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The Crouching Tiger

As sectarian strife in Myanmar evolves into a full blown genocide against Muslims, Bangladesh cannot afford to remain aloof especially as the government describes their Arakanese Muslim populace as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

(FRANKFURT Burma Times) - Bangladesh Bangladesh celebrated their 43rd independence anniversary. This has been a difficult 43 years.

Yet in these troubled times, Bangladesh has survived against all odds defying the pessimism of many cynics which counted among their ranks respected intellectuals and diplomats, outperforming their former country Pakistan in almost all sectors and their giant and resourceful neighbour India in most areas of social development.

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Chinese Sale of Submarines to Bangladesh

China is also helping Bangladesh rebuild the Ordinance Factory in Gazipur which produces small arms and ammunition.

(KUALA LAMPUR) - Bangladesh submarine Bangladesh has finalized a deal to purchase two Ming-class submarines from China. Deal, which is waiting for final approval from the Finance Ministry, for the two submarines was worth $203.3 million.

It would be paid by Bangladesh during the fiscal year 2017-2018.

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Sajeeb Wazed Joy Has Millions in a Swiss Bank Account

William Gomes says most of the media became the PR agency of the ruling party and the listed few who were vocal against the fascist regime have been successfully silenced by the ruling government.

(ISLAMABAD) - Journalist William Gomes has claimed in a Tweet and email to Sajeeb Wazed Joy,Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s son that Joy has an account in swiss bank worth 30 bln USD.

Journalist William Gomes has claimed in a Tweet and email to Sajeeb Wazed Joy,Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s son that Joy has an account in swiss bank worth 30 bln USD.

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Bangladesh Hangs Jamaat Leader for War Crimes

UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay wrote to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeking a stay of the execution, saying the trial did not meet stringent international standards for the death penalty.

(DHAKA Burma Times) - Bangladesh on Thursday hanged Abdul Quader Molla Bangladesh on Thursday hanged Abdul Quader Molla, a top Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader known as the “Butcher of Mirpur,” making him the first person to be put to death for massacres committed during the country’s bloody 1971 war of independence.

Deputy law minister Quamrul Islam announced the execution, saying Abdul Quader Molla, 65, a senior leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was hanged by the neck at 10.01 pm (1601 GMT) in a jail in the capital Dhaka.

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Bangladesh Must Halt Execution of War Crimes Suspect Abdul Qader Mollah

Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes asked president of Bangladesh stop the hanging of the leader of the country's largest Islamic party.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Abdul Qader Mollah Hanging Mollah on the basis of retroactive legislation and then denying him the right to appeal against this sentence is a grave violation of his fundamental rights. Following the international standard of Justice, Abdul Qader Mollah, accused of war crimes, should be granted a right to appeal against the conviction and death sentence.

According to Human Rights Watch, Mr. Mollah's death sentence was handed down based on retroactively amended legislation. This is a violation of international fair trial standards.

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Bangladesh: Arbitrary Arrest and Detention of Human Rights Defender Mr Adilur Rahman Khan

Mr. Khan was arrested in front of his house at Gulshan.

(YORK, UK) - Human Rights Defender Mr Adilur Rahman On 13 August 2013, human rights defender Mr Adilur Rahman Khan was transferred to Kashimpur-1 jail where he remains in custody.

The human rights defender was arrested without a warrant on 10 August 2013 and later charged with 'publishing false images and information' and 'disrupting the law and order situation.'

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Ghulam Azam`s Verdict: Initial Thoughts

It is vital for there to be an impartial international system of justice in place to oversee this process and review the trials case by case.

(YORK, UK) - Ghulam Azam The controversial Bangladeshi domestic court known as the International Crimes Tribunal issued a verdict for the case of former political leader Prof Ghulam Azam on July 15 sentencing the 90-year-old to 90 years in prison -- commuted from a death penalty on account of his age.

Azam stood accused of war crimes by the controversial tribunal which the Associated Press has characterized as "trying 10 opposition leaders," and which has been widely criticized as a show trial...

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`Questions About Politics` - First Episode in New Radio Program on Bangladesh believes this recently launched Internet radio program will see a high degree of success in regard to Human Rights education in Bangladesh.

(YORK, UK) - Member of Jamaat-e-Islam party Our Human Rights Ambassador, William Nicholas Gomes, always adept in finding new ways to reach and assist people who are suffering, cut off, and disenfranchised, will host a new Bengali language radio program titled "Counter Punch".

State terrorism is taking place throughout the world in varying degrees, in places like Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and a whole list of countries including yours and mine.

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Activists Gather for the First Fairtrade Region Yorkshire Conference

Workshops covered subjects such as activities for schools and raising your local media profile.

(YORKSHIRE, UK) - Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes with other Campaigners at the 2013 Fairtrade Yorkshire Conference Fairtrade campaigners from across Yorkshire gathered this past weekend at Leeds University for the Fairtrade Yorkshire Campaigners’ Forum.

The one-day event was an opportunity for networking, training and learning from each other, and also elected our first regional representative to the Fairtrade Foundation’s National Campaigner Committee.

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Global Consumer Watchdog Applauds White House for Suspending Trade Privileges with Bangladesh holds corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable and just path for our global economy.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Bangladesh flags Statement by Kaytee Riek, campaign manager for, on President Obama’s decision to suspend trade privileges with Bangladesh over concerns about safety problems and labor rights violations in that country’s garment industry:

"We join with workers across the world in applauding President Obama and the White House for taking steps to pressure the Bangladeshi government to follow through with improving the working conditions..."

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