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``Shut up or I`ll kill you``

General Kayumba Nyamwasa residence attacked by gunmen in Johannesburg (South Africa)

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Kayumba Nyamwasa Over ten years ago Allison Des Forges, the first prominent researcher on Rwanda and the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, wrote about Kagame and how he eliminates his political dissidents with impunity.

Kagame goes to great lengths to imprison, kill or drive into exile and then even hunts them down in exile to silence them.

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Reconcilition South African Style Will Not Work in Sri Lanka

The mentality of the Sinhalese politicians since the date of independence in 1948, has involved making promises and signing treaties, one after another, and breaking all of them.

(MELBOURNE) - Majinda Rajapaksa On 11 December 2013 South Africa made a gracious offer to assist Sri Lanka in whatever way possible and share its experiences on its reconciliation process, South Africa’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Geoff Doidge said.

He said this during a meeting held to express condolence on the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela at the parliament complex. The event was organised by the Sri Lanka-South Africa parliamentary Friendship Association.

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Colonel Patrick Karegeya Assassinated Today in Johannesburg

Amahoro People’s Congress – Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a courageous soldier who died on the battlefield. We are determined more than ever before to carry the torch of struggling for freedom, for which he died. We shall win.

(WASHINGTON, DC FDU-INKINGI – RNC) - Colonel Patrick Karegeya The Rwandan opposition is deeply saddened to announce the assassination of Colonel Patrick Karegeya today in Johannesburg, South Africa. His body was found in a Hotel where he went for a meeting. The South African authorities are investigating the murder.

Colonel Patrick Karegeya was a key figure in the Rwandan opposition and a founding member of the Rwanda National Congress.

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Salute to Madiba - `Power is Ours` Rededicate Ourselves to the Long Walk to Freedom: TGTE

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) Salutes Mandela.

(LONDON) - TGTE Mandela was labeled as a “terrorist” and sentenced to prison for twenty-seven years. Even though Mandela was elected President of South Africa in 1994 and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, his name was not removed from the “Terrorist Watch List” by the US Government until 2008.

Mandela’s life demonstrated to the rest of us that through fierce commitment to the cause, sacrifice, and determination, eventually we too shall prevail. Mandela has been a symbol of the liberation struggle and its sentiments. He stands as testimony to the triumph of peoples' struggles.

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The Rwanda People`s Party Mourns President Nelson Mandela, a Global Peace Icon

We also extend our deep sorrow and condolences to President Nelson Mandela’s family at this difficult time...

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Nelson Mandela On 05th of December 2013, the world heard with sadness news that South Africa, and Africa as a whole, lost its greatest son, President Nelson Mandela. President Mandela will always be a giant icon for peace, unity and reconciliation.

He helped drag South Africa from the shackles of racist apartheid and pushed it onto a path of peace and reconciliation.

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CHOGM Mooted TRC, Ill-Fit for Sri Lanka, Say ANU Fellow, Legal Scholar

In Sri Lanka, during the four years after the war, and years before, under Rajapakses, NGOs have documented sham commissions created by the ruling family to divert focus and as a delaying tactic.

(COLOMBO TamilNet) - Sri Lanka and South Africa maps Establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) modeled on the South Africa (SA) experience, viewed by Sri Lanka backers as an urgent need to mitigate possible strong actions by the International Community against Sri Lanka over its rights violations, appears as an imminent outcome from the recently concluded Commonwealth Meeting [CHOGM].

Sri Lanka has routinely created several "sham" Commissions to forestall punitive actions from the IC over rights violations.

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Reconciliation Rather Than Revenge, Assessing the Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Mandela rejected those in the black community who wanted revenge for the years of apartheid and, instead, called for reconciliation and the creation of a democratic, multi-racial society.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - The death of Nelson Mandela has taken from us an extraordinary leader, one who embraced reconciliation rather than revenge, and provided his country with an opportunity to move forward without the bloodshed and strife which has characterized other parts of the African continent.

He used the power of forgiveness and reconciliation to heal deep wounds and usher in an era of peace after decades of racial conflict. On a continent with leaders who remain in power for life, Mandela became a role model, stepping down from the presidency after one term.

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Nelson Mandela `Greatness Doesn`t Go On Sale!`

The world is still fighting racism the same way it always has, but under Nelson Mandela things improved, and we were inspired to see change.

(CLEVELAND) - Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela's name will live through history as one of the world's greatest leaders. He rose to power when he was most needed by a population forced to live as a second-class people.

Indeed, he taught us many lessons about life and death and the need to remain strong when faced with an inflexible system created by human beings who truly viewed their existence as more important, more valuable.

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The Passing Away of Nelson Mandela

It was a great tragedy that Sri Lanka could not have produced a Sinhalese prime minister or a president like Nelson Mandela, since its independence in 1948, as hundreds of thousands of Tamil lives could have been spared.

(MELBOURNE) - Nelson Mandela Now the South African President Jacob Zuma is recommending to Sri Lanka that it should adopt the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to bring about reconciliation among the communities in Sri Lanka.

He failed to realise that the genocide, rape and murder that took place in South Africa is only a tiny fraction of what happened in Sri Lanka. The whole aim was to save his criminal friend Rajapaksa from the gallows.

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Nelson Mandela, South Africa`s Moral Center is Dead at 95

Nelson Mandela affectionately known as Madiba is dead at 95. A great man has died.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Nelson Mandela Mandela served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first South African president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election.

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