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Book review: David Landy and his `Israel Critic Jews`

Jewish Identity and Palestinian Rights: The Growth of Diaspora Jewish Opposition to Israel by David Landy

(LONDON) - Jewish Identity and Palestinian Rights: The Growth of Diaspora Jewish Opposition to Israel   by David Landy David Landy, an Irish-Jewish academic and a Palestinian solidarity activist has written a book about Jewish Identity and Jewish dissent in the Diaspora.

The book, published on 7th July 2011, was largely ignored by most pro-Palestinian outlets and dissident journals. Almost four months later, Landy’s book was re-launched by JFJFP (Jews for Justice for Palestinians), in the hope, presumably, that it might divert attention from my own The Wandering Who.

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Marines Described Alleged JFK Assassin Oswald as `A rather poor shot`

Alleged assassin's former girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker, sheds light on one very misunderstood man.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Lee Harvey Oswald and Judyth Vary Baker No American story in modern history has more importance than the tragic assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. It represents a pivotal moment in the development of the character and nature of the United States.

Author Judyth Vary Baker, the former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, says JFK's loss set into motion a pattern of corruption that is only now, in 2011, being addressed by the Occupy Wall Street movement

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How Capitalism Destroyed American Democracy: Part 1

Book review: The Waste Makers by Vance Packard.

(CALGARY, Alberta) - The Waste Makers by Vance Packard American journalist and social critic Vance Packard (1914-1996) was the originator of the pop sociology book, with The Hidden Persuaders, his million-selling 1957 exposé of the use of consumer motivational research and other psychological techniques, including depth psychology and subliminal tactics by advertisers to manipulate expectations and induce desire for products.

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