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Twice Vandalized NJ Memorial to Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Rededicated in Special Ceremony

Now, female victims are the focus as two national advocates, Jill Starishevsky and Angela Rose, pay tribute to survivors in honor of Child Awareness Abuse Month.

(MENDHAM, NJ) - NJ clergy sex abuse survivor memorial Blue Sunday at the Millstone Memorial, the nation’s first memorial in remembrance of clergy sex abuse survivors which was destroyed by a vandal for the second time in less than two years.

It happens Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. with a reception at Black Horse Inn following the ceremony.

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Sandy Leaves its Ugly Mark

Manpower is needed to search for victims and to provide for food and shelter for those left homeless.

(SOMERDALE, NJ) - Taxi cabs in Hoboken, New Jersey We’re okay. Power never went out. The damage in New Jersey and New York is severe, especially along the coastline.

We’re a good 40 miles west of the coast. Whole communities on and near the coast are destroyed. Railroad cars were washed-up on the NJ turnpike.

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Stop Hurricanes Sandy

In New York, people streamed into the city as service began to resume on commuter train and subway.

(JHUMRA CITY, Pakistan) - Overhead view of the NJ shore after Sandy passed Hurricane Sandy-crippled NYC subway creaks back to life, neighboring New Jersey stunned by destruction.

New York City moved closer to resuming its frenetic pace by getting back its vital subways Thursday, three days after a superstorm...

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44 Senators Tell Obama To Do Israel`s Bidding

The signees include 25 Democrats and 19 Republicans. These senators represent AIPAC’s honor roll of loyalists.

(CHICAGO) - Image from the movie 'Men in Black' War, as General Sherman once said, is hell. It is also widely perceived to be a failure of diplomacy.

Which would explain why it is that when war-promoting lobbyists want to generate congressional enthusiasm for the next war, all short-term congressional memories must be wiped out.

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New Jersey`s 9th CD Voters Say No to AIPAC

What makes the news from Passaic County so surprising was that Pascrell’s election to a House seat from New Jersey’s new 9th district was not supposed to happen.

(CHICAGO) - Bill Pascrell One election night victory in one New Jersey congressional district does not represent a major shift in American politics. But shifts do occur, and they must start somewhere.

On the night of June 5, 2012, this was the news the Star-Ledger reported from the Passaic County Community College in Paterson, NJ.

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DEA Digging In

Let’s demand that the federal government make drug policies based in sanity, not fear and hysteria.

(TRENTON, N.J.) - DEA out of control Recently, the DEA issued a ludicrously false statement claiming that marijuana "has no accepted medical use in the United States and lacks an acceptable level of safety for use even under medical supervision."

Since when is law enforcement qualified to issue medical opinions? What's worse, the DEA's stance makes them an obstacle to sound scientific research.

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New Jersey Closing its Nose to Vapor Intrusion Crisis

Vapor Intrusion Rules Cast into Regulatory Limbo as Horror Stories Multiply.

(TRENTON, N.J.) - Vapor intrusion Rules seeking to accelerate indoor air sampling and provide more rapid response to toxic vapors seeping into homes, day-care centers and other buildings were recently set aside by New Jersey authorities and the new administration of Governor Chris Christie has pledged to kill them altogether, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

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New Jersey Passes Medical Marijuana Law

New Jersey becomes the 14th state to allow medicinal cannabis for patients.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - The New Jersey state legislature passed a law yesterday allowing seriously ill patients with certain qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana with their doctor's recommendation.

Gov. Corzine has said he will sign the bill. This historic vote will make New Jersey the 14th state in the nation to protect from arrest sick and dying patients who are trying to relieve their symptoms with marijuana.

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