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Gettysburg College visiting Professor Leads Dog Barking Research

For the study, Gettysburgians first recorded barks from small, medium, and large dogs. The collected barks will now be played back to local dogs participating in the research to see how the pooches react to the barks.

(GETTYSBURG, Pa.) - Gettysburg College Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Kathryn Lord Dogs--they're loyal, loving, and always there to lend an ear when you need it most. But when it comes to understanding their vocalizations--let's just say it can get lost in translation.

Man's best friend seemingly barks at everything--from the television, to the neighbors, to ladybugs on the windowsill--so what does it mean?

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Philadelphia Site of Proposed Tun Tavern Reproduction

Whatever became of the plan for a Tun Tavern reproduction site?

(WASHINGTON DC) - Site of proposed Tun Tavern reproduction The attached photo was taken on Saturday, 27 October 2012 @ Penns' Landing in Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia Beirut Memorial is one block north of this site.

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US/Pennsylvania: Commute Terrance Williams` Death Sentence

William Nicholas Gomes appeals for the life of a death row inmate in Pennsylvania.

(SALEM) - Terrance Williams How could it be that the U.S. state known for its role in the Revolutionary War, be a national embarrassment with regard to courtroom practices?

Pennsylvania is the only U.S. state that does not inform juries that the alternative to a death sentence is life without parole.

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President Paul Kagame Visiting William Penn University

The stain on the hands of William Penn University would be unfathomable if you allow President Kagame to continue as commencement speaker.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, is the prime suspect in the country's Genocide that devastated humans in the mid-1990's. President Paul Kagame will be addressing William Penn University for their commencement speech to the graduating class of 2012 on May 12th, 2012.

It is apparent that this school has no idea of his record of human right abuses.

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No Explanation for Pennsylvania`s Purple Squirrel

"I kept telling my husband I saw a purple one out in the yard. 'Oh sure you did' he kept telling me," - Connie Emert

(STATE COLLEGE, Pa.) - Purple squirrel reports a Pennsylvania couple trapped, of all things, a purple squirrel on Sunday.

Percy and Connie Emert, of Jersey Shore, Pa. caught the unusual animal when trying to keep birds safe from the rodents.

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Scout` Honor, The Pope & The Football Coach,

"Penn State and its Board of Trustees are in the throes of dealing with and recovering from this crisis..." - r. Graham Spanier, Univ. Pres. at Penn State who resigned this week

(CLEVELAND) - Graham Spanier A Penn State board has determined that it is in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head football coach, effective immediately.

The board has named Dr. Rodney A. Erickson, executive vice president and provost, as the interim president of the University. Tom Bradley, assistant coach, has been named interim head football coach.

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Student Teacher Removed From Classroom After Coming Out

Reflections From Basic Rights Oregon on the dismissal of a gay educator...

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - OUT IN THE SILENCE Out in the Silence is coming to Oregon! Basic Rights Oregon says they are pleased to announce a statewide tour of the film, featuring filmmakers Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer.

This stirring film documents the struggles of LGBT people in a small Pennsylvania town, and looks at how a community grapples with issues of fairness, equality and inclusion in rural areas.

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Philadelphia Swim Club (Are they the only one?)

62 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier line,
We’re supposed have racial harmony, things should be fine...

(LOS ANGELES) - Phitadelphia Swim Club Discrimination lawsuits recently had a serious impact on a swim club in historic Philadelphia. The 'Valley Club as things turn out, had rejected 56 mostly black and Hispanic youngsters, claiming that the move was based on a lack of swimming ability.

The business was recently sold off at a bankruptcy auction.

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Internet Pharmacy Ring Dismantled

One defendant faces a possible maximum statutory sentence of 474 years imprisonment and a $10.9 million fine.

(PHILADELPHIA) - Woman in handcuffs Federal law enforcement officials today announced the unsealing of a superseding indictment charging two in a large-scale illicit Internet pharmacy operation.

The superseding indictment charged Carleta Carolina and Wayne White with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and other charges.

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Documentary Investigates Kecksburg UFO Site

Sci-Fi documentary with Bryant Gumbel about one of the most fascinating American UFO stories.

(KECKSBURG, Pa.) - Kecksburg, Pennsylvania's statue to the craft that reportedly landed there in 1965. Photo by Tom Zangla On December 9, 1965, an object landed near Kecksburg, Pa. It was observed as a fireball in the sky across several U.S. states and Canada. Witnesses provided signed statements and independent, corroborated descriptions of the object and its location.

Firefighters, reporters and a radio news director described a military presence at the crash site — and some saw a military truck quickly leaving with a large, tarpaulin-covered object.

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