June 18, 2018
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A reprise: the final financial solution...
It`s Time We Shot The Messengers

Give a man a spade and he'll plant a seed. Give him a horse and plow and he'll plant a crop. Give him a tractor and he'll drive to the nearest liquor store - Peace Corps Handbook

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Scene from We're living in a cuckoo's nest that would have baffled Ken Kesey. Consider just three items at the top of our agenda.

(1) Astronomical military spending at a time when there's nobody left in the world big enough to fight us, (2) the health care farce, which makes us the most expensive, least effective (at least #47) and largest laughingstock in the world, and finally, (3) the triumph of corporate governance in Washington, which is icing the decline and fall of both capitalism and democracy in one fell swoop.

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