October 23, 2020
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Salem-News.com (Sep-30-2020 13:55)

OLCC Suspends Ecotest Labs Marijuana Laboratory Licensee

They transferred product to an unlicensed location in Hillsboro.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - OLCC cannabis Ecotest Labs must not exercise any license privileges, or engage in any delivery or receipt of marijuana items, at the licensed premises, or any other premises until further order by the OLCC.

The immediate suspension was based on a series of violations which the OLCC used to determine that Ecotest’s continued operation represents a serious danger to the public health and safety.

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Salem-News.com (Sep-10-2020 22:10)

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Skincare

CBD is one of the 100+ unique phytocannabinoids found in cannabis.

(SALEM, Ore.) - skin care CBD skincare allows you to provide your body with targeted support. You can pinpoint the spot where you feel or see discomfort and actively apply a solution. CBD oil permeates our porous skin, getting to the root of our issues.

Research shows that CBD is an antioxidant comparable to Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

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Salem-News.com (Sep-03-2020 14:22)

Medical Cannabis Improves Senior Citizens Quality of Life

A new study offers further evidence of the value of medical cannabis as a therapeutic approach for pain management.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - cannabis heals The use of medical cannabis by those over the age of 60 is positively associated with self-reported improvements in subjects’ health-related quality of life (HRQL), according to data published in the journal Clinical Gerontologist.

The study’s findings are similar to several others finding that medical cannabis use by seniors is relatively safe and effective at mitigating pain and improving self-reported quality of life.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-23-2020 20:54)

CBD For Pets - What We Know So Far

Since 2012, there has been more in-depth research on the prospect of medical marijuana for pets.

(SALEM, Ore.) - cannabis Just like in humans, the CBD oil is known to have beneficial medical effects on pets, especially older dogs who also suffer from similar problems of anxiety and seizures.

But the benefits are not just limited to anxiety alone, rather, people are now giving CBD oil to their pets for many purposes.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-11-2020 00:08)

How CBD Tackles Severe Lung Inflammation

There’s a growing need to pinpoint potential treatment options for COVID-19.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Cannabis leaf with CBD oil If you know anything about CBD, you know that there’s a laundry list of health and therapeutic benefits associated with the cannabinoid.

One of the most recent benefits to be added to the list is the compound’s ability to reduce severe lung inflammation. And in today’s climate, this is a huge breakthrough.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-15-2020 16:20)

Dad`s Finally Home for Dinner! Craig Cesal Finds Freedom.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Craig Cesal, recently released from federal prison where he was serving a life sentence on a first offense drug charge.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Craig Cesal A few weeks have passed since Craig walked out of the prison yard and into the outside world. I caught up with Craig to find out how he was doing.

The following is his story in his own words.

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Salem-News.com (May-12-2020 23:05)

An Unsung Hero - The Essential Budtender

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Jeramie Palmer, manager of the Sage Shop.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Jeramie Palmer I wondered how things might have changed for employees of what is now considered ‘essential’ in the state of Washington, the rural cannabis recreational store.

For many flocking for supplies, cannabis is on the list of essential needs. Among the quaint businesses on Main Street in Omak, Washington, they find the Sage Shop.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-22-2020 14:57)

Pandemic Peaks Online Interest in CBD Products

People are stockpiling natural remedies just as they stockpile rice and toilet paper.

(SALEM, Ore.) - COVID-19 The industry was already experiencing a boon in states throughout the country before the stay at home edicts, but now with 24/7 internet access and little else to do, new brands and increased product lines are rising to meet the retail challenge.

The growth is no doubt the result of the pandemic hitting as increased de-stigmatization of CBD use and the legalization of medicinal hemp becomes the norm.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-13-2020 14:52)

Skin Issues That CBD Can Help With

DISCLAIMER: The following information is shared based on empirical evidence and specific studies, not to be confused with medical advice.

(SALEM, Ore.) - sun bather With 11 states making it legal to buy and consume recreational marijuana, plus the 33 states and D.C. that have approved medical marijuana, well over half our nation is using varieties of the age-old herb without issue.

In response, marketing for everything CBD is in high demand. There are even topicals to help with common skin disorders.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-09-2020 14:52)

OLCC Will Temporarily Accept Expired State of Oregon Issued ID

This temporary exception only applies to driver licenses and ID cards issued by the State of Oregon.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - cannabis dispensary The OLCC will allow alcohol and marijuana licensees to accept expired Oregon driver licenses or ID cards that expired, on or after March 8, 2020, as an acceptable form of identification.

This decision aligns with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and law enforcement position, as DMV offices are closed because of the COVID-19 public health crisis preventing individuals from renewing their driver’s license or ID cards.

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