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Tropical Storm Arthur Picks Up Speed; Nearly at Hurricane Strength

Several towns and villages on North Carolina's Outer Banks and coast rescheduled Independence Day festivities and fireworks plans as the storm picked up speed.

(CHARLESTON, S.C.) - Tropical Storm Arthur Tropical Storm Arthur threatened to douse some July 4 holiday plans on the U.S. East Coast as officials ordered evacuations of some low-lying coastal areas, closed beaches and tourist sites and delayed fireworks shows in anticipation of heavy rain and fierce winds.

The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season was close to reaching hurricane strength, forecasters said on Thursday, leaving some businesses worried about taking a financial hit.

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Waterfront Sportsman Motorcycle Ride Protest for Lake Jordan Mixers and Walmart Distribution Center

Waterfront Sportsman is committed to all types of waterfront activities for all sportsmen... the Redneck Environmentalist, and the upcoming Bike Rally/Ride info.

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Waterfront Sportsman Ricky Gunn's Labcorp/ Burlington Medical Sludge Spreading Petticoat is Showing, Lets let the bikers rip it off

Petro Stopping Center and Golden Skillet on the Buck Horn Road and Downtown Mebane designated for Waterfront Sportsman Rally Points for Daytona Bike Week March 7-16.

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Privatizing the Sunshine State... The New Economy In Florida

The Republican platform promises to do better. I don’t think they have done so bad. Everybody’s broke but them. - Will Rodgers

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Florida Here in Florida we're fortunate to lead the nation and the world's governments into a new era, where individual initiative will triumph over the last vestiges of deadening socialism, a renaissance that will strike at the very core of our sick public institutions.

Beginning at the State level, the successful innovation the Governor is introducing could eventually extend to the nation's capital and even the Presidency itself. Introducing the world's first corporate government!

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Forty-Foot-Wide Sinkhole Leads to Evacuations, Possible Condemned Homes

"It's an unfortunate situation for homeowners, but fortunately no one is hurt at this time" - Dunedin, Fla., Fire Chief Jeff Parks

(ST. PETERSBURG Accuweather) - Map of sinkhole in Florida reports several Florida homes in a St. Petersburg-area neighborhood have been evacuated as a 40-foot-wide and 30-foot-deep sinkhole threatens the properties.

So far, a home's patio has already been swallowed by the hole. Neighbors were evacuated as a precaution.

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Day 4 - Final Report - 2013 Florida Veterans Medical Cannabis Whistle-stop Tour

Saving the best for last, Veterans have real impact on Florida VA system! The Veterans Tour approaches the home stretch. Impact of tour is far reaching.

(ORLANDO) - Whistle stop tour Nice hotel, nice shower, very nice breakfast, we must be getting closer to Niceville!

The Veterans tour has chugged through the pan handle of Florida and today would be our final day of visits to VA hospital system facilities.

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Veterans Tour - Momentum Really Building on Day Three

Overall a stellar day but the finish to day 4 was a paradigm changer so stay tuned.

(ORLANDO) - Veterans for Medical Cannabis We have received such an overwhelmingly positive response. I am writing this report at the end of day 4 because day 3 didn’t offer a spare moment.

Day three started out on Bob’s turf. Bob Jordan has a special role in this national battle for medicinal access as he is a caregiver for the only Florida - legal medical marijuana patient.

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Day 2 - 2013 Florida Veterans Medical Cannabis Whistle-Stop Tour

No rainbows today.. Police encounters instead.

(ORLANDO) - Military and marijuana Unlike day 1 we started out today under clear skies. The weather afforded us the ability to take a few group snap shots before heading out to the [bigger] Orlando Veterans Hospital.

The crush of cars in the parking lot at the Orlando VA hospital made us wonder if our truck with the large banner depicting the “We Never Leave a Veteran Behind” tour logo was even noticed as we roved the lot assessing the best access point for our team to enter the facility.

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Florida - Veterans - Cannabis

I had a primary role in the establishment of VHA medical marijuana policy but up until today I had never taken the work, that started in my doctors’ office and had reached Washington DC, back to the various facilities to educate staff and connect the final dots.

(ORLANDO) - Marijuana and veterans The morning came quickly on the road. Our gracious host Joe Sisco, Fla-NORML Outreach Chair has opened his winter rental property to our use for the first leg of this amazing journey.

The thick ocean air, here a block or so from the coast, is like a warm hug after experiencing the first days of November’s chill back in Virginia.

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The Storm Brewers - Notes on Florida`s Hurricane Industry

The Republican platform promises to do better. I don’t think they have done so bad. Everybody’s broke but them. - Will Rogers

(DAYTONA BEACH, FL) - Florida by air Conventional wisdom has it that Florida is a Red State, an enclave of old geezers who are entrenched conservatives, as right-wing as Todd Bertuzzi of the Detroit Red Wings.

More significantly, it is contended, Florida is a dysfunctional constituency because of the demographics, and ergo the residual geriatric dementia. Ballots are spoiled in the unaccustomed pressure of poll-going, coupled with the ancient urge to vote for the remembered party of Bob Taft, Spiro Agnew and the two beloved birds in the family Bush.

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Christopher Lane Murdered By A Black Teen Younger Than Trayvon

Authorities allege Lane, a 22-year-old baseball player who had a scholarship with an Oklahoma college and was visiting his US girlfriend Sarah Harper in Duncan, was jogging along Country Club Road when he was shot in the back in a random drive-by shooting.

(CLEVELAND) - Christopher Lane The harrowing last moments of Lane's life have been revealed on a 911 emergency call.

The seven-minute call, released by the District Attorney's office in Duncan, Oklahoma, begins with local Joyce Smith telling the operator she was driving her Toyota Corolla and spotted a bloodied man at the side of the road.

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