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Film Review of Who Are My People?

"Lundahl’s film captures a key transition in the history of renewable energy' ~ the ECOreport

(SAN DIEGO, Calif.) - I was invited to review the documentary film “Who Are My People?” because of my professional familiarity with concentrating solar power technologies. I was responsible for the U.S. Department of Energy’s broad range of renewable energy electricity programs for several years during the Clinton Administration. “Who Are My People?” is well worth watching.

It presents the concerns of several Native American (NA) tribes related to the placement of a number of solar power tower generating facilities on federally-owned areas of the Mojave Desert.

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A Farewell To Hemingway

A bi-polar critique: across the river and into the trees...

(DAYTONA BEACH, FL) - Hemingway We all grew up in a culture that doted on Ernest Hemingway. Even before I cleared English 101, my father was a Hemingway fan, praising his crisp, simple diction, his avoidance of adverbs and verbose construction, his nouveau Parisian cool, his he-man take on guns, women and courage.

And if you liked Hemingway, you had to ignore the fact that as a person he was almost a total jerk. He was a bully, a braggart and - in the English vernacular - a cad. He loved to put on the boxing gloves with someone smaller and less adept, such as Scott Fitzgerald, and beat the crap out of him. He left his first wife and his son, still a baby, compulsively when he met his second, and more beautiful paramour.

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