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About Scio articles (Mar-17-2012 06:06)

75-150 Pheasants Liberated in Oregon by Animal Liberation Front

The ALF issues claim about release of birds from property in Scio, Oregon.

(LOS ANGELES) - Liberated pheasants - ALF On the night of March 14th, we infiltrated the property Queener Ridge Pheasant Company, which breeds ringneck pheasants primarily to be murdered in commercial canned hunts.

After jumping a barbed wire fence, we made our way to the main breeding facility where we dismantled a huge section of an aviary that held between 75-150 pheasants; liberating them into the night sky.

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Linn County Sheriff Says Horses on Scio Property Were Neglected & Malnourished

Three Scio residents were arrested in the animal abuse case.

(SCIO, Ore.) - neglected and malnourished horse Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller says deputies there are investigating an animal neglect case involving several malnourished horses.

Mueller reports that on July 30th, the Sheriff’s Office received word that a horse located on Robinson Drive in Scio was not being cared for properly.

"Upon investigating the complaint the Sheriff’s Office found seven horses in a pasture not quite two acres in size. Four of the horses were found to be healthy but the remaining three were malnourished and in poor condition."

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Burglary and Robbery Suspect Arrested in Scio

The man had several outstanding charges, his bail was set at $108,620.00.

(SCIO, Ore.) - Ronald Allen McLaughlin Linn County Sheriff's deputies arrested 27-year old Ronald Allen McLaughlin of Scio today, naming him as the suspect in a robbery and burglary that was reported Friday on Crabtree Drive near Crabtree.

Sheriff Tim Mueller says that around 5:04 AM Friday morning, Linn County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers received a report that a woman at that address had discovered a man, dressed in black, in the kitchen of her home, going through her purse.

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