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Tyco Factory in Dallas Evacuated Over Fourth Bomb

Four bombs were discovered in the Mid-Willamette Valley Thursday, the latest being found in the Tyco factory parking lot in Dallas.

(DALLAS) - All employees of the Dallas Tyco factory have been evacuated over the reported finding of a suspected explosive device.

Dallas Police Chief James Harper told that the device was found very close to a parked car by an employee in the Tyco parking lot around 7:45 PM.

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Salem Police Locate Third Suspected Bomb

(SALEM ) - Police lights Salem area bomb teams have responded to a third report of a suspicious explosive device today. Police Lt. Debbie Baker says the device was located by a passing motorist at Woodside Drive and Jon Mart in South Salem.

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Controlled Blast Brings Close to Roth`s Bomb Squad Turnout

The blast shook homes and businesses in the surrounding area.

(SALEM) - Roth's IGA store in Salem, Oregon "It shook the walls inside my apartment."

That is what one Salem resident reported to over the telephone just after 3:00 PM, after officers detonated a suspected explosive device at the Roth's IGA store on Lancaster Drive NE in Salem.

A state police bomb squad had taken up position at the Roth's IGA store on Lancaster Drive NE, assisting Marion County deputies over a report of a suspicious device that was located on the store property.

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Suspicious Device Disarmed at Salem Hospital (UPDATE)

A suspicious device at Salem Hospital has been disarmed. The staff there says they have received word from the Salem Police that they can now open up the parking garage. Operations are returning to normal.

(SALEM) - Salem Hospital sign A suspect device was found on the first floor, southwest corner of the parking garage at the corner of Mission Street SE and Capitol Street SE. The devise is a pipe with wires attached to it.

A hospital spokesperson said no bomb threats were received.

Salem Police Department was called. The Bomb Squad is here.

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