US quickly stepped in to educate the Ecuadorean coalition leaders as to the facts of Western Hemispheric imperial life.

(TASMANIA, Aust) - Julian Assange I’m sure most Americans are mighty proud of the fact that Julian Assange is so frightened of falling into the custody of the United States that he had to seek sanctuary in the embassy of Ecuador, a tiny and poor Third World country, without any way of knowing how it would turn out.

He might be forced to be there for years.

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BBC Campaign on 911 Truth Shifts into Second Gear

Send an email to the UK Parliament Media Committee

(SAN FRANCISCO) - British Parliament You can help motivate the members of the UK Parliament's Media Committee to hold the BBC accountable for its biased coverage of the real 9/11 evidence.

More than 250 of our newsletter subscribers wrote to the BBC Trust and UK Parliament Member Tom Watson in response to the article 'Hold the BBC Accountable' in our June 5 Blueprint newsletter and a follow-up Action Alert.

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World Silent as Muslim Massacre Goes on in Myanmar

As reported by Associated Press, 1,336 homes belonging to the Rohingya Muslims were burnt during the unrest.

(TEHRAN) - Rohingya Muslim woman from Myanmar Mohammad Hossein Nikzad, a close personal friend and a senior student of political science just called me a few hours ago, worriedly talking about the dire situation of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the atrocities the Buddhist Rakhines are committing in the East Asian nation.

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Mending Fences in Laos

More than 20,000 people have been killed by the bomblets and more than 98 percent of known cluster bomb victims are civilians with 40 percent of these children.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Hillary Clinton and America's gift to Laos. Earlier this month U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the first high level U.S. official to visit Laos since the Vietnam War.

Although not touted as such, the visit was an effort to mend fences with Laos, the most heavily bombed nation per capita in history.

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Myanmar Religious Cleansing: Crime Against Humanity

Iran's Foreign Ministry has called for end to violence in Myanmar.

(TEHRAN) - A Myanmar ethnic Rohingya Muslim holds a placard Described as the Palestine of Asia by the UN, the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar is currently going through an unutterable ordeal at the hands of the Rakhine extremist Buddhists in Arakan who are targeting the Muslim minority with the worst form of religious cleansing.

Ethnic cleansing is rife in Myanmar and is turning into a human tragedy of colossal proportions.

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Kuhan from EROS is the Treasurer of the GTF

The secrecy and evasiveness is a little mind boggling.

(SAN PEDRO, CA) - Global Tamil Forum A Senior GTF official a few months ago confirmed to me that GTF indeed had a secret meeting with Sonia Gandhi. I also have a witness outside of the GTF when this information was provided to me.

There is no harm in the GTF meeting Sonia Gandhi considering the fact that GTF President was deported from Chennai many months ago despite holding a valid visa.

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Pro-Divestment Presbyterians Win By Losing

What happened, as one Presbyterian participant explained, was “complicated”.

(CHICAGO) - The picture above is from the 220th General Assembly Do you really want to know what happened at the just-concluded 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian U.S.A. denomination?

As a veteran watcher of Protestant church political struggles, I urge you to remember that neither the cross nor the crown are free of an eagerness to grasp deliberate obfuscation in a political battle.

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Death Toll Rises To Eight in Gujrat Camp Attack

The camp was set up a month ago to search for the body of an officer who drowned in the river.

(GUJRAT, Pakistan) - Gujrat, Pakistan map The death toll in Gujrat military camp attack has raised to eight, According to details, one more injured in the attack succumbed to injuries in CMH Gujranwala.

The armed miscreants attacked the camp of security forces near River Chanab, killing six military personnel and a policeman on the spot while three others received bullet wounds.

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Five Individuals Charged in Connection with Death of a Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent

$1 Million FBI Reward Announced: Individuals Charged Are Allegedly Responsible for Death of Agent Brian Terry

(TUCSON, AZ) - From left to right, Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga, Ivan Soto-Barraza, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, and Lionel Portillo-Meza (photo unavailable) are wanted in connection with the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The indictment charging five individuals involved in the death of United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was unsealed today in Tucson, Arizona, and a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the arrest of four fugitives was announced by Department of Justice officials.

This case is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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