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About Eureka articles (Mar-26-2013 23:18)

Activist Suing Eureka Police for Violating Civil Rights During Occupy Eureka Protest

Support in the courtroom is vital...

(EUREKA, CA) - Image from the night of  Verbena Lea's arrest. Please support the civil rights lawsuits against the Eureka cops who intimidated, hurt, stole from, incarcerated, and violated people during the Occupy Eureka demonstrations!

Verbena is suing the cops in small claims court for 3 separate arrests, massive theft, huge police attacks, for being arrested and jailed for FILMING, and being jailed for participating in a demonstration.

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(UPDATE) Nazi-Style Attack on 1st Amendment in Eureka - Protester Jailed for Flying US FLAG

The End of Occupy Eureka?

(EUREKA, CA) - Occupy Eureka As expected, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived in front of the Humboldt County Courthouse at 4 p.m. Wednesday to begin enforcement of the “urgency ordinance” passed by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

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What`s The Truth Behind the `Occupy` Eureka`s Story?

It takes so much to unravel the consequences of misinformation, once it's made public.

(EUREKA, CA) - Occupy Eureka It is seeming easy to fall into vilifying another, especially if one appears to be homeless and unkempt and we haven't bothered to get close enough to understand and appreciate them for who they are (or may even suffer from) before making up our minds.

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Occupy Eureka Arrests Might be Most Shocking and Flagrant in California so far

Occupy Eureka protestors arrested.

(EUREKA, Calif.) - Occupy Eureka It might possibly be the most boldface example of overrunning people's civil rights yet by Humboldt county government and their enforcement agencies.

More than 20 Eureka police, CHP and county deputies descended upon the protest, rounding up, arresting and handcuffing 15 people.

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`Poopgate` - Media Makes a Stink at Occupy Eureka

A reporter stomps through Occupy Eureka demanding to know, "Did you poop and pee on the bank?"

(EUREKA, Calif.) - Poo and pee A corporate media monster is trolling the Occupy Eureka camp and never has such a horrific display of 'journalism' been recorded and actually released by a station.

'Poop and pee' are the operative words in this story. It just might be the silliest story in history, or perhaps it is a look at the lower rungs of corporate media gone wild.

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A County`s Worsening Vendetta Against Occupy` Eureka?

This raid, striking before sunup, was meant to arrest all involved and confiscate everything...

(EUREKA, Calif.) - Occupy Eureka In this long night before the dawn of America's awakening, cops again raided the 'Occupy' Eureka encampment, arresting some 20 people and tearing apart their newest Action Encampment, rebuilt only 3 days ago before a crowd on Veterans Day in honoring Scott Olsen, Iraq vet, a victim of cop brutality in Oakland's Occupation.

This had been a great collective effort in also establishing an outreach center and library as part of its ongoing demonstrations after the first camp had been destroyed days earlier.

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Two Protestors Injured Near `Occupy` Eureka

A noon rally will be held at the courthouse Monday in solidarity with Verbena Lea, a local community activist arrested while lawfully taping police.

(EUREKA, Calif.) - Occupy Eureka Sunday night One woman was injured near Occupy Eureka this evening when allegedly her head was smashed through the window of a local business by two outside agitators.

During this incident Officer Sanchez continued to demand protest signs be removed as he sat in his cruiser.

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`Occupy Wall Street in Eureka`

The demonstration happens at the Courthouse, 5th and I.

(EUREKA, Calif.) - courthouse in Eureka, California 'Occupy Wall Street' has hit Eureka with people arriving all day at the Courthouse, inspired and ready for 'whatever necessary' in organizing for this lasting presence and mutual support among already 900+ cities or University occupations across the country.

An organizer of Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt.Co. Ca., said, "We need you to know about our Occupation, join us in sensing for yourselves, seeing the parameters of this huge undertaking, seeing what's needed and helping. Nothing less will sustain this extraordinary action... for it has to grow!"

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