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Buddhist Mobs Committing Genocide in Myanmar

The incident began when an official from Malteser INGO office removed a Buddhist flag hoisted by the extremist Rakhine Buddhists in protest of census procedures without their permission.

(AMSTERDAM) - Life under militant Buddhist rule in Burma, which today is called Myanmar. It is observed by all that the NGOs, INGOs and UNDP stationed in Sittwe, Arakan State in Myanmar have been driven out by Rakhine Buddhist vigilantes on false allegations. Most of the offices of humanitarian organizations in Sittwe have been rampaged and destroyed from the night of 26 March to 27 March. Dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed by Rakhine State Government.

Tensions have been very high in Arakan State where approximately one million Rohingyas are living in fear of extermination.

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Protests Erupt in Arakan Against allowing Rohingya Title

Once Burma accepts the community as Rohingya from the southeast Asian country, the government would have to take responsibility of the people and also their misdeeds.

(SITTWE, Arakan Burma Times) - Rohingya protest in Arakan The Arakanese staged their protest rallies in various places like Kyauk Phyu, Mra Oo, Maypon, Min Pyar, Rambray, Kyauk Taw, Punna Kyun, Rathetaung, Buthetaung, Maung daw and also the State capital city of Sittwe.

Thousands joined in the demonstrations shouting slogans meaning ‘Pro Rohingya – our enemy !’, ‘Rohhingya lobbyist – betrayer!’, ‘We have no Rohingya along the history of Arakan State!’, ‘Liars on history –get out!’,

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Again, Rohingya Hamlets are Ablaze in Maungdaw, Western Burma

The international community is eerily quiet over the state-backed violence by Rakhine extremists against Rohingya in western Myanmar.

(MAUNGDAW, Arakan) - Map of Maungdaw On 15th March today, it is reported that again those remained houses in  Du Chee Ra Tan and its nearby hamlets after the arson on 10th March are ablaze now. People could not approach to the flaming houses due to excessive heat.

A Rohingya witness who saw the sudden fire after explosion of balloons told Burma Times that the state-backed Rakhine extremists use chemical powder, remote controlled— balloons, airplane and butterflies— and they go away after putting them in Rohingya villages at night.

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Rohingya Muslims Dying from Lack of Health Care in Myanmar

Lives have always been at greater risk in Rakhine, the second-poorest state of one of Asia’s poorest countries. The situation is worse away from the Sittwe camps, in isolated and predominantly Muslim northern Rakhine state.

(HE’ CHAUNG, Myanmar Arab News) - Raduan, left, helps her ailing mother Noor Jahan to steady her weak body at their living room in The' Chaung village in north of Sittwe, Rakhine state Noor Jahan rocked slowly on the floor, trying to steady her weak body. Her chest heaved and her eyes closed with each raspy breath. She could no longer eat or speak, throwing up even spoonfuls of tea.

Two years ago, she would have left her upscale home — one of the nicest in the community — and gone to a hospital to get tests and medicine for her failing liver and kidneys.

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Panel Recommends Citizenship for Eligible Muslims in Rakhine State

Article 6 of the 1982 law provides for anyone who was already a citizen when it came into effect to be entitled to citizenship.

(KUALA LAMPUR Mizzima) - Panel appointed by the government to investigate violence in Rakhine State. A panel appointed by the government to investigate violence in Rakhine State has found there was no evidence to support claims by the United Nations that dozens of Muslims were killed in Du Chee Yar Tan village in January.

The Du Chee Yar Tan Investigation Commission also recommended that eligible members of the Muslim community be granted citizenship under the relevant provisions of the 1982 Citizenship Law.

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Thein Sein Lied - Political Prisoners are Still in Jail

We need the British government to apply pressure on the government of Burma to agree to the setting up of a permanent independent political prisoner review committee.

(LONDON) - Thein Sein, the President of Burma When Thein Sein, the President of Burma, made his controversial visit to the UK in 2013, he promised to release all political prisoners by the end of 2013.

His promise gained him positive headlines all over the world, and earned him praise from the British government. At the end of 2013 he did release some political prisoners, and again got more positive headlines in the media.

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Muslims are Responsible for All Muslims in the World

Every Muslim of conscience should find it his responsibility to strive for saving these Muslims who are suffering under torment.

(KUALA LAMPUR Burma Times) - Harun Yahya As we all know, there is a stirring in the Islamic world in the recent days: Military coups are taking place, there is strife and conflict; in brief, persecution against Muslims is spreading significantly.

When we look at world media and review the headlines in newspapers, televisions and social media, everyone is searching for the perpetrators.

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Myanmar`s Suspension of MSF`s Work in Arakan is Criminal

The MSF, much to the annoyance of the government, confirmed that their medics had treated 22 patients near the site of an alleged attack.

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) - Medecins Sans Frontieres Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, have been asked by the Mynamar government to shut its operation inside Arakan.

The group has been operating in Burma (Myanmar) since 1992...

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Burma Suspends All Aid Operations of MSF

The US Embassy said on Friday afternoon that it was aware of the reported suspension of MSF operations and voiced concern over the impact on local communities.

(RANGOON) - A Rohingya family have a meager meal in a camp for displaced Muslim families near Sittwe The government has suspended all operations of Médicine Sans Frontièrs (MSF) in Burma.

This follows disagreements over the implementation of aid programs in Arakan State, where the group offered vital medical aid to Rohingya Muslims.

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Burma: A Sorry State of Health... and Aid Workers Under Fire from Rakhine groups

In the complete absence of medical care, aid workers say that children have died from cases as simple as a common cold.

(LONDON Burma Times) - NGO protest in Burma Malnutrition, malaria, maternal mortality, diarrhoea and death – - this is how a medical aid worker would describe the state of the Rohingya Muslims in Arakan.

The situation is worse because the living conditions in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp, home to more than one hundred thousand Rohingyas, has been described as the worst in the world...

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