February 21, 2018
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Salem-News.com (Aug-05-2010 22:23)

Exposed: Tracking Phones Implanted in Your Brain Coming Soon

Maybe someday the timeworn saying, A chip off the old block will become A chip in the old blockhead.

(CHICAGO) - Brain wars While there are organizations out there that want to get under your skin--by implanting RFID devices the size of a grain of rice in the back of your hand--others plan on getting into your head. Literally.

If computer chip giant Intel has its way, in the future most people who hear voices chattering away in their heads won't need to seek a psychiatrist, they'll just need to talk back.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-17-2009 12:43)

Help a Sick Relative, Lose Your Job

Scoring three marijuana cigarettes for an aunt with breast cancer costs a police dispatcher her job.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - When medical use of marijuana is illegal, it’s not just the patients themselves who get hurt.

Today’s Chicago Tribune reports the story of police dispatcher Laura Llanes, whose aunt is battling breast cancer and suffering the side effects of chemotherapy.

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