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Erasing the Erasure: On the Trail of Canada`s Biggest Cover Up

Canada’s home-grown genocide and how its awful truth was surfaced, and then buried again

(MONTREAL) - Canada Indians How Canada’s mainline churches went about wiping out huge numbers of brown skinned children in their “Indian residential schools”, aided by the government and its courts, is a simple matter of money and land.

How the same killers have got away with it is a labyrinthine tale of ongoing murder, corruption, concealment and duplicity that many Canadians may have difficulty believing. Or maybe not.

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British Columbia River Rock Casino Under Investigation for Money Laundering

River Rock Casino is being investigated for money laundering. The BCLC, regulating body in British Columbia, has also come under fire.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Canada casino Last Friday, on the 22nd of September, Attorney General David Eby finally published a report that was meant to come out last year. Said report was publically funded.

Eby has now appointed a special investigator to look into why the report was buried in the first place. The entire issue is now being linked to the wider spread problem of money laundering in BC casinos.

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OSP: Washington State Man Tried to Kill Hitchhiker from Canada

OSP troopers found the suspects vehicle and observed the victim's property and a knife inside the vehicle.

(BROOKINGS, Ore. ) - Oregon State Police SUV Oregon State Police arrested a 56-year old Washington man Saturday after he allegedly threatened to kill and robbed a hitchhiker at knife-point while giving the victim a ride along Highway 101 on the southern Oregon coast.

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A Memorandum of Instructions to Volunteers for Training as Common Law Peace Officers

Issued by The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels on May 12, 2014 (Accompanied by The Common Law Sheriffs' Training Manual)

(HOLLY HILL, Fla.) - ITCCS logo This Memorandum is issued to those who have volunteered for training as common law peace officers and court sheriffs. It is part of a package that includes a short Training Manual and relevant documents.

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Enforcement of Annulment Orders Against the Church of Rome and of England Will Commence in July

Training of Common Law Officers and Sheriffs to begin May 19

(BRUSSELS) - ICLCJ logo The Easter Maastricht Proclamation of the Court that nullified the laws and authority of the Church of Rome and its corporate subsidiaries will be actively enforced by duly sworn and trained Common Law Officers commencing in the first week of July, 2014.

Assisted by the community, the Officers will enforce the lawful annulment of these corporate bodies in at least nine countries...

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New ``Black Ops`` Sabotage and Misinformation Campaign Based in Ireland, and Directed Against our Work

Issued by ITCCS Central and the ICLCJ

(BRUSSELS) - The Official Stamp and Logo of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ). BE ADVISED that a catholic-funded Irish operative named John Deegan, who along with his wife goes by the internet name "Mary Hennessey", is currently engaged in a smear and misinformation campaign aimed at the most active and successful branches of the ITCCS and their affiliated common law courts.

The Deegans are issuing false public statements in the name of ICLCJ and are fraudulently using and issuing our official logo in their own name, without our knowledge or permission.

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Update from the Common Law Trial of Pope Francis and Others for Child Trafficking and Ritual Killing

Two separate witnesses describe their alleged rape and ritual torture by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio (alias “Pope Francis”) in 2009 and 2010.

(BRUSSELS) - Jorge Bergoglio The first Common Law adjudication of evidence concerning global child trafficking has adjourned for two weeks, until 10 am GMT on Monday, May 5, 2014.

Commencing on Tuesday, the case by the Citizen Prosecutor's Office presented evidence directly linking all three chief defendants with the planning and execution of child trafficking networks...

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The Slung Stone called the Truth, and its Consequences: Living in a post-Goliath World

Kevin D. Annett is the Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

(NANAIMO, Vancouver Island) - Stone engraved with truthAt least 50,000 aboriginal children died in the residential schools between 1896 and 1973, according to the government's own documented mortality rates …”

- First press release of Kevin Annett announcing the publication of his book “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust” on February 1, 2000

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Human Rights in USA, Canada and More...

The Israeli Knesset passed more laws to discriminate and intensified its repression and denial of rights while the Arab governments exchanged more flowery language about supporting Palestine in their "summit".

(BETHLEHEM) - Israeli Knesset I leave Palestine to the USA and Canada (West Coasts) Saturday. I will be speaking at a few venues about human rights and why I am (still) optimistic about our common humanity.

I feel guilty to leave for I am always glad to be in Palestine despite the difficulties. Sharing in sad events and in good events both help me stay sane. Just today (Wednesday), we buried my uncle Fawzi (the last of six brothers on my father's side).

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The Healthcare Movie Screenings Scheduled from Health Care for All Oregonians (HCAO)

The Healthcare Movie is scheduled for numerous screenings by HCAO supporters in the coming couple of months.

(PORTLAND, OR) - The Healthcare Movie The film provides the real story of how the health care systems in Canada and the United States evolved to be so completely different, when at one point they were essentially the same.

Most people under the age of 50, in both countries, are not aware of the intensity of the political struggle that led to the universal medical care system in Canada.

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