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Land, Migrants and Poets: The Day of the Dead 2013

Issues of land, water and climate loom large in 2013, conveying a special significance for a holiday that falls at the end of the harvest cycle.

(LAS CRUCES , NM) - New Mexico New Mexico and the borderland will come alive this weekend with activities related to the annual Day of the Dead celebration, which falls on Saturday, November 2, this year.

As befits a cultural boom that is drawing in thousands and thousands of people, this year promises bigger and broader events than ever before, encompassing art, music, literature, and culinary treats.

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No Glory in War for this Veteran

Veterans Day ceremonies are part of a false promise of victory against those who would no more be defeated and mastered than would we.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Burning HUMVEE I am a veteran – of the Vietnam era, as are my friends and my brothers. My father, uncles, and an aunt were veterans of World War II. A great uncle was stationed on a battleship during World War I. A great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, an immigrant in an Illinois regiment who suffered the rest of his life from his bullet wound.

Veterans Day on November 11 was formerly Armistice Day, celebrating the end of the Great War. But it has turned from a celebration of peace to a celebration of the false glory of war.

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New Orleans` Shooting 19 Wounded Including 2 Kids at Mother`s Day Parade

Nine people were taken to the area's University Hospital, eight of them having sustained gunshot wounds, according to WWLTV. Three are said to be critical condition.

(NEW ORLEANS) - New Orleans Mother's Day Parade shooting At least 17 people were reportedly wounded during a Mother's Day parade in New Orleans on Sunday.

Among the victims was a 10-year-old girl who was grazed by a bullet.

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Hey Google, What`s That Smell?

New Google Smell Search - the latest, not the greatest.

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) - Google smell-o-vision Millions are seeing the new Google scent search option, and grossing out over all kinds of unexpected surprises. But hey, whoever thought we could search by odor?

It is the latest brainchild of the company that delivers billions of pages of information and knowledge all over the world each day.

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Obama Expresses Frustration, Condemns Drone Warfare in Candid Interview

"We are killing more children than suspected terrorists"

(LEXINGTON KPLN Channel 4) - drone In what can only be described as an unusual turn of events, President Obama made what appears to be an attempt to distance himself from the war policies of the United States government.

This seems to be more than just face-saving, with the President expressing deep misgivings over the wars and his inability to carry out his campaign promises to end the wars.

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Thousands to Pray & Walk - Over 5 Hours for Government Attention

26th Annual Good Friday Dramatization on Mumbai's Streets.

(MUMBAI, India) - Jesus Thousands of Christians will trudge a grueling and arduous 7 kilometer walk in scorching heat, starting at Sacred Heart Church in suburban Mumbai's Khar West, while a troupe of Christian activists will enact scenes, believed to have happened on the first Good Friday.

The walking pilgrimage will start in the morning at around 10 am and conclude in the evening.

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INDIA: Government Urged to Exempt Christians from 30th and 31st March Due to Easter Weekend

According to Joseph Dias, Christian employees will find it difficult to fulfill their religious obligation...

(MUMBAI) - India Easter The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF), India's apex activist community NGO, has urged the prime minister and finance minister of the country to declare at least Easter Sunday if not Holy Saturday preceding it as a sectional holiday.

The CSF general secretary, Joseph Dias issued a memorandum detailing what the holiday means to Christians.

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Shamrock Shenanigans: Luck or Skill?

Let us depend less on the myth of elusive luck and instead sharpen up our skills regularly.

(SALEM) - Shamrock Each of us has a "personal beef" in the many cliches we hear in everyday conversation.

People do not generally mean to be misleading or inaccurate. Yet that pitfall is very hard to avoid. How many of us fall automatically into wishing "Good Luck" to somebody facing a new challenge?

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Can We Avoid the Valentine Void?

We need to invent a social support network to validate lost souls as worthy of continued respect if not affection.

(SALEM) - Valentine heart If Love truly makes the world go around, there must be plenty of people out there sadly missing the mark.

Who among us will address the void of those widows and widowers?

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Happy New Year 2013

I enter to see a city being disfigured and 5,000 years of its history slowly destroyed or disfigured.

(BETHLEHEM) - Bethlehem children Obama was reelected president of the USA, a country still under Israeli occupation.

So he fails to make Israel accountable for violating International Law and even American law. US law prohibits funding a country that persistently violates human rights. Israel goes on doing just that on a daily basis.

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