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Salem-News.com (Sep-13-2012 11:42)

Oregon Is Only State with Improved Health Coverage, but Poverty Rises and Income Flatlines

Includes link to the associated fact sheet.

(SILVERTON, OR) - Oregon map OCPP has prepared a two-page fact sheet (PDF) summarizing key Oregon numbers contained in today's release of the U.S. Census Bureau's Current Population Survey (CPS).

The survey data for 2010-11 showed that Oregon experienced a rise in poverty, a rise in child poverty and stagnation of income for the typical Oregon household.

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Salem-News.com (Sep-04-2012 22:13)

Israel: Concern About the Health of Hunger Strikers Samer Al-Barq and Hassan Safadi

Israel must respect the agreements reached on 14 and 15 May 2012.

(SALEM) - Demonstrators in the West Bank city of Nablus hold posters in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners Samer Al-Barq, one of three hunger strikers from Palestine making headlines, is now the longest hunger striker in Palestinian history.

Israel not only insists on the injustice of depriving them of their right to fair trial, but also continues to administer severe treatment.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-19-2012 12:48)

The Parallel Crisis: 50,000 Children Die from Hunger Every Day

It is also estimated that 400 million children are slaves for the despotism of exploitation.

(MADRID, Spain) - Child in Asia The Sahel region in Africa is facing a severe food crisis. The droughts of 2005, 2010 and 2012, along with increased insecurity, are driving many families into chaos.

More than one million children have no access to food, medicines, safe drinking water, sanitation or education.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-17-2012 00:00)

Israel: Two administrative Detainees on Hunger Strike Severely Ill-Treated by the Israeli Prison Service

Salem-New.com's Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes asks Israel's Prime Minister to consider the humanity.

(SALEM) - Samer Al-Barq and Mr. Hassan Safadi Israel is facing increasing world pressure over holding hundreds of adults and children from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) in administrative detention.

This act is randomly carried out to silence activists and other opposition members and the practice is carried out by Israeli Defence Forces.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-19-2012 13:45)

City Commissioner Looks Forward to Hunger Striker`s Hospital Emergency

Today, Whitten and his supporters are celebrating the 50 day anniversary of the strike.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Cameron Whitten Cameron Whitten has endured his seventh week of hunger striking outside of City Hall. Down to 160.1 pounds, he continues to petition local officials to expand their strategies on affordable housing and short-term emergency relief.

The week was abuzz with rumors of a forceful sweep that would remove the Occupy-affiliated demonstration from the sidewalks around City Hall.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-16-2012 10:21)

Occupy Portland is Cleaning Up its Act

Is Portland a 'cool city' or not?

(PORTLAND, OR) - Cameron Whitten art Last Friday, City Officials confirmed the announcement of a scheduled pressure wash that will force sleeping protesters to be removed from the sidewalk outside of City Hall at 6am Monday morning.

In response, Occupy Portland has organized a preemptive wash of their own on the day before...

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Salem-News.com (Jul-15-2012 14:37)

Hunger Strike at City Hall Experiences Flesh Blood After 40 Days

There is no determined end date for this protest.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Cameron Whitten Former Mayoral Candidate and Occupy Portland Activist Cameron Whitten finishes into his 6th week of a hunger strike outside of City Hall.

His current weight comes in at a total 163.3 pounds, from an initial start of 193.7.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-08-2012 02:56)

Hunger Strike at City Hall is Ready to Last Over 50 Days

Whitten openly expresses his disappointment with City interactions.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Cameron Whitten's hunger strike Cameron Whitten is entering his sixth week of Occupying City Hall on Hunger Strike. The 21 year old activist and former mayoral candidate began this demonstration at 193.7 pounds, now descending to 166.

On July 1st, Whitten held a Slumber Party at City Hall, which brought over 70 activists to sleep overnight on the sidewalk in support of housing justice.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-04-2012 14:19)

Transparency or Transparent Lies

A basic tenet of a healthy democracy is open dialogue and transparency. --Peter Fenn

(MANAMA, Bahrain) - Obama and transparency Do you remember when President Obama called for an unprecedented level of openness in Government?

"We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration," promised the president.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-30-2012 21:09)

`Baptized by Fire` - Interview With Afghan New Media Journalist

Ahmad Mukhtar is a reporter with a high tech take on the current war in historic Afghanistan.

(SALEM / KABUL) - Ahmad Mukhtar in Afghanistan Afghanistan's war has drawn far too many people into the line of fire. Among these witnesses to war are combatants, civilians, and a select handful of journalists in place to document conflict for the sake of history.

Ahmad Mukhtar is one of the new generation of Afghan media delivering breaking news through social media channels and getting a large, positive response.

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